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  1. So im guessing you havn't used a bottle yet...
  2. You keep referring to the "end" of the crash war. Is there any definite end in site? Or do they just keep going now until one slumps? until one calls a truce. But are eos gonna try for a truce cos i very much doubt that rot will. It doesn't matter who calls a truce with who, both clans will be involved in a crashing war again with either different clans or themselves again in the matter of a few weeks.
  3. teams keep popping up dime a dozen these days. good job
  4. I'd like to take a moment to remember the clan Echo of Silence. I ask you to be respectful during this moment of silence. Then Now Thanks for comming out, good luck in the creation of another fake topic. :thumbup: ps. Hands up
  5. We aren't dishonorable like most clans, nor do we really care for ranks or how other people judge or tend to judge things. Personally I believe RoT is still #1, the only reason other clans are approaching RoT is because atm they don't have constant forums. EoS's ranks aren't smart enough to do something smart for their clan so I doubt they could hold any sort of position. DF might be able to do it and VR is slowly rising. Corr will probably come back within a few months. Right now I think my full list for the top 5 clans would be: 1) RoT 2) RSD/DF 3) DF/RSD 4) VR/Fools 5) Fools/VR
  6. Taken from RSC - Dark Invoker: My personal answer taken from RSC: What is the most eccentric thing that Runescape / Clanning has influenced you to do: - Back in Exodus, not sure if many will remember, but my computer was constantly shutting down during some tournement. We were fighting some clan later on towards the night and the problem continued throughout the day till 5 minutes before the war. It turns out that it was overheating, so being a quick thinker I ran downstairs to my freezer, pulling out some Eggo waffles. I placed them around my tower so it wouldn't overheat anymore, I made the war and it shut off right after. - In Titans fairly recently I held in a poop for about 3 hours - In Gk #1 I pissed in a bottle. - I've been apart of runescape battles infront of my girlfriend - I've made my mother give a speech, aswell as my father. - I've gotten my girlfriend to fish for me :> those examples are just scratching the surface though.
  7. was about to get on IRC just to flame you for rickrolling me, good stuff poison keep it up in the following year
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnteddyklhk&feature=player_embedded Rofl, sandal, u dont dissapoint :thumbsup: Provided by The Titans. OT good job CR, well done Downfall for stepping up
  9. I've edited in further proof if it interests you.
  10. Rules: -Week Prep -TT vs VR, -Uncapped PKRI, -Start 9 GMT | 4 EST, -20 Sniper cap for first 2 hours, -UNCAPPED SNIPERS AT 11 GMT| 6 EST Broken Rules Below: Team to clear crashers, TT Yellow capes - VR Blue capes - No wearing each others capes Spiders - Gds TT Starting: VR Starting: 280 We dogged on VR for 7 hours. EoS crashed midway through but were soon cleared. VR were forced to break bounds as they regrouped at New Gate/PIPER/North of BH/Mossies & Rune Rocks; TT gained loot as VR had to do mass log-ins to get people together. After 7hours of chasing VR around the Wilderness we took ending at MG as VR were regrouping near rune rocks. TT Ending: 210+ (75 on TS) Peaked at 110, great job TT. Big thanks to Collision Aces of war Reign of Terror Divine Forces Gladz and THE For the AC For any Discussion on this topic: Echo of Silence crashed, themselves and VR are probably the only ones who would say VR won - EoS's losing topic to our AC(RoT) can be found here : http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1439774-reign-of-terror-defeat-echo-of-silence/ For proof of Violent Resolution walking out of bounds and into single I would suggest the video found here: Further proof: Thanks Harry <3:
  11. I really think the only dragonwood member left with decency is probably HA richards.
  12. Obviously it didn't work out fine considering your ranks said themselves that Downfall was completely outperformed, not to mention that PH had a full ending of more then what they started with, I believe. I wouldn't be there for a win topic either if that was the case.
  13. Gladz still mad lol. They started beef with us first, we only crashed because they messed with our previous wars, we're all even and on decent terms now so stop trying to stir stuff up. How exactly is he mad, or trying to stur anything up. He simply said that you lot crashed them, which you did against TMC and he hopes that instead of a crashing rivalry as most clans usually do he hopes that its a good healthy rivalry. Well done Pure Hatred.
  14. This is exactly why I used to be strict about dedications with teams. However the past is the past. Tko Congratulations on your victory. Its not hard with the cream of the crop :P
  15. What? Your not even on TT's ml.. Gratz RSD. Intros don't usually get put on the ML for bigger clans. Anyways, The fight was more towards our favour within the first hour - hour and 20 minutes. RSD's numbers increased whilst ours stayed the same. However I am happy with our performance, we did very well since the numbers were basically 80 vs 100 the last 40-50 minutes of the fight. Thanks for it. 2-4 kills 6 deaths :thumbup:
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