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  1. 1)Conditions21 - HES AZN, but seriously he makes epic transitions 2)Soulja Melle - funny guy 3)Lovelost - He rages but still makes could calls 4)king yufei - more understandble like what ever he says its clear 5)xsecretlead - makes epic transitions and funny 6)true 2k8 - beast
  2. 1st tanked all the kills then they got off me
  3. What Is The Best Clan Name You've Seen? ○ Corruption ○ The Titans ○ Dark Slayers ○ Gladiatorz ○ Damage Inc ○ Divine Forces ○ Tempted Killers ○ True 0wnage ○ Blacknights Worst Name? ○ The Neggas Clan Funniest? ○ Team AssCock ○ Pink Invasion ○ The Neggas Clan Most Intimidating To Do Battle With? ○ Reign of Terror ○ Violent Resolution ○ Echo of Silence
  4. R.I.P Tk amazing clan havnt lost a pkri yet ='] tk will be forever missed ~Jess
  5. foe is a pure clan but i know foe will mass 100 so tbh mets will prob mass 40 >.>
  6. Gratz Dv :thumbup: nice to see you war again :smile:
  7. first good job tk :D edit:damn i missed it :[o well we owned dem tho :P
  8. we owned them thx for the war aw
  9. that sucked it wasnt a full out ur lvls were high well good fight
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