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  1. http://runescape.wik...dicts_of_Guthix You find me a confirmed source that proves what that article says, then I'll understandable accept that I was wrong. Until then, I have no reason to discredit the article based on my 5+ years of questing and lore interests. The Edicts were always initially perceived as a barrier - but it's also possible it was a threat. And yes, Guthix could have erased Gielinor. He had the sword and the Stone of Jas at his disposal. That changed when the SoJ was stolen, but it was still available to Guthix when he went to sleep. The Guardians knew where Guthix was resting, and they could wake him up if the situation became so dire that the only option available was for Guthix to return.
  2. The Edicts were more of a "don't mess with stuff" than a "go away." There was an alarm system built in. If gods returned and tipped the balance, then the Guardians were to reawaken Guthix who would "erase" Gielinor. Although tbh it seems they've done away with the whole punishment for violating the Edicts. I can't believe someone that planned to wiped the world clear if gods interfered would let himself die, knowing it would cause gods to return. Let's all be honest. Jagex wanted to get rid of the Edicts as soon as they could. They were preventing prime content. :razz:
  3. Any time a server goes offline, it can accompany a small roll back based on when the server last received your data. This definitely wasn't on purpose nor was it a true "roll back."
  4. You mean, when they have no clue why they were muted, because you don't get evidence, so the entire point is lost in the fact that the player is confused why they were muted? Yep, that'll curb the habit! Because you don't need to know what habit it is, to curb it.
  5. Is it really ever appropriate to pass off homophobic language as "fun", even with friends? Doesn't that just encourage and reinforce discrimination and oppressive behaviour against homosexuals at a personal level? I believe it's appropriate on rare occasions - when you know everyone around you is comfortable with the joke and knows that it is a joke, nothing more. I've witness gay individuals make such gestures themselves. There's a difference between being in jest in an appropriate atmosphere and being in jest in a rude and derogatory manner. That said, even though I agree with you overall, I would say that muting for the behavior isn't going to do the most good - it's only going to serve as a way to enrage players and leave them to find other means to communicate. IRC anyone?
  6. Meaning we can swear in our PMs again? If so, is there any J Mod confirmation? Or am I misunderstanding your post? Yes - can we get a source on that? Overall: 1. A change in policy (and yes, it is a change in policy since it's never been enforced) should be communicated before it is enforced. Otherwise, people are going to be upset and the purpose of the mute in the first place will be forgotten. 2. Jagex needs to stop focusing on after-the-fact reactions and create some modern-day intervention programs. Mutes only serve to enrage most people that either a.) don't believe their mute is warranted (especially if they receive no evidence or message from Jagex) or b.) don't give a flying flip in the first place. Perhaps if they did a better job of WARNING before muting, we would see better results. How about instead of using ChatWatch just to mute, it also popped up warnings IN GAME giving the player feedback that their language is bit over the top or is likely to offend others? Maybe mute after 3 warnings or such. I believe this feedback would do far more good to curb the actions than a flat out mute. 3. We have no idea what this system actually catches. Jagex is so secretive. They just say 'trust us, we know it works.' Then when it fails, everyone knows they messed up, but of course they would never admit it (okay, maybe 2% of the time). Again, communication. Jagex acts like it's perfect so the smallest of imperfections stick out like a sore thumb, serving as a beacon for ranters and griefers to latch onto. TL;DR Jagex really needs to work on how they communicate their policies and CHANGES to players.
  7. http://services.rune...raphical-rework In the end, this probably isn't a big deal. However, I have seen countless threads lately on the RS forums asking why they were muted for no reason with no evidence and no message. These people have no idea why they've been muted, and that's a problem on Jagex's side a good portion of the time. Once again Jagex suffering in the realm of communicating what they're thinking to players. I don't like potty mouths as much as the next person, but I'm a grown person and can deal with it. I have an ignore list and a profanity filter if I want to use it. That should be plenty, bar only the MOST offensive of language. And even then, I can't see a time when private chat between longstanding friends should be moderated. If someone PMs me something I don't like, I add them to ignore. Their messages disappear. End of story.
