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  1. You're fired from "The Ministry of Magic" for actually making sense... And speaking of assassinate...*You hear a hidden blade...and feel it...in your neck* :ph34r:
  2. You...how could you....."The Irregular at Magic High School" :notalk: Let's see... MPH :twss:
  3. Granted, but now you can't clear your mind... oops. :P I wish something hilarious would happen.
  4. ugh...wish I could say no, but WAZZZZZZZZA!! ...is arceus here? :)
  5. Showing up in Lumbridge afrer dieing in deep wildy makes no sense. :)
  6. Granted...but now you can't stop solving math problems. I wish I could have Christmas on Christmas Day without any problems resulting from it whatsoever.
  7. 24927 It's elementary my dear Watson.
  8. The Squirtle Squad! 8-) "Go to hell, Carolina!" ~Falzar~ (P.S. I DONT WANT U POSTING IN REPLY TO THIS ONE DVD, CUZ I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL POST! :ph34r:)
  9. Granted, but you become a spy and get burned by your family (on accident). I wish that you wouldn't corrupt my wish. :lol: ~Falzar~
  10. Griff in huge pain between the legs... :blink: Rune$cape ~Falzar~ (Edited due to wanting to not slaughter this thread :( )
  11. SHOTGUN, B****! :twisted: Pokemon :) ~Falzar~
  12. Back in my day, Gamesharks were awesome...oh, wait...IT STILL IS MY DAY! :lol: ~Falzar~
  13. The last thing that will be going through your brain before you die is MY SIZE 13 BOOT! :XD: ~Falzar~
  14. Banned because you can feel... (... :XD: ...) ~Falzar~
  15. Wish Granted...but it wears off and your family ruins your meeting with who you hope to be your new boss... I wish that this wish could not be corrupted... ~Falzar~
  16. Why would we do that, when it ends we just start over again! To simulate the effect of what happens when the Ultimate Question, and the Ultimate Answer, happen to exist in the same universe, in the same singular mind, and at the same time, of course. ;) LMAO...nice answer, Devnull...LMAO........especially cuz you referenced HHGTTG....most of you will not know what this is, but most of us like to call it....."The movie where you want to bring your towel into space with you"...or maybe that's just what i call it....maybe you guyz know it as..."Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy"...LMAO... oh...and did i forget? (again for the millonth time...) 3891 ~Falzar~
  17. nope...it'll prolly go till 2k12 at this rate... 3951 now...LOL ~Falzar~ P.S. i almost thought id have to flame u thar napalm...almost didnt see ur "post count"
  18. 3976 ~Falzar~ P.S. Devnull did some nice ownage thar... :twss:
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