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  1. Well... that explains a lot. :mellow:
  2. Either hit your printscreen key or hit the button that says "Take Screenshot(PrintScreen)" at the top of the toolbar.
  3. Made me lol. Warped floors sound epic and give me more motivation to train Dunge. Like when they released Yk'Lagor, I can just imagine the rage threads now.... :P
  4. Nooooooo.... was hoping this would come out after I get 99 dunge :P . Ah well, looks really cool and now I have some more motivation. I wonder if that demon is Kal'Ger himself.
  5. That doesn't look like AoE to me. Why the cartoon-style graphics? :/ I'll stick with AoE: AoK for now. Might try it in the future one day though.... yea, when there are purple flying monkeys.
  6. While I like the current design, the new one does look impressive. Personally I think it's leaning towards a "jagex-themed" (seeing how similar the SD design is to this) style, but just my opinion. I use the toolbar for quick access, so I won't notice it that much anyways :blink: .
  7. While I prefer seeing RS on a console such as the 360, it would be interesting if the Jungle supports playing Runescape. Personally no matter if you can or can't, I wouldn't buy it as my laptop plays it fine and the money that I rarely get becomes game money :P. Would want to see the corp soloed on this if possible however. >=)
  8. Definitely Draynor Village. Might just make that "hidden" room in the edge dungeon my bedroom... after I clear out that rats. O_o
  9. Awwww no... These things do happen I suppose. For the sake of it, 9,001 / 10. Let me tell you, your blog was what I read sometimes while mindlessly grinding for hours, which I did enjoy (reading your blog that is, not grinding :P). Good luck in the future :thumbsup:
  10. Was training at blue dragons, got a clue scroll. Haven't done one in a while, so I went out and did it. Platebody looks good on meh :P
  11. You know, now i'm thinking about stealing some of your luck. It's not kuradal that's plotting btw, it's me. :P
  12. No one has sniped me as far as I can see. It's fun being a figment of everyone's imagination. :shades:
  13. Are you soloing a small? If so I don't think you should be able to restore that many prayer points at an altar. I was soloing a med after which a little while later my browser crashed and there was no option or way to rejoin the dung and I had to start all over again. >.<
  14. Time for another exciting round of spot the glitch. :razz:
  15. *sniff* Take care, and good luck in the future. <3:
  16. Looked awesome and I applied for beta. Now to sit back and watch what happens. :ohnoes:
  17. So I reset my progress and started dungeons again... and now I wonder what the odds of this prestige are :P .
  18. You have Novite Equipment in your inventory? Heh, good eye. Yes, since I usually use a hatchet / pickaxe each time I go through a dungeon, I go cheap and buy the easiest / cheapest stuff. :P
  19. So I go to do some soloing Dungeoneering, but I encounter really bad lag. Thankfully it cleared up. Or so I thought. After I opened my first door, it lagged for 20 secs, and this happened: [hide=Spot the glitch?] [/hide] Of course after I opened that silver door it fixed itself. Still gave me a good laugh. :P
  20. At first I thought batch 2 wouldn't be anything special, but after reading the dev blog.... Wow. Really love the part about classes and reward dungeons. (will be intresting to see the new 'escaped boss' they speak of) This might even be a good reason to get on Skype and call my friends and form a party to try the new stuff when it comes out. Still am pretty excited though. :o
  21. So here I am, playing RS, and I start hearing a rythmic beat and splashing outside my window. I ran through the list of possible causes in my head: - Parade in my backyard? no. - Random wresetling match in one of those plastic pool-thingys? no. - Rainy (aka Den) attempting to get 99 Dungeoneering? no. (sorry, couldn't resist :-P ) Acutally, it was hail. Now, this may sound fine at first glance, but let me add the other factors while it was hailing: it was high hudmity, 78 F, raining, and partially sunny... all at the same time. O_O Confuses me a little bit tbh :P Denver got a foot of nothing but hail the size of golfballs... go to http://www.weather.com , should be something there. Also, I took a few pictures... Hope they don't break rules 'cause they are from real life, but oh well... [hide=Clicky!] (remember this is 90% hail, and 10% rain) [/hide]
  22. Started at 59 wcing a few days ago, on the road to 99. :D 19 more levels to go.
  23. Very nice and impressive blog. Once you get 99 rcing, you will feel like you can achive anything. I wish you best of luck with your goal! Hope to see you 99 sometime ;) I personally don't have enough patience to train rcing myself, so I don't know how you do it lol. Congrats on 88 rcing. :D Bookmarked.
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