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  1. So basically Coon made a trip today after hearing VR/Eos was going out.... Basically we massed up about 55~ people on a 15-20 minute prep. We went out to different worlds to clear the wild of scum. VR didn't have any room to breath between different worlds so with VR's pull being stuck in the lobby for the most part of the day, it was fun to say the least. With [cabbage] clan #1 and #2 being pushed out of wild. We got a 1 hour cap with Reign of terror. Startings: The Titans : 160~ opts Reign of Terror : 180~ opts [ac] Divine Forces : 140~opts The fight was entertaining as always, very competive and spam towers constantly off screen for both sides. Both clans getting Ko strings and some tanks from both sides. It gave all callers a chance to call and was generally quite fun. Brutality now named [cabbage] clan #3, decided to crash RoT. We stopped and cleared as always. We then heard that VR and EoS were trying to crash Corruption vs The Rising. We decided to stop our fight to come ac. We began fighting VR, EoS, Brut, and a few Divine Kings with RoT and DF. Easily enough they were cleared. It was pretty simple to say the least. We then hopped worlds chasing VR and Brut. Both Brutality and Violent Resolution piled us. Not sure if they were both trying to get piles or if they were trying to mass snipe, however it was pretty uneffective. We took them on 2 v 1 with spam towers off the screen. RoT logged in and scared the already [cabbage] clans into logging. At this point I should have added that EoS ended about an hour eariler then this. With that we ended our day , was a good job Titans. Final Endings: The Titans : 180~ Reign of Terror : 200~ Divine Forces : Fighting Solace | I think 155~ Brut: 0 Ended Violent Resolution : Ended Echo of Silence : Ended about 2 hours before everyone else. PS: To all [cabbage] clans. Your ment to crash us...not let us fight in clean one v ones.
  2. The Titans vs Corruption Rules: - Was a spur 15 min prep Overview: The Titans Challenged The Corruption Clan to a battle of League of Legends. After waiting for d0nts ranger to finish his rice, we began the game. The Game started out badly. D0nts ranger in mid, Lovelost and Cientu in top lane, MM lax and Eden F00dz in bottem lane. Corruption had excellent binds in top lane causing them to get the first kill on our bad aussie cientu. With this Lovelost began raging. Then like a miricle D0nts ranger struck down their middle, vladimir. With that we were back on our feet. D0nts began flirting inbetween lanes helping to get kills while Lovelost cientu MM lax and eden f00dz farmed and rallied ourselves up for what we thought would be a long fight. After finishing 3 items we began clearing the Corruption Teemo's shrooms away from dragon. We began taking dragon after losing Top and bottem turret but dropping the middle turret. We started taking dragon and although we had a few interuptions we took it down. Lovelost then knew that Corruption would rush. We took refuge in the dead dragons layer with MM lax infront. As planned Corruption came running in. With a slience from Lovelost, and an R key from Cientu. Corruption was helpless merely sheep waiting to be slaughtered. We cleared them with the Corruption clan only having 1 survivor. We pushed their next middle turret and about 5 minutes later Corruption surrendered. Ending: Thanks for comming out Corruption BLNT.
  3. Here I thought I was special.

  4. After wrecking VR/eos in about 10 seconds.. we decided to fight DF in a 1 hour cap :)! RoT offered to AC :) Rules: spiders gds 10 sniper cap 1hr cap Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9-R2zCbUrU TT starting: 195 opts DF starting: 201 opts TT ending: 222 opts (80 on ts) DF ending: 174 opts (74 on ts) Cheers for the AC RoT <3 (240 opts for RoT) - EoS/VR tried to crash (if thats what u wanna call it) but ended up logging/running as soon as anyone walked towards them. Thanks for fun fight df :) However, i heard EoS seemed shocked we actually had a clean fight... :D!\ Thanks RoT for the ac, however TT WILL ALWAYS BE #1 P2P #1 AC #1 Classic
  5. bout time u added me :P

  6. EoS and VR are horrible. Thanks for the fight DF, was refreshing. :thumbup:
  7. The fight itself only lasted 30 minutes, so there's not much to say. TT starting: 150 RoT starting: 150 DF starting: 150 VR starting: 120 EoS starting: 120 DK starting: 150 We went out to hit DK knowing they were about in the wilderness. Hearing EoS/VR had rushed DF on w32 with DK themselves also being there, we hopped over to feast as usual. As the fight continued, RoT entered and VR/EoS were left to do nothing besides mass snipe as long as they could. Being cleared instantly by our side's superior organization and the lack of brain capacity by the Alliance, it was apparent that tonight would not be theres, again... 0 kills, 3 deaths. Shame it didn't last any longer. TT ending: 210 RoT ending: 150 DF ending: 150 Total ending: 510 VR ending: 0 EoS ending: 0 DK ending: 0 70 ending to no prep, TT slumping. PS. Tell Crigg that I'm thankful he gave us a reason to stomp all over his. clan :) And tell Derek that hes doing a good job outpulling VR and EoS.
  8. I've been logging into rs for only events since wild died. The game isn't fun anymore. The wars and community of clans are the only things that keep me going.
  9. thats usually what incorperates itself in hunting a clan.
