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  1. What skill were you doing? Mining pure essence What is your level in that skill? 94 How long before your 1st/2nd rock? 80 exp to first rock, a further 1600 exp to second (broken by 5 teleports and a strange sapling/ evil tree and cutting the reward) How much xp (or other rewards) did you receive for creating a statue? 8748 (Edit, sorry, I'll try to learn to crop in paint :S)
  2. OK, I'm stupid! I have just got 2 rocks that look identical from chopping ivy.... how do I join them together and get them on this plinth? [Edit: Nvm.... just use one of the rocks on the plinth....]
  3. Sorry, but this made me lol irl! Poor Jagex! They can't do anything without all of us screaming "new skill"..... Back OT, this probably does point to an integration of new friends management servers... But I can't wait to learn all the other things we'll be chatting about :)
  4. That just happens when you press "tab" when nobody has sent you a message while you have been online. Sorry to burst your bubble :P ty ty :) The suggestion of offline messaging is always met with the monumental task of delivering such a system (which I appreciate) so I figured it was more likely something I did. Just serendipitous timing. lol :)
  5. I certainly think it will involve an update to friends/ cc lists and management as, has been pointed out previously, Jagex said they were working on it. Further to that, I had a curious message in my chat window yesterday: "You do not have any messages to which you need to reply." Could we be getting a form of offline messaging?! Please forgive my speculation if you know what I did to get that message and tell me so I can reproduce it. :)
  6. And this is where my interest lies... Does Jagex want to focus on players with fast "gaming" reflexes or do they support dedication? Does anyone remember the Nintendo "Game and Watch" series of hand-held consoles released in the early 80's? My parents wouldn't buy me one any more than they would buy me a full Nintendo console! lol My pre-teen gaming experience was limited to "you can have just-one-go in the lunch hour because you don't have a console to trade...." My teenage years saw me play the highly-challenging game of Termite on a Microbee Series3? During my university years I discovered puzzle-solving PC games such as 7th Guest and Myst. Never, during those years, did I develop the "gaming" skills that video games provide and thus, as an adult find myself totally unable to acquire: 1) A quest cape. I just can't do Summer's End. 2) A fire cape. If I can't do Summer's End, what hope do I have in the Fight Cave?! lol 3) Karamja gloves(3). If I can't do the Caves, how on earth can I win a pvp pit?! I am resigned to the idea that the game of Runescape, with its high end content isn't quite the click-and-it-happens experience that I thought I signed up for as a noob.... I can and still will (with far too much dedication! lol) achieve much in the game, but there will always be some things that are out of my reach as I am not the wholistic player that Jagex is rewarding with the highest content. What I do wonder though, is what demographic are Jagex pitching their future content to? The point-and-click, non-video-gaming type such as myself? Or players who are as adept on their modern video consoles as they are in a mmorpg? Do I still have something to look forward to with the gaming experience I signed up for? Or must I experience frustration and not-enjoyment as I learn to play in a new style?
  7. ok pls lock. Sorry, I thought the idea was to search for when the idea of "bank interest" had been discussed before and not post a new one.
  8. I have bumped a topic that pre-dates my involvement in the game by 2 years.... a topic that would have pre-dated the removal of the wildy and the introduction on the g.e. I was not interested in the examine texts of posters on walls of banks... which, in idle moments I have read and laughed at...... My concern relates to the current inflation in game..... the current rants about merch clans..... and Jagex' current commitment to do something about it. Would a nominal (very nominal, as we experience in real life) interest rate, linked to the g.e. index curb some of the rampant inflation that has occurred over the last 6 months or so? Pawclaw, I work for every gp in my account, usually in the most skill-intensive/gp--stripping way possible. lol I then go on to level in the gp-stripping skills.... I do appreciate that drops enter and something must take that out. Edit: And JoeDaStud, I have bumped the topic because I think a nominal interest rate may be a current fix, and I searched for a topic that might have been discussed before. Please, forget the posters in banks.... I am concerned about the current inflation and how that could be addressed in a way that benefits astute investors and skillers alike.]
