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  1. You're fired from "The Ministry of Magic" for actually making sense... And speaking of assassinate...*You hear a hidden blade...and feel it...in your neck* :ph34r:
  2. You...how could you....."The Irregular at Magic High School" :notalk: Let's see... MPH :twss:
  3. Granted, but now you can't clear your mind... oops. :P I wish something hilarious would happen.
  4. ugh...wish I could say no, but WAZZZZZZZZA!! ...is arceus here? :)
  5. Showing up in Lumbridge afrer dieing in deep wildy makes no sense. :)
  6. Granted...but now you can't stop solving math problems. I wish I could have Christmas on Christmas Day without any problems resulting from it whatsoever.
  7. 24927 It's elementary my dear Watson.
  8. I see you! Have fun! =P

    1. Falzar


      I'VE BEEN SPOTTED! *Falzar used 'The One Ring'...It was super effective!*

  9. The Squirtle Squad! 8-) "Go to hell, Carolina!" ~Falzar~ (P.S. I DONT WANT U POSTING IN REPLY TO THIS ONE DVD, CUZ I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL POST! :ph34r:)
  10. Granted, but you become a spy and get burned by your family (on accident). I wish that you wouldn't corrupt my wish. :lol: ~Falzar~
  11. Griff in huge pain between the legs... :blink: Rune$cape ~Falzar~ (Edited due to wanting to not slaughter this thread :( )
  12. SHOTGUN, B****! :twisted: Pokemon :) ~Falzar~
  13. Back in my day, Gamesharks were awesome...oh, wait...IT STILL IS MY DAY! :lol: ~Falzar~
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