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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Thank you, I did :)

  3. Hope you have an AWESOME Birthday!

  4. Lol, no :D TPUM spends all his/her day behind computer.
  5. I'm learning to become prison officer, this is my dream job. Do you like to drink tea with milk? I always add some milk to my tea :3
  6. Isn't it about saying something NICE to the person who's above? Anyway.. I hope the person above me is going to have a good day :3
  7. I hold grudge in me for too long :(
  8. Another B/W one: http://www.upload.ee/files/535263/03277815f5eab.jpg.html
  9. I did, hehe, but.. as it wasn't allowed to write it in vetpass as given above - I just call him Maverick or Mack.
  10. I'm better than you because I don't give a **** about clans :#
  11. I do take supplements such as fish oil, green tea and glycose but nothing else. I train regulary, this is only to support my organism.
  12. k1tten


    I woke up, made some breakfast to my boyfriend, then I woke him up and after he was done with his meal I sent him to work. Then I did nothing except registering to this forums because I felt sick.
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