  8. Perhaps this is just how I interpreted it, but I believe Mod Hew merely meant that the key rewards would be the only possible way to get either a dragon pickaxe or a dragon hatchet. As in, you have a chance of either/or from the same reward. I don't believe he meant that the drops would be removed from their current monsters, merely that chaos monsters don't drop hatchets and the DKs don't drop pickaxes. We'll find out next week.
  9. How much were they? I was going to get some, but the RSOF is retarded when trying to gauge prices. :). Also, do they degrade? They degrade the same as dygore - lasting 10 hours of combat. Repaired by Bob or on an Armour Stand. Dunno anything about prices personally.
  10. Ha, never thought about just how much Smithing does need an update. I'd be hesitant of connecting the levels to the items as opposed to the ores, though, as that means at level 1, you could create both the weakest dagger and the strongest dagger. I think there'd be some balancing issues there. In the end, I think it might just end up being that all the levels need lowered, with Runite occurring in the 60s. For Mining, the same drop might be best with new ores filling the gaps up to 95 again. These ores could have special purposes. Perhaps they are needed to repair armor, and you need higher ore for the better armor?
  11. Ohhhhh I was confusing the 'key' with the 'signet.' Haha, my bad. :oops:
  12. Maybe I'm totally off, but I read it as you will always get one of the signets required for the crossbow for each of the bosses you fight. In this way, you would get 1/6 of the necessary components for the crossbow per boss fight. But I might be wrong.
  13. Since that whole list thing is unusual, I'm suspicious that it's because a specific update had to be delayed. Is it possible they planned to release Divination this month, but had to postpone it? Or better yet, they still will release it, they just wanted to make it a surprise. :eek: I fear that's giving too much credit to Jagex, though.. I'm looking forward to the Ranged Slayer dungeon, but primarily for the lore-side of things. It'll be exciting to see just exactly how the Order of Ascension was/is planning to bestow godship, and if that method is being used/will be used by someone else. (Sliske :?) Woohoo level 90 Ranged weapon, but I'll probably never use it, so I'm not too worried about it. :P
  14. I respect that there are vulnerable players out there. However, there comes a time when those players need to see that the internet has scary things on it. Trying to hide that ... it's only going to lead to a worse situation later on. At least this is only a game; what happens when they move into more "important" (loosely used) things? I'd rather they experience these facets of the internet here, where there's little potential for harm, rather than the "real world" side of the internet. I'll include this tid bit here, quoted directly from the RuneScape Terms & Conditions. Jagex knows their PMods aren't a suitable guarantee of a safe gaming experience; that's why you agree when playing to use their built in functions (ignore list, report abuse) when faced with a dangerous or potentially harmful situation. Also, I'll just add that I used to be a kicking rank within one of the penguin FCs that you mentioned. At no time were we crippled due to a lack of in-game muting abilities among the chat. We took full responsibility of protecting the chat, often communicating between ourselves as ranks to make sure there was someone (if only idling) in the chat at all times. In my opinion, it is the group coordinating the service, who holds the responsibility of keeping that chat safe. If they don't, everyone is free to find another service. There is no applicable need for PMods to use that service for the purpose of serving as a moderator. If anything, their ability would usurp those serving as leaders in the chat, oftentimes causing more confusion. (I was accidentally muted by a PMod while kicking mass-spammers from a penguin chat. But that's a story for a different day. :? ) All in all, we players have the ability to protect ourselves from harmful content, and we are expected to do so (as per reading the T&Cs). There is no need for PMods, they are merely a sour convenience.
  15. The map includes the new Wizards' Tower (though not the updated Duel Arena) so it's more recent than 2011. The most recent update was by Mod Michelle in January 2012, which is still a while back. Pertinent to the map is some discussion on the RS forums between Mod Michelle and a player with a question: A good concern was raised - can the map account for Guthixians now? After all, he's died since the map was most recently updated. :P We can still use it, but it comes with a side of caution.