  10. Today we heard that DK were massing for a pk, so being in the current situation, we decided to mass for a no prep hunting session. TT Starting: DK Starting: 150 opts Round one We heard that Dk were fighting Fools so we decided to get involved. Dk got cleared in minutes. They decided to bail to mossies, and immediately to a non-pvp world to remass. We went back to membergate and took ending. Round Two After a little remass, dk logged back to our world and tryed to put up a fight. Unfortunatley for them, we cleared them in minutes and took our round two ending. 180 opts. Round Three Dk remassed in another world once more and went to bank at Bh. We decided to hop to their world and hit them at chaos altar. Same story, different place. After Dk had been destroyed, we heard that eos+vr were massing for us. DF+Rot massed as usual and we all went to Membergate. RSD rushed out of nowhere and hit all three clans - getting cleared, as vr+eos+dk rushed. A cluster broke out, we left vr and eos alone, as we heard dk had made yet another appearance. By the time we had cleared dk again (5-10 mins) EOS+Vr had logged from Df+EOS who took a world ending number one. We decided not to get involved, and ended for the night. After this, Vr and EOS made a 1 hour capped fight. Goodfight DK, i look forwards to next time :)
  11. orlly? <Briann> Jay are you there? <Jay_Jay665> ye <Briann> I got a question. In any Corruption wars, was there a guy called xVIOLENCE_x leading corruption at all? <Briann> http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/6813/101126203315.png <Briann> confirm please. <Jay_Jay665> not leading <Jay_Jay665> but he was in cor for a bit <Jay_Jay665> at least <Briann> Yeah he keeps being an idiot thinking he can troll saying he lead corr. l0l. <Jay_Jay665> i can't remember him leading lol Nice life. now ik why u got 1 hit in the uk v cl war! u were busy makign this. ask corbin or bellaaa your making yourself look stupid. Just stop
  12. Hearing dk were out we decided to mass like usual. Since thanksgiving was yesterday we didn't expect our pull to be high but it was enough to get the job done. We rushed dk at bh on w17 and cleared em quick. We kept repeating this for about a half hour causing dk to remass on w85 about 10 times before eos decided to show up. Eos rushed us at graveyard and mass sniped our pile but they were gone as fast as they appeared. After about 5 mins dk came back with about 150 opts and hit ph while eos was on em and we took the fight north. During this period eos gained people on ts and brut massed about 10-15 people to snipe us while we still had about the same so it was a bit difficult with the number difference and we regrouped to get people. Rot soon logged in to hit eos while we hit dk and whatever brut members we could find and the fight moved to rdg. We went to rdg to look for dk/eos and we soon saw eos piling one of our members and in a big ass train and we rushed their pile with rot and it was gone after about 2 mins. Dk soon rushed us at vents thinking eos was still around and they had a serious moral boast because the fight was a 3v3 but they were cleared pretty quick and went back to north bh stairs. At this point with ph had to leave to go to their cwri leaving only us and rot left but the damage was done and after 10 mins of hitting eos and dk bailing on them they ended. TT Starting: 75 Rot Starting: 120 Ph Starting: 90 (somoene confirm) Dk starting: 120 Bt starting: 45 Eos starting: 25 people Brut starting: 10-15 people TT+Rot ending: 350+ ops Other side ending: 0 thanks df for the ac :gwas: edited in the banner for lols
  13. nice pull for a short prep especially from u poison. :thumbup:
  14. Yea for some reason eariler it seemed that Tipit was lagging for me, oddly enough it wasn't happening anywhere else. Sorry about that HAR <3:
  15. After our Cluster feast, wanted a small event to pass the day The Titans vs. Divine Forces Matched melee + binds TT yellow, DF purple Middle bounds North spawn attacks No sniping (I thought) No Corrupt/Dungeoneering Fog/staffs/rings allowed The Titans starting: 52 (dropped from 60 odd) Divine Forces starting: 52 Built a sold lead from the beginning with some excellent tanking from our members and great overall awareness. DF made a come back in the mid thirties bringing back the defecit from 6 to 1. Took control again with some KO's and finished strong with some DF leaving the portal. Video: The Titans ending: 24 Divine Forces ending: 0 There was a second round which Divine Forces won, so Gratz on the second round Divine Forces :) Thanks for the fights.
  16. and DK should go back to....the grave i guess. :rolleyes:
  17. even though DK did get cleared eariler on and Ikongmeng is making up things off the top of his head, his post is still reliable enough to say he and his clan was there. I piled enough Brut# and xlegit to know brut was there aswell. BT made very short appearences during the fight, getting one or two piles of before they would get hit and run away. They stopped coming earily on. As you can see though, as shown below. If your going to state something is untrue then atleast make sure the members of the clan your trying to say wasn't there actually have the same story as you and don't prove you wrong in a post eariler. PH and CD destroyed DK, TT just made it overkill and cleared you off. Once the deed was done PH logged for the day. So you admit it took PH,CD,TT to make us end a pointless 3v1 we were already winning? okay thank you all i needed to hear <3: If that interpretation makes you feel better I won't rob you of it. You already know TT's stand point, you aren't allowed to have clean fights, nor do you have them. Get used to it. If you could read simple english though, I did say PH and CD Destroyed DK even before we came. Top 5-7 clans don't get planned fights anymore :<
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