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  1. It was crap at launch, it was crap after it was patched, and being free won't help with all the restrictions they have in place. The problem with SWTOR is that it is a bad MMO.
  2. The dragons were already there before the Gods came to Tyria. If you want to know more about the lore, look up WoodenPotatoes on youtube, he has an amazing channel. I'm playing on desolation.
  3. I didn't get much WvW this weekend, but did the attackers use catapults and flame rams?
  4. Starts in 6 hours-ish. I am excited, I'll bring back some pics for ya'll.
  5. You did the right thing. From Dust sucks.
  6. I'm also not implying that I pirated them. I own 4 legitimate win7 keys that I paid 0$ for. Chances are, if you already own a pc, you already own a key.
  7. SOA is riddled with plot holes. If you like the premise of SAO, try Yureka, 1/2 Prince and the .Hack series! P.S: Berserk ch. 330 out friends!
  8. When I say I have free windows 7 keys, I'm not implying that I stole them.
  9. People actually pay for those? I have like... 4 free Win7 keys.
  10. That was your first and last mistake. You don't buy prebuilt computers, ever. Your argument is PC gaming is worst because people are too stupid to buy in the right places?
  11. This was the build I used for tourney matches: http://gw2skills.net/editor/en/?fIQQNAseUjgOxutQGPMxBA0Drw6qzjkWaKVB6A;TsAg2Cro8x4jwHrROfk+s6YgxMDA Filling the role of capping one of the minor points and holding off any enemy that comes to cap it. Most of the fights are 1v1 or 1v2, and that build provided a very good amount of durability, with a decent offensive with the bleed damage.
  12. Waiting on the thief pack to be on sale.
  13. I bet they are. I am not very keen on PvP because of lack of experience. Is there anyway I could add you once the game comes out? I am considered a noob and by the post you have posted, you are a veteran. I'd like to have as many friends as possible, especially someone life you. Are you EU? If so, I can PM you the guild I'm in. If not, sure, you can add me once the game is out, no problem.
  14. That's an easy question to answer. Consoles appeal to the lowest common denominator: Kids and casual gamers. Not everybody has the know-how to build a decent computer, and not everybody feels the need to experience gaming at its best.
  15. I just did a pacifict + foxiest of hounds playthrough of deus ex human revolution on my pc, no shooting, sneaking only. And it worked perfectly. Normally, those speed thresholds are perfectly fine for stealth.
  16. PC has games designed for mouse and keyboard, but that doesn't mean the controller isn't the superior alternative at times. Being "designed for" doesn't necessarily mean that option is the best one. Console shooters are designed for the controller, but a mouse and keyboard would be the superior option. Games like Assassin's Creed where you don't have to aim are on PC too, and a controller is arguably the better option for those too. Darksiders is another exampel of that.
  17. Not particularly excited for the little buggers, but I am looking forward to looking at the patch notes for the next BWE. I'm probably only going to do sPVP anyway.
  18. Your opinions are unpopular because most of them are based on falsehoods and ignorance.
  19. And shall we compare it with a screenshot from console crysis? That's the point, right? Even if his PC can't run crysis on ultra, crysis on med on PC is vastly superior to crysis on a console. Even if the graphics looked the same (which they don't, not even remotely), his PC would be getting at least 60fps. How is Dx11 treating consoles these days?
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