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  1. I see no discussion in this topic, but thanks for your input...
  2. I don't see your problem here. Why take away the freedom to post any type of clans we want and only limit us to tip.it clans? If the tip.it clans want to be ranked more often, maybe they should challenge the real top dogs more often? I never said anything about not allowing top clans to post, but thanks for your input and inability to read.
  3. Cool man, you can tank around some walls and turrets set up perfectly for tanking, completely ruins cwa. People actually bring good styles in cwa because they don't lose anything, and overall its just for people afraid to lose a rune set. Instead of proving who can tank around a perfectly set up wall, why not find out who in your clan is actually a good member and returns with binds / blasts etc in a pvp fight, where it actually matters. Clanning is about dedication and proving yourselves, not the perfect ideal world for fighting when nobody cares about the result 95% of the time (CWA) I am clearly angry.
  4. After a long absence from the wonderful world of TipIt clan discussion, its come to my attention that in all the top lists, everyone still takes into consideration the whole clan world. Although theirs no problem with that, It seems that with about 80% of the users of the clan discussion section of these forums being from small - mid sized clans, why not just rank "TipIt" clans. Obviously their are many possible problems with this, but all easily avoidable. Back in the days of the almighty salscd run by the lord and savior Blade Viper, although many people from the larger clan world used SalsCD, most of the rankings were done based on "Sals" clans. I'm not saying that theirs certain qualifiers to be a tipit clan, but rather that the active clans as a whole that use these forums can get an accurate listing of their status among their peers here on tipit, and people from larger clans can give input on how said clans are doing, and hopefully give unbiased opinions. All and all it would hopefully build a more competitive community, although this could create beef, it also creates more competition and more drive for clans to succeed. Note that this post was created with the understand that their is a twr listing and some people do only rank certain clans, also note that its 3am and I have the downs. Also with the understanding that making a basis for "tipit" clans is nearly impossible unless the posters in the community pick up on it and use it as a source of competition. Sum it up for yourself and answer these elite questions that took many moons to create. Do you think Tipit currently creates a competitive atmosphere between clans, and produces solid rivalries? Do you think ranking only certain clans in ranking lists, in order to make things more competitive would benefit or hurt? What type of impovements do you see necessary to build a more competitive community, or do you already find it competitive?
  5. Impressive feat poison, you continue to step it up.
  6. won't happen, and invoker never came back
  7. Most likely to die in 2011? You got it
  8. Sumit

    The Return!

    I wasn't aware that this was a compare your clan to echo of silence topic, you clearly seem angry and keep having fantasies about us. Hopefully your addiction to our clan will calm down or I don't know what you'll do.
  9. What clan has the most absurd propaganda? Reign of Terror, they try too hard. What clan has the most believable propaganda? (Aka w/e that clan says everyone will always agree with them) RSD How does your clan handle propaganda against you? Why the long face.
  10. Sumit

    The Return!

    NI is the only clan I see coming back, and even if they do they won't be as successful as the first time they were open. Not enough clans are involved with the wild and more clans ac nowadays.
  11. For how bad of a top clan TT is, Lovelost just makes it worse by making them terrible on tipit
  12. pretty sick pull, keep it up 50% is just beyond the horizon
  13. Dont really believe you, but that's a valiant story \:D/
  14. Depends on the situation, used to do it all the time, too lazy to even log in rs now so i cbf. I basically did it as a form of entertainment. It's pretty obvious when you crash someone, and they don't know why, that they are mad, like Chris Brown. The whole point of playing runescape is to have fun, but if it comes at the expense of your clan, you won't be in that clan. Thats why you always take the safer route, and join Last Hope. (Proud Closers of Triforce 2009) pm me with any questions.
  15. Time fly's had no idea it was a year already. Gratz
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