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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. =D killer killer killer killer killer :D


  4. TDS is awesome for money, you do not actually have to get a dry run, why not try your luck at doing 10 runs of TDS, you would be guaranteed to make 70m+ a week doing TDS :)
  5. Always hanging out in w84 Living Rock Caverns..Add me in Runescape...Zebest605 :)

  6. Add me on Runescape. :)

    I am usually found on world 84 in the Living Rock Caverns :)

    If you see me, do stop to say hi :)

  7. Since then, people have been buying out santa hats, making them rise in rarity. This rarity has made the price shoot up, which is generally normal. Although they first rose when the Santa suit from the Christmas event a couple of years back came out, Since then Santa hats have rose steadily. I don't think i would hope to invest in a lower price of the current price, as it is unlikely that it would drop to your expectation. But, don't lose hopes though, as before christmas it usually drops, then shoots up in November and December. :)
  8. Prices fluxuates with every item that is being sold or bought out, and it all depends what price people are buying them at. I looked at the prices, and it seems normal that the prices have indeed changed. You could be right, as the coal bags could have had an affect, but not that much to affect a total price change. They will be back to normal in about a week or two.
  9. graardor to say the least, but an alternative to that boss, would be JAD
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I am getting 90 fish today though, and I am going to do rocktails for cash at first, but i made do some other methods exp wise in the future. :) :blink:
  11. Clan Name: Malfunction 114 A link to your clan's banner: http://i333.photobucket.com/albums/m371/warfare52/banner-1.jpg A link to your clan's website/forums: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Malfunction/ A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=mal114 List of your clan leaders: Shane Zs, Zebest605, Rival, Timo XP Your Clan Intials: - Mal114 - Your Clan's Main Focus: Tormented Demons, GWD, All other activities and events, Skilling
  12. Bonecrusher would be worth it, if bones were more exp. In my opinion, It would be a waste to spend all your tokens on a bonecrusher, basically it only saves a few hundred clicks. You would be better saving up for a chaotic weapon or other reward. :blink:
  13. Currently 89 fish, but i don't know if i should do cavefish from 90 - 99, or go on to rocktail. Money Money does not hugely concern, but i would like to make a fair bit. I'm more concerned in the exp side of it. Cavefish = 300xp p/hr Rocktail = 380xp p/hr Is this better than fly fishing in Shilo, or is Fly fishing better than the Living Rock Caverns?
  14. At level 35 dungeoneering, various methods can be applied to the options you have at your level. You could try soloing, but personally, this is slow exp per hour. As said in the previous post, it is much better if you gather up a team to rush a medium to large map. If your finding it difficult gathering up a team, you could try using the forums appropriate for your level. If all else fails, tears of guthix, lamps and Penguin Points can all help towards gaining levels. But is a slow process.
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