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  1. I'll have the explosion in the background if you can still get all of him cut out (including end of hand knife :grin: ).
  2. Use Slayer_Jesse's link. And no, i like the picture and don't mind about the size. Thanks :thumbup: .
  3. Sorry about that, can i just have this picture with Adder5000 written at the right in a shadowy text. Picture:New assassain Thanks very much.
  4. Please could someone make me a signature. Background: An explosion. Picture:Assassian Text (in shadowy text): Adder5000. Size: Tip.it max or just below, either. If anyone can help please post signature on thread, Thank you. =D>
  5. My 30 Seconds to Mars playlist :thumbsup: : Closer to the Edge Kings and Queens From Yesterday The Kill Attack This is War
  6. Like you i've always had a Playstation and liked them and the PS3 is no different. My problem is that the games for the Xbox are a much wider range which allows more choice :angry: . I personally think that Halo 3 should have been made for PS3 so more people can go on them. Luckly some of my friends have Halo 3 so i still got to go on it. Apart from that my personal opinion is that PS3 is better than Xbox 360.
  7. Recently when i was cutting magic logs :thumbsup: i was a little bored so i went to see what Ignatius Vulcan sold. In his shop i found 60000 tinderboxes for 1gp each. Thinking about it i thought you could collect them and sell them on the grand exchange for around 100gp. I tested it on a few inventories and i made a small profit. So i wondered if you could tell me if this slow method would work in the long term for making money. Aswell as doing that method which would be slow i also thought about buying and selling items on the G.E. If you can, please could you also reply which items are best for merchanting. Thanks for you help in advance =D>
  8. Woodcutting___level 82___2,482,619 xp___ranked 368,974 in the world.
  9. First of all when i'd just started the game i got stuck in draynor manor. :roll: And when i got my first months membership i remember getting killed by fire giants under the waterfall when i wasn't watching. :wall:
  10. 13 herblore , after doing that herblore quest i haven't done basically anything on it.
  11. 8/10 professor farnsworth out of Futurama, could have been a bit more interesting and even could have been an animation. Still good avatar. =D> :thumbsup:
  12. I hid it because it was getting too big.
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