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  1. Babe, we're getting old as fudge. Time to retired RS for good. See you in real life some day, Legend Arc! Lol! <3 For ever.

  2. Only earned 3 million something in Attack XP, training on the 9th day. All worlds will be crowded as hell on the weekends. :( Enjoy your Bonus XP and have fun! ;)
  3. I could careless about Golden Joystick. But guess what I voted for? [hide]Best Free-to-play: CityVille. I did it for the lulz[/hide]
  4. I got a virus clicking on the link. :cry:
  5. Throwing watering toilet papers on the wall in the boy restroom, never get caught, cause I'm pro.
  6. Sweet! Ran into one of my teenage hood song! <3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZuLcfh5B8M
  7. I'm not surprised at all. Typical Jagex.... They're good at making their players mad at them. *chuckle* Anyway, I could careless. I ain't gonna refer nobody. :ph34r:
  8. Since I'm gonna try to go for 200M all melee (Attack/Hp left to go), Can't waste time on other skills. I voted for Attack.
  9. Being accused of botting is my #1 all-time most asked question when training. I understand how OP feels. Just put public chat to friends. http://imageshack.us/g/577/lol4nub.png/
  10. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was... meh. Few good scenes, the rest... so so. 6/10.
  11. Everything is playable if you use your imagination. Pretend those bots are real players. Go Free to Play and see for yourself. Go get a 30 days membership and see for yourself. They don't bother me much, only when they pop up and steal/train on my training spot. Lulz!
  12. That sucked. I hope you learn a lesson from it. If you want to give strangers your money/items, you're better off letting a stranger like me hold on to it. :lol: Anyway, good luck getting back on your feet. *Gives OP a big huggy*
  13. I still remember the original thread by Kingleonardo, back in 2002 on old tip.it forums. Good old RS1 days. :P Anyway, I already had this Original/First level 100's list on my profile. Plus, I'll leave this here. http://forum.tip.it/topic/24373-the-complete-lvl-100-list-november2002/
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