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  1. I got 2x small xp lamps. In my options though there was an interesting item called the "Swag Bag" with the description "Holds thief's loot" I believe.
  2. Minerman64 comes on every now and then, but definitely doesn't play as seriously as he used to. He was third to get 99 slayer back in the day, but like most real life has intervened. Thanks for bringing up that list though ^^ Brings back memories :)
  3. 90 - 97 Herblore and 93 - 94 summoning, heap of runecrafting and farming xp as well but gained no lvls in either of them...
  4. Ah okay, that's not so useful then, but I suppose may as well keep spending the extra resources if you have them :P
  5. Got our citadel's mine now, here's the picture :) What does the different tiers of resources do though? I can't work out what our tier 2 tree does over the tier 1 tree.
  6. I would hate it if they change it so that everyone can simply get to tier 7 though. Clans will complain, but it will force clans to be more then 5 members, which imo isn't really a clan, and for those clans that actually aren't complaining but putting in the effort to upgrade their tiers will be able to show to others what they've achieved and that their clan holds a strong unity amongst its members. You have a whole week to get your resource limit, it took me less then 2 hours after release to get the 1k woodcutting done. I'm sure that over a period of a week, everyone can get their 2 hours of woodcutting done, it's only really grinding if you sit there for the 2 hours, but if you organise your time so that say you do 200 per day, it won't feel so bad. What we don't need is another thing that everyone can obtain and then get sick of it once they've completed it since they don't have anyone else to impress who hasn't already achieved it. Not all clans will get to tier 7 by week 7, not even the clans with the 200+ members, because they'll find that most of their members are just there to be apart of the higher ranking clans or to receive the benefits without actually doing anything. Pretty over everything jumping so quickly to hate on updates when they either haven't even really looked into everything you can do, or they can't achieve everything that's available from the update straight away. Whilst I'm typing I might as well add here that f2p members don't get all the updates that members do, because they aren't paying... Don't know if anyone on this thread has brought that up, but the amount of posts on the rsof's about f2p members not receiving benefits when they already have so much content is astounding to me. Anyway enough typing from me, that's my input... <_<
  7. Just curious as to if it is a "sin" to create Java GUI's with Netbean's IDE, I've programmed Java GUI's from scratch before, but with how simplistic and quick it is to create a GUI with this sort of tool I was wondering is this used in the industry much, or not at all?
  8. Started playing it back in 2001 and I know how long it takes to feel you have completed an MMORPG, so I really don't feel like going through the entire process again to get a satisfactory character. So instead I continue to level my one main character to give me time for other things in my life =)
  9. Okay thanks, yeah I kinda thought AVG wasn't doing me too good after a while of detecting nothing at all, I doubt I'm dodging virus's completely and so it'll be good to change quickly to something else before it is too late. Anyway I'll look into the options you have given me, thanks again =)
  10. First project is to make a java application that retrieves data from a client, details about animals and feed etc then stores it into a database. The second page on this will have graphs and whatnot to show all the current data in a more meaningful manner for decision making purposes. Just a uni project to learn more about java and to start up learning about databases. The other project I have for a different unit at uni is to make a site for a pretend council that uses servlets, cookies etc to create a dynamic council site. Pretty fun, I enjoy making websites as I get confused with writing between the different OO languages that I've learnt.
  11. I'm currently running AVG which I use to scan every morning for virus's, I don't get any but I wasn't sure if AVG was very good to stick with nowadays and might it be missing any that a better program wouldn't. I don't need the excess stuff that you might get with Norton home edition or whatever it's called (My friend said it's preferable if you use the business version as it doesn't get any of the excess features that just take up space and aren't so much a necessity). Anyway pretty basic question, what should I look into getting as my current Antivirus program? (Sorry if this has already been asked, went through the 1st pages topics and it wasn't listed, nor was it stickied).
  12. Probably first person I looked up to way back in the day Bluerose13x. Zezima would be there as well. As for rs players about nowadays Zarfot coz he's layed back and very intelligent, as well as my rs friend Minerman64 who was 3rd to 99 Slayer, just to add someone that I actually know to the list.
  13. Just planted all the trees, then replants yews which got me to 80 farming. Did some herblore after that and gained a lvl for 78 herblore, then finally went the rest of the time hunting red chins whilst fletching when not hunting them. Down to 1.3x but got from 80 - 83 nearly 84 hunter and from 73 - 75 fletching, I'll get the 85 hunter tomorrow and that will be my weekend xping done I think.
  14. I got Beast Mode just before, pretty annoyed I didn't save a picture of it now. It was one of the Mods game styles and was about gathering all the resources in your path pretty much.
  15. Congratz man, totally deserved now you can wear more pretty capes ^_^
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