  9. bump! Would a mod please somehow make this tie in with the current rants about merching clans? What I want to say is that I really don't understand how everything seems to have shot up *since* the start of the Northern Hemisphere school year.... In the last Q&A Jagex acknowlege that inflation is out of control. From my perspective, (and I am a self-reliant noob), I want double the cost of "that better item" in my bank gp before I buy it...... But inflation has ripped far beyond that point for the last several months! Was there an event in game that triggered a global price rise? Is it merch clans (the price of chaos tallies I just deal with.... :S) Would a very nominal interest rate against the gp a player is saving in their bank account curb some of the greed displayed by the junior members of merch clans? [The edit!:: [i have felt severely impacted by inflation for several months. My "base rate" is the cost of nature runes as I high alch much of what I make. I saw the cost of nature runes rising in parallel with items like whips, steel platebodies, saradomin swords, dragon chainbodies, random items picked from the scroll bar at the top of the community/ge screen. As an adult who is impacted by federal reserve interest rates and inflation figures every day, I have been more and more convinced that a careful "Reserve Bank" decision by Jagex could do much to stabilise the economy, while still allowing astute investors to speculate.]
  10. Keep your eyes peeled near mines and banks for a circle of white dots..... it looks odd on your minimap. You can often gather your 200 stardust from the crashed star and reap some (to my eyes) nice rewards. :) Back on topic, I'm looking forward to this D&D. It sounds like it's nicely balanced to give a bit of a boost without devaluing too much the effort that so many high level summoners have already put in.
  11. False. I haven't been watching them either. TPUM can ski
  12. :P Here be one on-lunch-break high level f2p noob.... My mems has run out temporarily and my bank is stuffed so I only took stuff I have doubles of. In about 7 mins of attacking with a rune longsword (I'm a longsword girl) with power ammy, safety gloves, fancy boots and a wildy cloak I was down about 9 hp. I put on rune platebody, rune full and green d'hide chaps for another 7 or 8 mins and finished down 4 hp. I feel I could stay there until my patience ran out. My defence is much higher than most people my combat level though.
  13. I'm a new runescaper and indeed, online gamer. I've only been playing MMOs for 2 years. However, I'm of an older generation in age than the majority of the players. I look at the way players around me interact (both on free and members), and compare those interactions to the real life interactions I see among the 16, 13 and 10 year olds in my household and their peers. These kids can be truly horrible to each other, not jut their siblings but within their groups of friends! Each of them is acquiring (to my eyes) an unhealthy disrespect of any form of authority or communal values. I have been told, to my face in real life, "I refuse to give someone respect just because they are an adult. Adults can't say they know what is good for me." They do not accept the idea of compromise for the common good in a personal or societal setting. Online, where the screen removes the immediacy of the communication and depersonalises it, the problems can only be magnified as was discussed in this week's tip.it Times. I have come to the conclusion that the younger players in game assume that because their avatar looks like that, that every other avatar represents a person just like themselves. As I receive the sort of disrespect you describe, I tell myself to put it into that context. On the subject of charity though, I too, like to pass on the kind of charity that I have received in game. Good friends have given me some gifts that seemed pricelessly out of my reach, complete strangers have given me a leg up with a gift of what they perceive to be junk which has put welcome gp in a junior's account. In each and every case, I have been genuinely grateful and I'm sure my benefactor felt good about themselves as a result. Is making another human being feel good such a difficult and unnatural thing to do? To receive thanks isn't the reason I give of my time, experience or junk-in-my-bank though; I want to pass on the help and community spirit that I have enjoyed so much and indirectly honour my benefactors and mentors.
  14. Ayisha

    Quest cape.

    You need the wishlist for Rag and Bone Man completed as there is one quest point associated with that You do not need to do the Fur and Seek wishlist as that one doesn't give a quest point. Good luck. I really enjoyed Rocking Out (thank you tip.it! :D ) and Within the Light. Hope you do to. And congrats on finishing WGS! :D
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