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  1. Yes, however you don't need to get a drop, just be on a kill and get a drop. The book appears for you even if you doin't get the drop, but do damageThat's great news, thank you! Would loot share matter?
  2. The GWD books include getting a Nex book right? Between that and Kiln...ugh.
  3. The list is really really good, I'd rather a bunch of requirements since it helps set goals. Not a fan of the Kiln requirement though. 1 kill would be fine but 3 using different styles is a little too bossing-oriented for me. And it just unlocks a cosmetic override without adding any lore or appreciably adding anything to your character.
  4. Could you cut out a boss with each permanent crystal?
  5. The repair pouch spell makes the pouch last longer than fixing it in the abyss I believe. When the spell was released, it was very useful for nature runecrafters using graahks.
  6. Of course everyone has different play styles, but I actually liked the moss pillars. It was an excuse to train a skill, like that old signpost system that would suggest 6 things for you to do. I always liked to dabble in a bit of everything and the pillars would give me a nudge to do so. I do think I'm in the minority here though
  7. I agree a post-99 rarity boost would alleviate concerns. I just think that most completionist's viewed the update as an affront to them while the update wasn't aimed at them at all. It seems that everything reasonably achievable while going for max cape receives the comp tag. Fair or not. Seems like everyone wants to achieve the comp cape and then never have to maintain it, even though they did equally long tasks to get the cape. Personally I like the medium sized tasks like this. It introduces a side goal I can work on for a week or two. I lose my cape until then but that's what max and mastery capes are for.
  8. I think if comp capers take a step back this is a great update. It's content that you can play from 63 construction until you get to 99 fishing. It's fun to try out different methods instead of grinding one to 99, and this adds an incentive to branching out. It's just like the harmony moss pillars, which turned out quite alright. And for the RNG complaints, fish come quickly and th eggs aren't that rare. The design document estimated 3 hours per, and I highly doubt you won't have it finished in under 30 hours. (10 eggs 4 perks from prawn balls). A grace period for comp requirements (a week?) would do wonders to stop everyone complaining. Instead of enjoying the overall content you just rush through it. Everyone knows comp will be regularly updated, if you view every update as a loss in gp you probably should just stop maintaining the cape.
  9. I'm sorry I don't trust surveys, because 99% of the times, surveys online are scam.Edit: Accidentally posted without a reply. It's up to you, but if you do the surveys at the top of the page, they don't ask for your address or email. It's just studies by companies asking you about future products, or ratings your interest in current TV shows etc. The more questionable ones are the Offers listed below the surveys, those are the ones that sell your info to mailing lists and autodialers. If you stick just to the Peanut Labs surveys, all they look for is a zip code and general demographic information. If you take a look you can see the distinction I'm making.
  10. You can click the Earn Runecoins or Earn Keys buttons, and complete surveys for the currency. I've never paid for either, and I can buy the items I really want from the survey rewards. I think the sponsors pay Jagex a certain amount for each completed survey, so it's a nice system.
  11. I think just the lamp is buyable once per week to prevent farming. I didn't think the replays themselves were limited.
  12. The Prif outfits (thinker, musician, worker) can be stored in the fancy dress box!
  13. I thought the book we found (Nabir's notes?) was the missing piece to make the scroll work. Because it's from an earlier age.
  14. I checked the first post, and it mentions that the clan avatar buffs won't count. That implies you could join a tier 7 clan and use their loom right? That's not in the spirit of DIY (imo) but it sounds like a possibility for craft.
  15. What about those who tried, finally managed an Araxxor kill, and have to do it all over again? That's what annoyed me the most.
  16. As a terrible PvMer, what's the best path for me to try? I'll want to practice on that one a bit but I may end up asking an experienced friend to duo with me for the kill req.
  17. Will a KK kill not count if the party is over 3 people? It says the timer will not appear, but I'm asking for the Comp requirement.
  18. Reversion worked for me, thank you! I previously tried that, but I used 64 bit. Turns out I needed the 32 bit version.
  19. As of yesterday I've had an issue connecting. My computer froze and I had to shut it off by holding the power button. On restart I was prompted to update to Java 7 update 65, which I did. Now upon load, the screen is black, turns a dark blue, and then stops loading. I've updated Chrome, Windows, Java, and my graphics drivers, along with deleting the cache at all 4 possible locations. I went to fill out a technical ticket, but the applet they ask you to run for your specs remained a blank white box. This could be a Java issue, but it seems limited to the site itself as it worked on the nvidia site. Any help would be appreciated!
  20. Thanks for looking that up!
  21. He initially graahked nature runes (as we were in FFDN) and then switched to ZMI to compete for 200M runecrafting. But still a significant chunk at nats, I'd estimate until 80M.
  22. Fors was a pretty good graahk runecrafter, insulting him by saying he couldn't handle it is dismissing what he did. ZMI was a faster method which many other players opted for, yet Fors was still on the front page when doing natures.
  23. What if higher tiers that were added only boosted rates for the higher resources? So power mining rates wouldn't climb but it would be useful for chopping yews/magics, mining runite/addy, and maybe a slight boost to mithril or maples. LRC rates wouldn't rise but it would be useful for skillers who actually want the materials.
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