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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Im the lone League of Legender in my clan, i spend whatever free time i have on that.. Rs is way too boring now.. =s. But Downfall does have a mw2 unit.. they suck so whoever wants can feast of them (Y)
  3. What do you think? This is the second time you've made me facepalm in 15 seconds of reading 2 different topics. Grats RsD, I think recruitment is in the works as the explanation of sudden posting if people havn't caught that yet
  4. shut up idiot lol. Rj is still a good clan, they may not be where they wanted to be but they'll put up some good fights for the smaller sized clans until they can regain numbers. Which some of them may enjoy more, who knows. It all depends on where they want to keep their egos, if their member base is fine with being top 10-20 range for awhile then they'll get through it, if not then they'll struggle I think. This, that was one of the most stupidest posts I've ever read <.>
  5. none, dont even go on rs anyway
  6. Haha I liked the way one of our members said we were war hungover from saturdays fight o_o no excuses though. CE were far more organized..etc well done. I'm glad we didn't have to drop a lot for once in a matched though <3
  7. Who tanked last first round ;] just saying hehehe (ps sorry for my nh tactics leaving cc, i got pressured to), got dropped 2nd round though
  8. Fantastic job Dw, woke us up. Doesn't help that, i think, our last matched was tict? ;s very proud for everyone who dont normally lead step up today with organizing mass and war <3 =)
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