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  1. I personally got 71 prayer after my first failed attempt and switched to curses. The saps do work on Nomad on all phases, once he gets to phase 4, slip on deflect melee and hug the pillar. When you need to heal or super restore, go behind the pillar, come back out when he says 'Face me.' General rule: 2 or 3 sara brew sips and one super restore sip when you need to heal behind pillar. When he's on second phase (3 clones) just hide behind pillar, 30 seconds to calm your nerves, heal up, drop vials etc. And Kyatt works wonders, I kept hitting 300s with it, I didn't even care about super restoring my ranged level back, Kyatt was doing all the work. When he teleports you to the middle of the room, 3rd phase, Kyatt got a load of free hits in. I personally did it at 62 summon, it is doable, I ran out of potions first attempt, because I didn't hide behind pillar when healing.
  2. I just wear my quest cape due it looks nice with my non-combat outfit, and the fact that I don't have a fire cape for when I'm slaying (long story), I didn't do all the quests for the cape, I just enjoy quests. Just play rs how you want to, people got 99s before the capes, the capes are just a little bonus, if you get a 99 just for the cape, then you're on a horrible grind for nothing.
  3. Lesson learned: Make sure your computer actually works before bringing expensive things you can't afford to lose to dangerous areas. Seriously, back in the day there were no graves, if you died, you could only hope someone picked up your stuff and was willing to give it back or you could get your stuff in a one minute timer, no problem here.
  4. 1. You only get exp for cleaning the herb and adding the secondary to the unfinished potion, so yes, making lots of unfinished potion will help. 2. You don't get double exp for Gilded altar nor Ecto, so might want to pass on that. 3. As far as I've heard it's 110% all weekend round for Summoning. 4. I'm not sure I've never used them before, but apparently sacred clay items don't stack with the double exp, so my guess no, it seems you only get double exp if you're doing 100% exp activities with no boosts.
  5. I literally have no idea what point you're trying to make. Are you trying to argue that I do quests (of which some are inefficient to do) therefore . . . something? I don't get it. What do quests and RSC have to do with crashing nowadays? I'm saying compared to today exp/hour and gold/hour is much higher than RSC if you levelled alot in RSC with the rates so low, why are you trying to get the most in RS2, when it's much easier?
  6. Screenshot of your stats: Sure looks like you ignore dungeoneering! You must be one of those efficiency people who ignore training non combats, quests, achievement diaries! Also you're only 67 slayer (550k xp) and have all that combat xp (9.5m)? Sure looks like SOMEONE didn't train melee through slayer! itt: lol000999 makes unfounded assertions that apply more to himself than anyone he's referring to. Do a little research, Slayer came out in 2005, by the time I was in the late 70s of my combat stats, Slayer wasn't even out yet. And I'm not quite fond of Dungeoneering I came back from a 1 year and a half break, haven't had time to train it. And yes I've completed every quest and achievement diary besides Ardy elite, that a problem? @Morningrise333: As I said a wild guess, it seems rather ineffecient to do some quests, as the exp reward is not worth the time given, you're talking about effeciency, compared to today, RSC was much worser for exp/hour or gp/hour if you compared the exp/hour in RS2 today compared to the old days you probably wouldn't care about maximising it.
  7. Well since you're all adamant in your views and talking over a forum obviously won't change your minds, I give up, go have your effiency fun, even though effiency = less fun in my opinion, but that's just one man's opinion, I'm going to take a wild guess and the people who are talking about effiency all joined rs in RS2. So enjoy your AZ afking to max combat, ignore your non-combat stats and quests, achievment diaries then buy all your skills after resorting others to that. And people wonder why RS2 is so easy nowadays.
  8. As I said not attacking anyone, you speak about being effiecent and making the most out of your time, I was wondering what you was doing here, speaking it like it wasn't a bad thing. Your original post was an attack on anyone who crashes, actually. I agree that this thread is getting REALLY repetitive. Sseli, you should go through all the posts, find all of the arguments against crashing and all of the best rebuttals to those arguments, then post them in the OP so people wont keep saying "u should just be nice!11" and "why dont u just hop!1!". Well how else do you want me to portray it? It's not right, yet you're saying it's perfectly fine, you're so called 'elite' therefore you deserve all the spots, yet Jagex intended it to be a group area, not something you can solo for 3 hours straight, people are trying to play the game the way it was intended are being shoved off and forced to go elsewhere all because it's an inconvienance to you, what about them? It's a major inconvienance to them, they need the money to get better, you have much better options avaliable to you, yet you choose to go where lower levels are grouping up and trying to get better to get to your level, yet you're putting an obstacle in their way. It's a MMO for a reason, not a competition to who can get the max first, you are resorting to barbarianism, you said it yourself you don't like being crashed so you do it to others. You think all the spots are reserved for you just because you're a higher level and don't need them, I noticed your fishing level is behind me. If I saw you fishing in a spot and started fishing there because there were no more spots in that world, would you be forced to hop, since I have a higher fishing level? No, Jagex intended fishing spots to be shared, like how Bandos isn't a solo effort. And please don't bother trying to ignore my statements and try and reverse it to make me look like a bad guy and ignoring my arguments, that is what we like to call 'