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  1. Not sure what is worse, that, or 12 year old grammar nazis.
  2. I have to clean my bank out like once a week. I acquire a lot of random crap >.<
  3. I need to survive long enough to locate him so I can watch his feet at the least.
  4. Yeah that seems to be what most people are saying that I just have to keep trying til I get a better spawn location. Thanks much.
  5. So I decided to try and get a fire cape since I'm on vaccay. The waves, easy as pie, then I get to Jad. I have hearing problems and can't distinguish sounds very well even with the volume on high, anyway, I was all like ok I will just walk over so I can see what he's up to... Does not work that way lol, he is ninja. I watched like 20 hours of videos and read tutorials. They say protect range first, I do that he uses mage, I can't live long enough to find him to watch his movements to switch prayers >.< The second time I tried I managed to live through the first hit. I ran in his general direction thanks to auto. I move the camera around, thinking heck yes son I got this now and as the edge of his foot comes into view, my pointer ready on the prayers, I'm dead >.< So I hate him and his whole family!!!! Any advice from someone who is hard of hearing/deaf or didn't have/use sound for fight caves... I'd appreciate it. As much as I'd love to hook my computer up to surround sound with the volume maxed...thats not going to happen.
  6. Oh I love collecting things. I don't buy them or anything, people give them to me or I find them, and so on, I just don't sell them. 25421 of 100k acorns, and 32901 of 100k rune javs.
  7. Unicorn Stallion and a Dwarf Cannon Venegence... you'll never wanna play punch bug with me again.
  8. I collect acorns. I'd totally buy out the acorn market.
  9. satya1avesta

    Smokin Mils

    This too shall pass.
  10. Who ever referred to the 90's as oldies... -flips you off- If I'm in combat usually heavy metalish, pantera, slayer, cradle of filth, children of bodom, Gwar, you get the point. Skilling usually R.E.M., Radio Head, something more laid back.
  11. My pm stays completely off 99.9% of the time. I prefer talking in clan chat.
  12. You could also just wear a...... *trumpets* dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn HP CAPE! All my capes are combat, I have no skills, is what I meant.
  13. satya1avesta


    I just finished those. I hate them so much I should really block them, but I always forget til its too late.
  14. The same thing happens to my lower level clan mates on occasion. We solve this by sending in most of the captains and generals to form a mass kalphite worker killing spree complete with dwarf cannons. They hop, we leave. Why? Because no one messes with the Funk, and we are extremely territorial of our home world. And because it humors me, which is probably the main reason we do it.
  15. Get over it. :P Ignore him or something. Yes, every reply will start with get over it. Thank you! I now have a better understanding of life. <3
  16. I killed a guy in pvp, his last word was "noob". He runs back to kill me, I kill him again. He calls me a "Nerd". Help! What should I do???
  17. When I need something I make it, catch it, whatever. Unless he/she is wanting hides for craft, or melee xp, I can see slightly where you are coming from.
  18. When I was a newb, I thoroughly lived it up and acted my part.
  19. When I see certain combat levels with a trimmed strength cape, I always ask "cook or fletch?" More times then not its either or both. I'm a combat n00b myself so I get mine too for not having a 99 skill, oh and having failed mage. In this game there is always someone, somewhere, who thinks he/she is better than you. I am just as guilty at times in the midst of frustration.
  20. Enjoy the right to be immature while you still can. At my age its generally not accepted. You are the definition of hipocrasy. Claiming to be mature while encouraging others to be immature. Grow up. Trust me I am in no way mature, as in my personality, nor do I claim to be something I'm not. Besides we have to stay on topic :[] as much as I enjoy a good smacking...anyway back on track here. Its amazing what the power of Dung can do; bring out the worst in people. Another reason the abbreviation should be changed ;)
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