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  1. Sucks about the crashers on RSD. Everyone seems to be getting crashed again lol. Good job The Rising.
  2. Its interesting to see how so much has changed within a little over a year.
  3. Usually if its a long fight, 30-50 If its a small fight 7-15
  4. 1. How will the return of Old Wildy and Free Trade influence your clan as a whole? I will get free money. 2. How will your clan use this opportunity to make your clan any better? I will make more money! 3. Will this amazing long waited update affect you personally in your clan? why or why not? I MAKE MORE GOD DAMN MONEY 4. How will this update change the Runescape clan community as a whole? MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYz
  5. Congratulations DDB and welcome back :)
  6. So for any top clans that frequent these boards what would it take for your clan to become active on tip.it? I personally am with another few The Titans Members. What would it take for your clan to join TWR? I doubt we would join. There are no real challenges onto the TWR listings. If DF/CoR/RSD/VR/EoS all joined it might bring something but it would make Tipit into the outlook of RAW rankings.
  7. Wow Dark Dragon Breath is a clan I havn't hear in awhile!
  8. Havn't been on Tipit in a bit. Sad to see this as a first topic when I come back. We fought alot while TK was still open, you were always fun and honorable. Best of luck to your members.
  9. Dang, havn't heard from CR in a good few weeks. Good job with your victory
  10. With a short prep to head out today, we knew RoT had already been PK'ing so we expected a fight with them rather sooon intro the trip. On w136, we were rushed by them at lava vents and the rest followed. Clear VR/EoS Uncapped TT starting: 180 RoT starting: 180 Was a pretty standard fight the first 15-30 minutes. With big piles and another fight taking place on the world, it got a bit messy but settled down after a bit. As our numbers grew, we were able to increase up to 25 snipers after starting with 15 increasing the pressure on RoT's pile and letting our own hit theirs often. We seemed to have control of the majority of the fight while VR/DK (EoS couldn't complete their mass in time) made a appearance but were not much to deal with. RoT did well being outnumbered by a little so thanks for small skirmish, was a fun fight. Thanks for the AC, DF. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1NeO64Cej8&feature=player_embedded TT ending: 240 RoT ending: 210 1 kill 5 deaths. Edit in/post pictures Sorry for No pictures.
  11. Earlier today a pk was set up for this afternoon with a few hours prep. We massed up around 60 on TS before we headed up to piper. Due to VR + TR having their full out for the CJ Tourney most clans were busy watching that however we got word Corr was massing so we waited for them at west tree on w57. After ~20 minutes we scouted Corr on w136, hopped over, and rushed them at RDG. [big]The Titans v. Corruption[/big] Unplanned PKRI. No set rules. The fight started on relaitively even numbers, Corr with ~5 more in game. We didn't send snipers as we didn't want Corr to run and they also didn't send snipers. We had great KO power and pretty good binds; along with excellent calling we took the upper hand. Corr's pile began to dwindle and after ~45 minutes of fighting we heard VR was on the world so we stopped to go clear them. TT Starting- TT Ending(85 actives on TS)- Corruption Starting/Ending- 201/210 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After stopping to clear VR, RoT/DF/EoS/DK/RSD also showed up(DF & RSD were also fighting on 136) so we split up into our respective alliances(RSD stood alone in GDZ doing nothing) and had a brief fight until no EoS/VR/DK were left on the battlefield, or the world for that matter. We followed them to w21 and cleared them once again; then Corr/RoT/DF decided to have a 1v1v1 at which point we ended as we had no intention of waiting for EoS/VR/DK to return to the world all night. TT Final Ending(73 actives on TS)- More pictures of our night out- Long live, The Titans.
  12. you guys are so adorable i just want to take you and pet you. xoxo <3:
