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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Definately torture, just hope it's only used when it needs to be used.
  3. Very nice stakes, but lol at the mod in first pics advertising rs3 beta
  4. Damnit, wish i had known this before i descended into my mine.
  5. Magbill

    Royal Wedding

    Was planning to watch the Chaser's version, disappointing it got cancelled.
  6. Is anyone else here unable to climb ladders? Played for the first time in a couple of weeks but i'm stuck at the bottom of my mine.
  7. Good thing i used cards to buy things from psn.
  8. Just finished it. Awesome game with some awesome quotes.
  9. Ticks. (the little bugs that burrow into your skin) Adults who insist on going onto buses first so they can slow school students down. Adults who go onto buses and force school students out of their seats. I'm happy to stand for someone who actually needs a seat but sometimes it gets ridiculous. Being on the verge of a great gaming achievement only to have my computer lag and screw me up. (specifically talking about super meat boy) My maths teacher insisting that i take my textbook to school everyday when i could put it on my laptop, puts my bag past 8kg and kills my back if i miss my second bus on fridays.
  10. Got 288 using BODMAS, pretty easy stuff.
  11. Hello!

    Its my Request to Join our Newly Created Forum www.pakmembers.com & Post, Share your knowledge. We will be very thankful to you.

  12. Was watching a live feed of it before and it reminded me of disaster movies. And apparently people are stuck in trains with no light (Can't open doors because of no electricity). Good luck everyone affected.
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