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  1. ↓ *points at sig* ↓ Whoo '90's!
  2. Ah.... Family Guy. Wait a tic. This isn't about Family Guy. Where am I?
  3. Silly boy. We ARE talking about Jagex after all. Who knows why they do what they do. Also, it could be old. TBH that makes it more likely that it is real, for who would make something like that now, and use the old icons. Unless OC it was faked along time ago and just now being let out. Look at the kill date for a tormented demon (a fairly new monster) It's October 23, 2009. That's today. This isn't old.
  4. I'm going to say it's a fake. The skill icons are the old versions. Why would they use outdated material for a new update?
  5. Yes, they are out to get us and will continue to force us to play their lousy game that they are putting so much time and money into destroying- just to spite us. Crafty. Who's dumber: the morons making this game awful? Or, the morons who keeps playing it even though they hate it?
  6. I still prefer the traditional medals. Sure it's good to see some change, but I don't think this is the right direction. It's too abstract and weird. It might look good somewhere else, but not something as big as the Olympics. I am sure this is going to spark controversy all over when word really spreads since this is a relatively new development. Every Olympics has had unique medals. Every (major, and a lot of times small) sporting event has unique medals. An olympic medal is an olympic medal; what it looks like does not make it any less prestigious. Trust me, the athletes don't care about something so trivial and vain, and neither should anyone else. Here's a picture of other olympic medals. Notice the ones circled in red. I don't like the new medals either, I'm just saying that it's not a big deal and there have been other weird looking medals in the past.
  7. Boom. Done. Not "unjust" I don't think the censorship of a word in a **GAME** has any effect on the choices of gays/lesbians and most certainly do not have any effect on thoughts of suicide. I honestly think this thread is nothing more than a rabble rouser. Sorry, but that's the way I feel.
  8. TheStandIn

    Post counts

    I don't care about them in the slightest. I've had 3 different TIF accounts since 2006. When I get tired of my forum name I just make a new account and my post count starts over from scratch, no biggie.
  9. That dust from a powder fire extinguisher. Horrible.
  10. 3, I think. Once when I disconnected at green dragons a long time ago, once during a quest (can't remember which), and once when I disconnected while killing friyer shades (or whatever the black ones are called, I don't remember nor care).
  11. February 2004. I didn't get any holiday items until the rubber chicken because I didn't know about them. Oh well. I got members for the first time in the summer of 2007.
  12. [yt]2ZyJCV_dyug[/yt] Good-bye sweet prince.
  13. For me it does. A game can play like [cabbage], look like [cabbage], and be absolutely [developmentally delayed]ed, but if it's fun, then I like it. On the other hand, a game can be gorgeous, play well, and be received by the masses as one of the best games ever, but if I don't get into it, then it's not fun. If it's not fun, It's a bad game.
  14. Super Mario Galaxy. Why, you say? IT'S BORING AS HELL. Jump around, twirl, bounce on stuff. Yay. Not to mention the agonizing "WAHOOOO!!!" and "YAH!!!" after doing anything. I got about half way through it, stopped playing, and never looked at it again. It's one of about 3 games I've never finished and replaced Ghost Recon 2 as my least favorite game ever.
  15. If I remember correctly Burnout Revenge was better than that. That's kind of an opinion. Isn't it.
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