  13. I laughed...very very hard.
  14. The Titans vs TRWF First round: All Styles - Second: Melee/Binds only Classic, center boundaries No dungeoneering or corrupt Sniper cap: 4 TT in yellow capes - TRWF in red/black In the first round TRWF was able to match our pull but they had 5+ DCs before it started so we had to drop around seven people. We defended at the NW wall and TRWF rushed. We started off well but TRWF managed to get off to a slightly better start so we were down by 1-2 people for the first few minutes. We pulled it back and obtained & kept a lead until the end. Our mix of styles, calling, and tanking were better than TRWF's and they began leaving their CC when they got down to ~15. We ended strongly with 35 people. Round two began with us rushing TRWF at the SE wall. We started off a bit sloppy and TRWF again managed to obtain a small lead for the beginning. Three of us went to snipe when TRWF hit 30 people and we destroyed their hybrids, KOing one and nearly another two or three as well. Some good tanking from our members & a few lucky KOs we gained the lead which we again kept until the end. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Titans vs Violent Resolution Ft 15-20 EoS After we fought TRWF in CWA we went out for a small p2p trip. We soon heard that Df + RoT were fighting and that VR had decided to attempt a crash. We quickly massed up 50 monster titans and headed into the wilderness. We kept VR at mossies, and to no-ones suprise Dk + EoS turned up to help. Df+RoT stopped their fight and EoS ended after 10 minutes - Massing an epic 34 person peak. Dk ended shortly after as our homies PH came up to ac them (Big thanks for coming to AC btw. Much appreciated). This left VR getting banged in single/around mossies so they hopped for a remass. Df and Rot ended their capped fight and left the world. We decided to stay at see how big VR's balls were, which to our delight were VERY big. [big]TT vs VR[/big] TT starting: 150 opts VR starting: 141 opts Violent Resolution used their usual tactics - sacrafice any sort of main pile and send a stupid amount of snipers. To counter this we sent 10 snipers (similar opts to VR's main pile) and cleared their snipers 1 by 1. It wasnt long before VR called eos to mass up a sniper squad so that they could regroup across the map. The fight lasted less than an hour, which was a continuous cycle of VR mass sniping and regrouping. RoT decided to mass up to AC EoS, and as they logged in, Vr decided to end. TT ending: 204 opts (72 on Teamspeak) Vr ending: 0
  15. With no intention of going out today, we heard dk where massing up at bh so we called a quick 20 min mass.. We quickly left BH with about 140 opts and proceded to hit dk :) After a bit we got word eos/vr came on our world and they all started hitting us making it 3 v 1, We had a small regroup then rsd pmd me saying theyd take vr so they did.. Soon after RoT came to the world and joined in the fun and RSD left.. We then continued to smash dk/eos whilst rot came and cleared vr. Eos then went to mass snipe RoT with VR whilst we cleared dk, however CD came and took care of DK and we went to clear vr/eos again with rot, soon after dk got bored and bailed, vr followed and then eos followed not long after that. Ended the night with 210 opts and banks full of rune :) Random pics
  16. Left with around 50 in TS and hopped to w57. Pretty standard DK hunt - we rushed and they fought back for a bit but we cleared them within 5-10 minutes. They hopped claiming CD was below gap killing their returners. We followed them to RSD v. VR on w136 and cleared them. TT Starting- TT Ending- 63 on TS More pictures of the trip- Standard DK hunt. Long live, The Titans. By Seth
  17. RoT asked us for a 1 hour prep fight tonight so we gladly accepted. Rules: 90 Min capped PKRI Spiders-Gds Rock 15 Sniper cap after the first 30 mins Team to Clear TT Starting: Rot Starting: 180 opts Due to the number advantage, our start seemed to be more solid than Rot. We had great two styles and KO power throughout the whole fight. Vr Made a feeble appearance, sniping RoT since they couldnt mass enough for a main pile, however our homies Critical Damage took care of them and stopped them from impacting on our fight. The rest of the fight was strong for both clans, and when the time cap was up we logged to world 87 for ending. TT ending (89 on TS) RoT Ending (75 on TS) We peaked at 90 on teamspeak to a no prep fight, which was amazing. Thanks for the fight RoT!
  18. The only thing you could slap is each other out of a dream, where you are actually allowed in PVP
  19. During our P2P trip we got word DK was out so we quickly massed up to go hit them. We hopped to 136 to AC any crashers at RoT + Corr's fight and DF asked us to fight. We agreed and they rushed us at west tree. [big]The Titans v. Divine Forces[/big] They caught our callers a bit off guard when they rushed us but we recovered and started transitioning all over them. Five or so minutes in our numbers increased and we started KOing everyone we piled. Our calling and styles were exceptional. After around 15-20? mins in, if that, DF asked us to stop because we had all but cleared them. Starting- Ending- After our fight with DF we hopped over to 57 and cleared the remaining DK that PH + CD hadn't already dealt with. They didn't put up a fight. Final ending(60+ active on TS)- BATTLENEO HAS RETURNED!
  20. [big]The Titans v. The Rising[/big] Earlier in the week two rounds of matched opts were set up with TR for today(Dec. 17, 2010). The rules were: 3:30 EST/8:30 GMT Start FoG/Rings allowed No dungeoneering First round Melee/Binds only - Second Round All Styles TT attack in first round, defend in second In round one we started off a little sloppy and a few our of members got transitioned onto and KOed by TR so we were at a 2-3 man disadvantage from the start. TR increased it to four and soon we managed to pick it up and come back by only one person down. We got into the teens only one person down and by the time it got around 12 - 14 we had a DC and decided to leave the CC. In round two we did very well. Our calling, KO power, tanking, and awareness were excellent and we steamrolled TR and ended with ~24 people remaining. Sorry about the lack of screenshots. I never remember to take them in CWA. Round one starting- Ending(need picture)- 0 TT - ~14 TR Round two starting- Ending(need picture)- ~24 TT - 0 TR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgBpmXSZkm8&feature=player_embedded [big]The Titans v. Reign of Terror[/big] During round two RoT approached our officials asking for a matched opts as practice for the upcoming CJ Tournament. We accepted and gave them 15 minutes to mass. We dropped some people but still managed to pull 51 to the first round. RoT had two DCs before it began and we accidentally semi-rushed their pile before we could drop to match. The fight went relatively well. RoT managed to keep the numbers close until around the 20s where we took the lead and finished them off ending with 19 remaining. Round two was another all styles fight and a little more difficult than the first. It began with 47 for both sides and we got off to a shaky start once again. Our binds lacked a bit and RoT managed to gain and maintain a lead and we couldn't close the gap. RoT ended with 28 remaining. Starting round one(need picture)- 51 TT - 49 RoT Ending round one- Starting round two- 47 TT - 47 RoT Ending round two-
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