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  1. You can't change what scroll is selected while voyages are out so that might not work. I thought you could before, but its been so long I don't remember. I can't get the trader to show trade screen either.
  2. So what is the fastest way to get renown currently? Also are there things I can vote for that would make gathering renown in the future easier?
  3. Before i got Tokkul-Zo I used slayer ring to Rellekka slayer caves which is right by a fairy ring.
  4. They also said they can't have capes in Daemonheim because the armor was designed with not having capes in mind and so would cause massive clipping.
  5. Played the combined beta. I was getting fairly consistent 25 FPS and then i put everything to max and averaged 10 FPS. Having the draw distance low helps loading be much faster and most of the time it could keep up with me running, though on highest I would occasionally freeze and have to wait. There is a big tile glitch around CW, I tried to go up on the wall and ended up running through the ground under the bridge and bank chest and on the river. I noticed since about 2 weeks ago when i played the beta last the minimap handles being huge much better. It was annoying that the sound didn't turn off despite me muting it in audio settings.
  6. I agree and bet most of the rs community would agree. Tipit just has so many high-levels (which I would include myself in) that many barely remember training skills before 90. Sidenote: What happened to the XP-boost changing from last month? I don't remember actually seeing anything.
  7. "HTML5 also features more customization for players, who can still create their own avatar but now build and customize their own house, move around the camera angle as they play and become an active participant in the game’s storyline." I'm guessing this is just a journalist not understanding that we can already do that rather than hinting at a future update.
  8. Servers are up, though takes a while to load. Too laggy to really do much, but I took an exploratory walk. Try teleporting somewhere and running faster than the buildings load. Guess I won't say anything more.
  9. I think they should make 2H take up 2 bind slots and then add another bind slot. Unfortunately it looks like the charm collector will force me to actually Dung rather than level it purely from free xp.
  10. Anyone know what is on the monitor in the background at 3:02?
  11. Misclick on Guthixian Butterfly lol. Congrats to him.
  12. I built 4 telescopes and still don't have scroll missions most days. :mad:
  13. Is everyone just ignoring this statement? It's ridiculous to say that it will have no impact on the main game. Every meeting their upper management has with the team for 2007 RS is time taken away from focusing on the main game. I really hope this doesn't go through.
  14. This morning I was able to log on for a bit after 5 'account still logged on' attempts, however now I'm back to not being able to log on.
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