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  1. Sounds phishy. Not checking thread to see if someone already posted that joke.
  2. Explain a genuinely bot. What do you mean by hard time programing? They almost have a bot/script for everything unless were talking about something different.
  3. Player Moderators are not forced to do anything different while playing the game. Just because they have the power to report does not mean they should. People who call Player Mods to come do something are the most irritating people in the game, "I know a Pmod I'll get them". As a Player Moderator myself there is very very few occasions where I'd go somewhere and do something for the sake of taking action against somebody, it would have to be a very extreme case that needs urgent attention to stop a risk of safety for others. Also, use your ignore list. I've told you many times before yet you seem to have a problem doing that and always complain about people continuing on saying/doing bad things. Your ignore list exists for a reason, use it. I always wanted to be a PMod. I probably would have non-stop bot hunted/scammer muted in w2. Shame, instead they seem to have given the position to more people who will mute you for saying the F word than people who actually do something. You aren't forced to do anything different, but you should. If you aren't going to don't accept the [bleep]ing modship. Afaik Player Mod reports for bots aren't handled any differently than normal players reporting them, so it doesn't matter who reports them in that case. Your attitude is the exactly opposite of what makes a good player mod. There are better ways of dealing with things than reporting every single person you see for doing the smallest stuff. Going out of your way to find these people is not why I play this game. I use my "powers" when the need arises, I don't go looking for reasons to use it and in my opinion no mod should. As far as I know, that statement is completely and utterly false. It's true that a player mod does not have to go out of his or her way to constantly seek out bots and report them all the time. Otherwise, it would be a "full time" job. I am sure if some are training a skill, and notice quite a few, they will report them along the way. But they have no obligation to do anything even if they are player mod (it is up to them if they want to exercise their power, which is pretty much a temp mute). Of course, in the public eye, they "have" to do something, otherwise they shouldn't be deserving of their status. Still, some people forget that player moderator can also help players in game by giving them advice (and probably that's how they get picked in the first place), and not simply Jagex Volunteer Police force that goes out and patrol the entire Gielinor. Clearly, most player forget that they have the power to report other who break rules, not just player mod. To my knowledge, every time a player object to something or ask player moderator some questions, their answer can often be found in knowledge base section, and when the mods tell them how to look for it at the RS site, mostly of them would say they are too lazy.....good grief. I bet if Jagex start something like a Bot Busting GP credits, you get 500gp for every bot you report, the entire RS would be bot free in less than a week. Mind you someone might just make a bot that do just that to get even more money........lol Get bot that auto reports set up a few accounts at world 1-2 ge get 500gp for every "bot" reported leave on for 72 hours ???? PROFIT!!!!
  4. No idea how many times i did small amounts, then just put up a large amount and get to second window decline just saying misclick untill i get bored.
  5. All of those ^ Sometime i get annoyed when people just respond with "k" Or just using and abusing memes to much.
  6. Don't feel bad i lost 90m. Just trying to sympathize.
  7. Thanks for the tip its good for pking, ZAROS GODSWORD IS BEST GODSWORD.
  8. Or you could just keep clicking vote yes without typing anything in. I don't think that works... There's a list of names to the side so you gotta type something in. yea you can't just type in random names, if your the name you type is legit and not set as to appear anon it'll be at the top of the list of recent votes.
  9. Who is /v/ and where can I reach them to thank them? Yea thanking them is another question though.
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