  16. You don't have to use it. It is there for your convenience. If you want to limit the tools available to you (in not wanting to use your ignore list), then you choose to suffer from spammers that choose to disrupt your game experience. PMods shouldn't be needed as a police force. If Jagex got their act together, refined their auto-mute system, streamlined their muting/reporting system, then the moderation side of PMods would become obsolete. But they probably wont do that, because they have PMods. But they have PMods, because they don't have an adequate muting/reporting system. It's a cycle that can only be escaped when Jagex finally puts the appropriate development time and talent to it. I do believe there is potential for the PMods, but time has only shown that Jagex is not willing to put the time and effort into the team to develop it appropriately. When I say "time has only shown," I am referring to the past 5+ years. At some point, you have to realize it's not going anywhere. I'd rather have no PMods than a PMod program that is defunct.
  17. I'd be careful with using that map to make conclusions. It was uploaded/created in 2011 per the revision history. I would expect that it might not truly represent the current status of those lands. Some of them seem a little far-fetched. I would be especially hesitant in making too many conclusions for those areas such as the desert that don't have one of the 8 factions that Jagex has decided to go with for future content.
  18. It's hard for me to provide feedback to the Player Moderators directly, when I know the fundamental problems with PMods cannot be solved by anyone other than the Jagex Moderators that manage the PMods. I see little point in providing thoughts to the desk workers when I know they'll only follow the orders of their bosses who are not listening to my concerns. At that, all of the PMods act of their own accord. Your providing feedback to them from the community may influence a few, but not the vast majority. Each of the pieces of feedback I've seen mentioned in this thread I have viewed time and time again through the RuneScape forums. If Jagex and/or the moderators will not heed the feedback left for them on the official forums of the game they "moderate," then I can't imagine this situation being any different. I try to avoid being pessimistic (it's unhealthy), but there are times when I lack sound optimism. When it comes to moderators and Jagex, I found that I am more and more often leaning to the pessimistic side. (I keep trying to type a lot more, but I can't make it say what I'm wanting to say. :P) In the end, my conclusion is this: I have little faith in giving feedback on the small things when I know there are much, much bigger problems. I respect the effort, but I also recognize the effort is futile until Jagex steps in and gets their act together. Until then, I remain optimistically pessimistic. And to add, I don't think the notion of removing Player Moderators is a far-fetched or sloppy idea. I'd rather have no PMods than PMods who even themselves don't know what their true purpose in the game is. The latter almost sounds more dangerous than some messages typed onto the screen that every player has the ability and tools to ignore.
  19. I enjoyed all of the articles, though I did think the last two articles were better than the first - but that's just me. Signature Heroes: I do think they were overhyped, projects canceled early on, and then given a much more minor role. Taking a look at the BTS video, the signature heroes will be involved in the Clue Fest in some way, though they're only shown standing in line. I think Jagex should have followed through or not made as big a deal of them as they did. RuneSpan: Nice look on the progression of the training methods. I do think that new methods of training devalue a skill cape, but likewise it is an unavoidable byproduct of updating the game and advancing it. If you make a slower method, no one is going to use it. I can accept that RuneSpan is more enjoyable and social of an activity, which in my mind can make up for any ill feelings from players that feel cheated by the easy training methods. At least others should be able to make money from regular rune crafting, if anyone so desires. A Game Worth Fighting for: I actually really agreed with this article. I have never been a fan of rioting nor canceling membership. These are angry confrontational methods and to be honest they will retaliate desperately to find a solution. I am upset with the notion of them having an agenda that we cannot ultimately control. A rigged vote does not work well for your credibility, regardless of whether you make it look community-driven. I hope eventually Jagex can understand they have damaged their appearance very much so by using distasteful methods, and my opinion is that this will be the cause of any dooms day scenario than a lack of money or investors. Reputation is important.
  20. (-cries a tear that some people don't like hunting penguins- :???: ) Overall, it is certainly better IMO than the other promotions this month.
  21. I think it was Mod GFX that gave an ominous message that seemed to imply we would be getting fingers in the update that accompanies the combat overhaul. It could be related to some boost in the future that tops your Summoning over 99. You know, like the bonfires put your Lifepoints over the max. It wouldn't necessarily have to be anything extraordinary...
  22. I'm a noob because I have played Runescape for about 8 years and only have a single 99 - Woodcutting. :P
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