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  1. I love you right now lol. I looked for this for so long.
  2. Busterlin wasn't in the actual war, that pic was taken before he left. Gf Akel. What were the rules again?
  3. Hmm, anyone remember "boinging"? lol I think thats what it was called anyway.
  4. So let me get this straight, there was a miscommunication in the rules, you were declared the winners by default.. your post ends there, yet after that the two clans DID fight although it was just a fun war, and Legendz lost.. MoD had what, 32 ending? Nice of you to leave that out, if your going to post a story, post the WHOLE story not just what suits your needs. I think if the rules were clearly understood and the war went off without a hitch, the winner is clearly evident.
  5. In canifis theres a girl named svetlana, also the name of a girl on mtv's real world I think, and when you examine it says "seems like a drama queen" which she was lol.
  6. Hmmm.. I like it, but looks a tad bit cartoonish.. otherwise looks great :D
  7. Completely agree with Fook-A-Ji, forums are hard to get back up when they go down, I've helped my clan get forums back up and running esp after a crash or something that was unexpected, that still took days and our forums are much smaller than these, I have to applaud the crew for getting them back up and updated as quickly as they did. This version of phpBB is much better than previous ones, the advantages certainly outweigh anything aesthetically wrong with them, and that can be fixed with skins anyway.
  8. New skins will definitely make the upgrade worth it.
  9. In the items needed it says Wizard Mind Bomb, but this isn't used during the quest and it doesn't list Goutweed, perhaps they were mixed up?
  10. This really makes me wonder if JAGeX actually knows how people play their game lol.
  11. I'm sure if you ask some people who have played from classic, they would say we aren't even playing "runescape" anymore lol. I'll stick with rs2 though, since there was no formal release of anything. :-X
  12. All in classic: Bought and sold red phat for 700k, dropped santas at my clan's drop party to save some bank space, sold about 20 masks of different colors for about 40kea...
  13. So if a level 300 monster dropped a new gem, it would be better? lol
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