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  1. even though DK did get cleared eariler on and Ikongmeng is making up things off the top of his head, his post is still reliable enough to say he and his clan was there. I piled enough Brut# and xlegit to know brut was there aswell. BT made very short appearences during the fight, getting one or two piles of before they would get hit and run away. They stopped coming earily on. As you can see though, as shown below. If your going to state something is untrue then atleast make sure the members of the clan your trying to say wasn't there actually have the same story as you and don't prove you wrong in a post eariler. PH and CD destroyed DK, TT just made it overkill and cleared you off. Once the deed was done PH logged for the day.
  2. can assure you that bt,brut werent there. Dk probably piled one or two TT but thats about it... i love how these clans (tt,rot,df) try to include clans in topics that werent there. So basically DK and TT are in a crashwar, and you only piled 2 of us. If your going to make an excuse up, atleast make it somewhat believable
  3. If its fake, why exactly are both sides not denying anything. Both sides actually agree to what happened. Even VR have admitted to DK and EoS being garbage help and many of the opposing side have actually complimented how well VR did with such minimal help. Heres some of the simple examples : http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1449480-tt-rot-df-phcd-vs-vr-eos-brut-dkbt/page__st__60 Mattyb's post of VR's CC edi's post of DK's leader derek getting pmed by EoS to FI on them for ending after they hopped back inorder to get a decent ending: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1449480-tt-rot-df-phcd-vs-vr-eos-brut-dkbt/page__st__40 there are many more, such as a faked ending for EoS which was edited if you need anything else i'll be happy to show you more, or you can browse it for yourself.
  4. I believe personally that Retaliation is never right over trivial things, however when it happens constantly theres a huge difference between simply retaliating and defending yourself. Example for this situation of The Titans and EoS. We perviously had an agreement not to touch Eos or VR, which was perfectly fine. Then eos leaders began to snipe and crash. You can't really expect the same people who you set up peace and go against that and who are ment to be giving a leadership decision for a group to act like that. After you've taken a peaceful way upon acting, if that doesn't work, what would you really say your left with the choice to do. There is really only one answer. I don't want you to misconstrue my words. I really do believe that anyone can have their own outlook on something, especially a crashwar. People may think its stupid to be in, but until they understand the reasoning behind why certain clans are in it, they shouldn't base remarks that generalize it, making it seem all of the participants are in for the same reason. As for your final word about DK, if you look at their past, they generally tend to crash anyone who they wanted to in the past. Some for reasons, some for being plain board and having nothing to do. Now, look at the clan your currently a part of, solace. You guys had or have beef with exodus. Thats simple fact. Now alot of DK or ex DK or Dereks friends are in Exodus, don't you think they would crash you, merely by assoication? If you look at the past Coll have been crashed for being asociated to Titans, some teams have been crashed due to having certain members from certain clans etc. Its not uncommon for them. At present day, Divine kings is constantly hunted constantly forced away from fights etc. That is the main reason why they havn't crashed many clans during this remake and the last one specifically. Hopefully this clears up some of the things I ment, my good debating buddy <3:
  5. You have every right to that opinion and if I was in a mid size clan I would probably agree with you. However your clan isn't the one getting crashed for no reason, nor is your clan the one getting sniped for no reason. Some clans are brought into this cluster, we didn't look for it nor did we want to be in it in the first place, however since were in it might aswell post when we win. You should actually be a bit happier, since this crashwar with DK is going on, they havn't hit solace to my knowledge. If you actually thought of what they did in their past remakes you yourself should be happy as a mid size clan that they are off your hands. Use your brain. :thumbup:
  6. With an invitation to this "Crash War" by yours truely, EoS... we headed out tonight in hopes of showing up their talk. The fight initially started TT/CD/PH vs. VR/DK. TT starting: 150 ROT starting: 150 PH starting: 90 CD starting: 90 DF starting: 90 VR starting: 210 DK starting: 150 EoS starting: 150 Brut starting: 60 BT starting: 60 Originally, the fight started near Mossies where VR/DK were pushed to single within minutes. After a proper regroup, the fight moved to MG and the rest of the fight continued. Hearing we had hit VR, RoT massed and soon enough EoS/Brut/DF followed suit and made an appearance at the fight. With each clan taking turns focusing one another, the pressure ended up being too much for the alliance to handle. DK was first to end while we let our lower arms of PH/CD have the rest of the day off for the valiant effort they showed most of the fight. This left the fight TT/RoT/DF vs. EoS/VR as Brut had dipped as well being no real threat to any of us. Fight ended 6 hours worth of regrouping, mass sniping, roller derby, ping pong, Formula 500, and tons of friendly chit chat. Day #1 of the new Crash War, hope you guys are ready! TT ending: 210 ROT ending: 180 PH ending: 120 (Walked out) CD ending: 90 (Walked out) DF ending: 120 VR ending: 0 DK ending: 0 EOS ending: 0 BRUT ending: 0 BT ending: 0 I'd like to personally give a shout out to Violent Resolution for holding their own for so long today and of course our good friends Echo of Silence for an invitation to this delicious feast :thumbup:
  7. Seemed a small number different determined the winner, Excellent job to both clans. Glad to see both of you excel so much.
  8. Yeah i agree, rsd is the only clan in top 10 that doesn't crash. In all honesty yes your correct when you say RSD doesn't crash. However clans crash others for reasons. Some for stupid ones some for good ones. The titans will not permit DK to be in wild nor get a clean fight in PVP. Reasons being Divine kings crashed alot of clans, before the rebirth of this DK, Ktv decided to crash us with his ex dk members etc its only logical for a clan to fight back or react back if a clan will crash them. DK has always gone back on their word, its nothing new therefore due to their own ranks stupidity they casted their own fate among themselves and their clan. As for kimberly's point that clans that don't get involved in big crash wars survive more and have constant pulls, I believe thats true, however RSD has had no real fights in f2p pvp besides TT. Reasons being everyone else is in a crash war, and TT are the only ones that can compete with them at the moment. So basically if they prep a pk trip, and go out and end up fighting either DF/RoT/VR/EoS it will be crashed and due to their no cluster rule they will hop. Therefore wasting their prep etc. Basically for Titans in general since i'll assume most of the subject on this topic is aimed towards: - TT crashes DK so both themselves aswell as other clan bigger or smaller are protected - TT was only involved in the current crashwar because they wanted DK.VR would always attack TT trying to get us off DK, however after VR's leader decided to abandon DK, we had no reason to be in the crash war anymore. -TT will continue to hunt DK upon every opening till every closing. We have seen DK through 3 closings so far. Other then those points we as a clan don't support crashing clans for unjust reasons, such as "just being board" or "rivalry" which would honestly be the most legit way to put it.
  9. Wow DK didn't crash something with Downfall. Impressed DF+Asc keep it up.
  10. Thats why its called matched opts. Something your clan hasn't excelled in since the clan war era. Proabably around the same time you actually got into the clan world. Now I think doubt you should be talking about pulls you've been pulling 40 people to f2p recently. Even your feeder clan is better then that. :shades: You think your clan is good just coz you beat a clan that is Not even in top 10 lol. Wrong actually we've beaten many clans matched opts. Apart from your broken thought process if you were to ask anyone who is one of the best clans in matched im more then sure anyone would probably rate Titans either 1 or 2 alongside RSD. Im still clueless why your even flamming us, you pulled 50 people to fight corr previously and on top of that your clan asked us for a truce, and agreed to stop helping their feeder clan DK as apart of this. I've brought both points up in past posts you have yet to answer them or even talk about them in any of your statements. More or less you constantly try to avoid both facts. Simply by that alone, you don't even stand a chance in a pure base argument with me, or any TT member. Other then that more or less your posts are saying "tee hee your clan is bad" since you don't have any facts behind it.
