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  1. C'mon, Gandorf must surely be worth more than 500k and some threads :P
  2. I have a feeling they'll drop once the returning players stop demanding them, and once the wilderness calms down enough for botters to start back at green drags. Also, the future update that makes ashes give prayer xp might dent their price ;) There will be a point when players realise just how much they're paying for their prayer xp. But that could be a while away.Or it could be tomorrow, its a bit of an unknown :P
  3. The amount of time you had your last name for determines how long until anyone else can take it. Example: 1. I change my name to "Kanye West". Since I've been "Taylor Swift" for such a long time, it'll take months before anyone else can take it. 2. I change my name to "Selena Gomez". The name "Taylor Swift" is now free for anyone to take. Since I haven't had "Kanye West" for very long, its freed up 35 days after I changed to "Selena Gomez". 3. I change back to "Taylor Swift". 4. I change name to "Rick Astley". Runescape doesn't remember that I had the name "Taylor Swift" for a long time before this example, so its only reserved for 35 days.
  4. Protect Item prayer doesn't eat up that many pray points...
  5. Maybe its because people don't use the brews? Imo a super attack + super str is better, because hurting your def and hp is nasty, plus super restore only restores your def. Sara Brew + Super Restore works nicely. Zammy Brew + Super Restore doesn't.
  6. Capescape! TF2 is to hats as Runescape is to achievement capes. ... Ok, not quite :P
  7. Never. I wouldn't readily accept free stuff from my friends either, unless they're either stupidly rich and/or seriously quitting forever.
  8. Its happened to me a few times in clan wars and the like, although usually via retribution, rather than melee hits. Its always cool when it happens :P
  9. I think a lot of people voted yes because they thought free trade would make them rich, without thinking about the consequences (ie that they'd fall for some lame scam) Jagex's new "weapons" again RWT and macroing don't seem to be terribly evident. I'm guessing RWT will incur bank rollbacks. Yet another slap on the wrist punishment that won't really do anything.
  10. According to this graph, Runescape's been in decline for some time: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/runescape.com And here's an interesting article written by an ex-JMod (supposedly) http://tech.massivel...rns-to-the-wild
  11. Imagining? No need to imagine when that is probably exactly who they are :P
  12. MMH posted on my thread saying that there was a miscommunication. I guess that Mod Poppy was either wrong, or wasn't supposed to say that. Either that, or MMH is spin-doctoring again :P Page 62, at the bottom Quick find code: 129-130-874-62301629
  13. I have nearly 20m stuff. I don't consider myself rich, and I'm not worried. I know enough about computer security (and apply that knowledge) to make sure that its unlikely I'll get keylogged or phished. My recovery questions can't be answered by anyone other than me, and my password can't be easily guessed or brute forced. Although I don't think I'm rich, I am a hacker target, mostly because of my name. I guess if an account trader got ahold of my account, they could probably make a decent amount of cash from it - But there's no way i'm letting that happen :P
  14. Maybe the other less senior JMods don't want to answer the question without getting permission / confirmation from the ICU team, which would take so much time/effort that they decide not to bother? Its always possible Poppy did a boo-boo and she wasn't supposed to say it, either because we aren't supposed to know, or because its wrong. But really, it makes sense - Do you think Jagex really has enough logs to reliably know how much botting the players from years gone by had done, and how much they should be rolled back?
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