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  1. Unlike Willy... Iam your #1 NON-GAY Fan!!!!!

  2. Was a fun war none-the-less...and remember it's just a game..you win some you lose some..its nothing serious..good luck in all of your future wars LGZ <3: Great job DF :thumbsup:
  3. AMGGGG GREAT FUN FIGHT =D thx for the fight gladz, Respect <333 <3:
  4. Died twice =o first time ran into a loading screen and got k0ed, second time, purposely died, my corr helm and shield died =p Was a great fun fight =] thx, looking forward to fighting u guys again. :thumbsup:
  5. Fix the title if you can please =] and it was an exciting fight, tanked all my food besides 2 pizza's then went from 566 hp to 0 in 1 hit (ouch) =s Great job, nice fight. :thumbsup:
  6. Grats bk. Downfall did good, we win some we lose some.
  7. Look, what you've said is along the lines of clever...but what we were told was corr and dung were off - we even had to persuade some members not bring their g2h....so sorry if we annoyed you by not rming but when we turned up with our scimms and rune and we were met with corrupt and gravite most of us just left straight away.... it's also very hypocritical to tell DV to 'keep your members under control' when many of your members were flaming us before and after the 'war'....Amatuer, Hitman + Jack atack to name a few.... Anyway GF (?) IP Once again looks like your leaders need to get things right, because if certain things we'rent decided by either clan, its always been noted for 'on' and you had enough flamers as well. It was a minor confusion and we offered to rm, but like I said and like you did---DV Bailed---you guys were perfectly ok after the war for a rm, and then we went to bh to rebank and bank all of our corr and dungeoning items, then you show up and declare auto win and no rm. Learn the facts then u can debate love. <3: ~Jos~
  8. Before there is anymore flame among the debate if corr/dung/ect.. was on or off... If they arent discussed in the rules, they're 'considered' on, thats how its always been... We offered a rm .. and you guys declined at BH and mass logged (always knew you were good at that) 1 more thing, keep your members under control...a guy named 'toxic up' or something kept going along the lines of 'they won because we cheated' lawlzcopters. Then again I give him props for not logging with the majority of his clan. :rolleyes: Was a fun war, for how long it lasted. (5 minutes). Didn't expect a low pull from DV though, and next time read the rules and understand cwa warring guidelines before future warring. Sorry, not trying to flame, but dont really appreciate being called a cheater, when we did absolutely nothing wrong, and even when we did agree to rm you with 100% your rules (No corr/snipers/dung) you bailed. So no DV members should be declaring their 'auto-win' because from the looks of it, you were the one cowaring behind your pathetic excuses...Fun fight. :huh: ~Jos~
  9. lmfao "6 HP DRAGGGG - x j0s x has died - k0ed by 3 ops of ranger" lawl =D was a great fun fight Respect to Exodus for staying the whole fight <3 :thumbsup:
  10. 48 Man Memberlist vs a 37 Man Memberlist, dont know how u got 'twice' the size, difference of 11 ppl ;D was a great fight, gl on your future fights ko! :thumbsup:
  11. Hey Jos. I loved your speeched. <3

  12. was a fun fight, thx for the war TDD :thumbsup:
  13. Great war =D almost died at the end again but time ran out when I was @ 664 life points, in return for my thanks, gave my target (ShoobooSeven) a 30k trick, thx again for the war Envy! =D :thumbsup:
  14. first kthxbai ;) lawl =o Fun war ;D 0k 0a 0d Besides the DF-RUNE-WILL problem..it was a clean fight. Thx eternity :thumbsup:
  15. Great fun. Was also a great chance for me to try out the new Blast necklace from dungeoneering, its ok =] Thx for the fight pf! :thumbsup:
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