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  1. I remixed Temple Desecrated as a house track, pls listen https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/494vwi/i_remixed_temple_desecrated_as_a_house_track_im/
  2. I'm just glad it came with the normal quartus signet
  3. So, let's say you're next to a summoning store, and a summoning obelisk. You have a portable bank deposit box, and you place it near the store. So you bring all your charms and secondary ingredients (all noted) for a particular familiar. Then you sell and then buy 25 secondaries to the store to unnote them. You create the 25 pouches, and you deposit near the box you just placed. My question is how many pouches can you create in a hour using this method?
  4. Doesn't seem like it. I got a visage recently.
  5. Will the DTDs and Bank boxes expire if you don't use them by a certain date?
  6. Just did it right now. The wave with super anti's hit two 750s on me
  7. It's taken out of context, I know. But it's from reddit.
  8. I got mine in less than 20 kills :P. They are my very first limbs too.
  9. Trying to remix Temple Desecrated https://soundcloud.com/realmthree/false-user-sample
  10. Denith

    Treasure hunts

    Has anyone tried hosting one? I'm talking about using the chest that is rewarded to you after you finish the Carnillean Rising quest. Basically you put any item in the chest, bury it somewhere in RS, and you can give away keys to the chest to players. The player then plays hot or cold by feeling the key and digs up the treasure with a spade when he thinks he's right underneath it. I've had a bunch of smug players (even some high leveled ones that should know about the quest) report me and tell off some of the players that I got to involve in the treasure hunt and sometimes it gets on my nerves.
  11. a few minutes and 21m later I got the base items needed to create the gear with the exception of the one for the torso. I'll get more keys from unfinished quests, thank you very much.
  12. 0 posts seems legit I'm curious, does this break any runescape rules?
  13. so I just got 92 prayer... still last for about 2 kills until I run out of food... am I doing something wrong or is soulsplit overrated?
  14. Would an armadyl battlestaff work welll?
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