  11. Amazing pulls especially for you TRWF. The Sleeping giant has awoken :thumbup: :thumbup:
  12. DK is a joke. I'd like to see you try and beat TT without running to VR or EoS for help. VR has decided to stop helping them EoS doesn't even like DK they were just forced to team by chance. Thats probably the reason DK doesn't go out for more then 20 minutes anymore. :shades:
  13. Thats why its called matched opts. Something your clan hasn't excelled in since the clan war era. Proabably around the same time you actually got into the clan world. Now I think doubt you should be talking about pulls you've been pulling 40 people to f2p recently. Even your feeder clan is better then that. :shades:
  14. I posted a video instead of pictures :)
  15. Which is Y_Guy for "If you don't follow the rules of the board this topic is going to get locked." Which is Kim for trolling. Congratulations though TT, doesn't seem that hard for you though. :thumbup: Fighting RSD in P2P would be quite interesting, and in F2P even more. I don't understand how that's trolling when it's essentially quoting the rules verbatim? Nor how it can provoke a negative response? Or are people just obsessed now with calling me a troll the moment I say anything other than the vanilla "Gf"? Heard you stepped down so you could be a troll on fan sites EDIT: wow still no pics l0l??? cmon lovelost p2p topics are awesome and you just made the worst one :wall: I was actually going to make a vid, but using the same speed I always do the vid is like a minute if that..
  16. naw just playing around, but yea we didn't know who MLP was either but when they asked us for a matched one of our officers accepted so yea. :P
  17. The Titans vs MLP The Titans starting: 93 opts - Dropped to 54 MLP starting: 54 opts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCeLeAAYMAg So MLP decided to try to take Titan's #1 spot in p2p. We said hell no to that and decided to fight these guys matched opts, through transitions and good styles we beat MLP down so much so that the rest of them logged out. Having lost only a small amount of people we were somewhat happy that our #1 P2P spot was safe. Hopefully this shows other p2p clans WE AIN'T EVER SCARED....yea RoT...yea. The Titans ending: 36 opts MLP ending: 0 (rest logged out) Cheers for the fight.
  18. Im sure theres more to the story, however I was only there for a certain amount of time, it looked pretty even then. Good job
  19. Wait.... I Don't Understand .... TT should pk more often or SE? Machamp... you're not making any sense.... about SE or TT in this matter. TT PKs all the time and SE is a CWA Team.... Can someone els explain to me what he is trying to say because Iam confused. 8-) Basically hes trying to troll. A) because of the fact that TT pks quite often now B) because his clan asked for a truce and stopped helping DK inorder to get TT out of the little "crashwar" that their having. but hey machamp, I can tell why your mad though, TT outpulled your saturday pull to the last cluster, I'd probably be mad aswell.
  20. When people get over their runescape addiction they usually move to a better game, not a worse one. Grats TT.
  21. The Titans v Silent ember 2 rounds matched opts Our scouser leader Jayzy accepted this fight, since I was on an LoL game I raged like hell when it was accepted and he told me to move up. First round melee binds: The Titans starting : 39 we dropped Silent Ember starting : 35 Silent Ember attacked and the fight began. We had pretty decent transitions and for once I got to call in CWA in the longest time. Since the fight was no snipers everyone in our pile was robed minus myself and it really showed since most of there members couldn't move much. We did well with Spam especially today until the end of the fight Ending: Second round all styles: The Titans starting 39 we dropped Silent Ember starting 37 This fight was lead by plavvy, he did a really good job. Nice streak of piles and good transitions and updating. We did good with mixed styles and kept our tanking on par. Ending: Thanks Silent Ember for the respectful fights you did really well and definately gave us some good compitition, however you made me leave an LoL game, therefore we are now in a crash war. Good luck
  22. don't think that pulling 60/229 is good activity... gratz on your win 60 immediate ending/143 to a short prep* I wouldn't talk about pulls if I was VR. pretty sure we pulled 80+ to no prep in the past week :thumbup: What happened ever since you started teaming with DK and started getting demolished everyday? 50 peaks? :shame: they started with 78-102 opts on Saturday rofl...
  23. BK why do you even keep the DK members.
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