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  1. Much appreciated. If you could choose, what MBTI result would you pick as your favorite? Ciao
  2. Eh, only sometimes. I like to look at all sides of a story, and try to get all the facts before I go and make a decision. As far as being an "E" the best way I heard it described is: "Someone who's batteries get recharged by being in a crowd, party, or just hanging out with people." Now, for an "I" it's usually: "Someone who needs some quiet time alone, maybe with some music or a book to recharge their batteries." I had a counselor at Spark the Wave who was an "E" but you would NEVER guess it. One of the other staff mentioned that he usually spends about half an hour or so each night just sitting with his iPod and reading. Ciao
  3. I'll assume those questions are directed at me, so I'll try to answer them. Intuitive imagination... Not 100% sure what you mean by such, but when I'm just letting my mind wander, I tend to build stories. Sometimes these are completely constructed by me. Sometimes they're things I imagine might happen in stories I've read, after the books have ended. If I'm teaching you something and you just can't seem to grasp it? I'd try a few different methods, and if none of them worked, I'd teach downward. This mean, instead of just say "Add 5 eight times for "Five times 8"" I would go something more like, "Ok, take "5" and then add "5" more. Now you've multiplied "5" by "2" because you added it twice. Now add "5" again..." etc... If that didn't work, I'd probably go ahead and just keep trying at other methods. Ciao
  4. With me, "E" and "I" as well as "F" and "T" are pretty balanced as well. Most people who meet me in real life would never believe I'm an "I" and usually I tend to be rather balanced in emotion and judgment. Ciao
  5. I'm an INFP. Well, I didn't do the test in the site, but a Youth Leadership camp I went to (Spark the Wave, Villanova University) had everyone do the Meyers Brigg Test Indicator, and that's what I got. (Heh, I haven't even read the first post, I was redirected here by EarthySun's Signature link.) Ciao
  6. My apologies for not reading all the posts, but there's nine pages of them, so if I say something already said, just roll your eyes at me. The way I see it, Wikileaks should be allowed to operate in the states without harassment. There's this silly little thing called the "First Amendment" that should sort of protect them. As long as they remove any nformation that might compromise an espionage or military operation, I see no reason that the public cannot see what their government has in those cabinets. If the information won't cause deaths to people, and as I understand it Wikileaks avoids releasing information as such, then where is the problem occurring? I find the fact that the government(s) hide this information scary. They obviously have no trust in their citizens that I can see. You can't be trying to bring about peace, and prepare for war at the same time. It just doesn't work that way. There's many issues that overlap with this one, but I don't feel like writing a novel for you. My thoughts, yes, Wikileaks is in the right, and any information released by them is something the government should have released first. Ciao Yeah, I'm that annoying guy who posted "Ciao" after all his posts before, and I'm lurking a bit now.
  7. Well, it could end up being some good money makers for F2P. Good money makers, yes... Maybe... But his motives are greedy, and despicable... I do not want an update like that added, when the reasons are as such... Besides, with the number of F2P people that would eventually be doing these for money, the prices of all of these items would plummet, pretty much breaking the game. 99 prayer would mean nothing, and other skills using these items would be looked at in the same was as Fletching and Cooking. Ciao
  8. Thank you. I figured it applied to me. :p

  9. finds this whole forum board to be rather different than previous ones he's used.

