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  1. I've been gone for awhile from RS and Tip.it. What kind of potions are those? I mean the vials really not the contents.
  2. I was gone from the game for 7 months until recently. Did I miss something in terms of trading dungeoneering items? Or did people just start getting paid for services within the dungeon recently?
  3. I have been farming Snapdragon for a long time and I am finally running out of seeds, but I do not know if I should continue to do so, or move to another herb. Farming lvl: 77 Aura: Supreme Greenfingers Jujus: n/a Yes, I know Jujus would be helpful and I'm working on it, so don't bring them up.
  4. I don't mean spin tickets. I built up 15 about a week or so ago through logging in and not using the spins and they built to 15, but stopped after that. Stayed at a stagnant 15 for a couple days til I used em. I may have "earned" the spins I guess and that's why they hung around, but I could swear they came from daily count.
  5. Funny part about "marking it down" is that so many items repeat it was a lot of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for that spread sheet. :) I think I will do another 100 sometime when the double coins dies down. Also, has anyone noticed you can gain only 15 spins in your queue through allowing the daily spins to build up?
  6. Information in my Google Document linked here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AnSBZtLBTKp6dGNTMFhvYkRpWVN4TDNpRXJRZGhiT3c&output=html I'm sorry if posting that link is out of line with the rules. That is the only way I could think of sharing the document. Also, I did not take the time to count common and uncommon prizes. Too much info for me, feel free to do with it what you will. I think it is editable.
  7. Done spinning. With double spin tickets and the daily 3, it ended up being over 500. Cant really do it all in one day when you have work and stuff, Anyway, 4 rares, no super rares. Other info to come when I finish getting some numbers.
  8. If anyone is actually waiting on my spin data, I have about 170 left to do and will figure out how to post an excel document for you all.
  9. Calling what I am doing a study or research is a joke (mainly so I can justify to myself why I am doing it). I am just collecting data. When I put out the results, do with it what you will.
  10. I guess that is difficult because they cant get large sets of spins at once. My goal is to record the value of "Convert to Coin" and how much you have the potential to make on average per spin. 250+ spins in shows its about 15k average value of a spin. More to come. Oh, and I got a Prized Pendant of Prayer. I am pretty excited about that.
  11. It is a grueling task, but someone must do it... in the name of science! :)
  12. With the new double coins this week, I will add 450 spins to this study. Results to follow. 100 Spins in, total worth of items if all Convert to Coin: 1,193,760gp.
  13. Agree with the above, but he could easily reach the 50 point limit before the new skill of 2013. I guess he'd have to take the money for the time being, haha.
  14. Too much truth in between the lines of that story. Does make you think twice about buying gold from somebody haha.
  15. It seems the Smithing Tables are off when it comes to the levels necessary to make claws of several metals. Here is a screen shot of Rune Claws from RS: The Smithing Tables have claws listed at level 98 still. I didn't take a picture of the others, but here are the stats: Iron is level 23 in RS, but 28 on the tables. Steel is 38 in RS, 43 on the tables. Mithril is 58 in RS, 63 on tables. Adamant is 78 in RS, 83 on tables. Bronze is correct.
  16. Well, there's always the technicality that they're committing fraud by selling something that doesn't belong to them (as technically everything in the game belongs to Jagex, not the players). Other than that... I dunno. But I do think that they'll get suckerpunched on tax evasion if they aren't very, very careful. For the most part I agree. However, I remember reading an article somewhere about online property such as items in a game can have actual legal possession by the player. I don't think this is the case in RS because of the way Jagex sets up their rules, but there is legal precedence for players owning the items in online games. Definitely gray.
  17. I am your average afk no-lifer. I work too many hours a day to want to engage my brain when I come home. I enjoy skills like mining, fishing, etc. I am about to get 99 smith (my favorite skill and will be my most prized cape), woot woot. I have been playing much too long to only have three 99s, but I dont care. What I don't like is something like a mini-game or random event interrupting my skilling. That is the break in my engagement.
  18. I never understand why people smart enough to find, use, and exploit glitches are dumb enough to post the proof that incriminates them. I guess it has something to do with our "look at me" YouTube and Facebook society, but cmon... idiots.
  19. Continuously clicking fishing spots on Karamja as F2P so I could collect lobsters (known then as lobbies haha) and turn them into certs. Also, mining iron incessantly until I could get into mining guild to mine coal and turn that into certs too. ^how about that for out of date haha.
  20. Jslayer999's article on Balance of Power was good. I hope Jagex goes in a different direction with that storyline. Perhaps working the character into the dragonkin? A rival to the dragonkin? Maybe another direction in that the character may not be the source of the balance of power, but chooses who takes power? There would be some difficulty in that though considering such things can't affect the world of RS overall, just the quest line.
  21. Client installed and works well. Downside to it though is I cant bring the client into my tab browsing on Google Chrome. This issue is specific to this computer because my laptop works fine. I just uninstalled and re-installed chrome to no avail. Oh well.
  22. Well, I am still experiencing trouble with it today even after trying to type in specific worlds. I think my computer felt neglected by me for the past 7 months and is taking its retribution out on my RS account. I even went back again and uninstalled and re-installed Java and deleted my jagex/RS cache on my hard drive. I think this one is un-fixable, but thanks for the suggestions.
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