  10. Number 8 is just pathetic... You want to make it so that F2P can do YOUR collecting, so that YOU don't have to pay as much for YOUR items? Hell no. If F2P can't use them, then don't let them get a hold of them... Now, if F2P could use them, I would not complain, but if it just so that P2P can get their items for lower prices, then no way. That's just being greedy. Some of the others seem to be pretty good though. I support 1, 7, 9, 12, 14. Ciao
  11. Simple, elegant, and doesn't break the game. Support. Ciao
  12. Probably her avatar and the fiesty debating style she has. Its a bit...fwoar! Ok, that made me laugh so hard that my mom thought I was having a heart attack... Still though, no one thought that they were making the Achievement diaries to easy when those are broken into levels... Did they? Erm........*cough* thank you.......I think, and Jrhairychest, you call me feisty?????? Lol :blink: I have to say your comparison with achievement diaries is irrelevant, they are entirely separate. Achievement diaries are clearly set out in stages of easy, medium and hard tasks (and 'elite') and only one provides a cape., they are a different way of enjoying the game. The quest cape is a single overall achievement, the same as a 99 skill cape, although with the new quest I am wary of even that comparison lol. As for your point about it taking 6 months to prepare, thats great! It would be dreadful to max out on all skills and achievements within 6 months of playing rs, now there is an opportunity for higher level players to have something new and novel to achieve. All of rs is designed so every player can play in the way that best suits them, this means that some may choose to never go for quests, as you have chosen. It appears that as soon as something comes out that is hard or takes a long time to achieve people complain, because they want it and want it now.......do I sense toys being thrown out of a pram here? Allow something for other players and stop asking for everything to be easy, or breaking down the quality of something. The quest cape is gradually being seen as one of the biggest chievements for a player and if poeple want to show off, thats fine...it is only a game, showing off is allowed :thumbsup: Having 'sub-category' quest capes would not work and is a backward step, players would only ever admire the final cape, there are skill capes if people really want a cape and don't have the levels or confidence to get the quest cape. This isn't really about the Achievement Diaries, I just used that as an example. Also, for the record, I am not for having the game get "Easier" or anything... There's private servers for that kind of thing. -.- Honestly, I just can't help but remember when I was a poor little noob (Ok, when I was more of a poor little noob) and I thought that wearing Mithril was a great thing... Now we have so many other updates, and the game is becoming "Fuller" and I just think that minor achievements are not a bad idea. Honestly, would it make a huge difference in the game? No... We'd be adding a few new items, and making it so that there is the possibility for expansion into that area. Would it hurt the players with the Quest Cape? No, because they would still have it. Quests are broken into different tiers for no obvious reason. I mean, I know level 3s that can do some of these "Intermediate" quests without breaking a sweat. There have been level 3 members who have done Dragon Slayer! These are mostly minor achievements though. Now, if the system that is ALREADY IN PLACE was used more heavily, then that can only be a good thing, the way I see it. Still open for any other points of view. Ciao
  13. Even using Lunar spells? O_o That seems rather dumb. Ciao
  14. It's not favoritism if it is a majority vote, is it? This would not be the choice of the staff, unless a staff member has been voted into this group. Why? I mean, if this is something that you have to prove yourself as, and then it is voted on where no one but people that have already been accepted, what would you complain about? Also, just make it so that you cannot ask to become a Trusted Member, and if you do, you lose all chance. Asking HOW to become one is different, obviously. Also, perhaps there would be certain chances, like if it's obviously a new member, and the staff member honestly thinks that they don't know that by asking to become one, you get blacklisted, then perhaps that will be their one get out of jail free card, regarding that. Make it so that this is a position of prestige! Look for people who are mature, and helpful, and really know their Runescape stuff (This is a Runescape site, after all) and let that be the baseline of their rank. IF they abuse it, they're out faster than you can say "STEEEERIKKKEEEE THREEEEEE!!!!" and they don't get another chance. [hide] Random_Person1: Someone else got to be Trusted Member and I'm not... Make me one or I'll leave!!! Staff_Member: Sorry, but the people who are made into Trusted Members are voted on, and to become one you have to show certain qualities, such as maturity, Runescape knowledge, and general helpfulness. By sending this PM, you obviously don;t have the first or the third. Quit if you want, but please remember that I don't control who is a Trusted Member or who is not. Random_Person1: Then who do I have to ask to be one? Staff_Member: If you ask to become a Trusted Member, then you will automatically be stripped of all chances of becoming one... [/hide] How does that look? Seems alright to me... Ciao Even if the user would take it so calmly as that during discussing it with the mod/admin, when the staff member tells them that last bit that's the point at which the user would explode. And anyway, this violates the principle that Tip.it is moderated with principles. This goes way into the specific rules and loopholes territory. Well, then the principles of this group are that it is for people who have proven themselves mature, and thoughtful. Name it "Mature Members" if you want, as proof. And if someone is asking to get added to this group, then they're obviously not mature enough to be in it anyways. Obviously staff would have access to this group's forums, because no matter how mature someone is, there's always the chance that they'll change, and need some true moderating. This would also be something that would be asked, not ordered. Just like staff (I presume) are asked to be accepted, before the official announcement, these people would have the option to turn it down at any time. Make this a group that people want to be in, because other people look up to, as mentors, and guides. Let these people be the true representatives of what a true member of Tip It will act like. Make these people the example, and give them a feeling of pride, in their position. Let them know that they're an example, and that they are the ones who have to show the other members a good idea of being kind, and warm. Let them be the people that guests see posting, and think "Hey, that guy's really cool.. I wanna meet him, and ask him some questions." and have them join as well. Let them be the people that everybody thinks of with a smile, and a warm fuzzy feeling. (Not me, obviously!) That's just what I think... Ciao
  15. Probably her avatar and the fiesty debating style she has. Its a bit...fwoar! Ok, that made me laugh so hard that my mom thought I was having a heart attack... Still though, no one thought that they were making the Achievement diaries to easy when those are broken into levels... Did they?
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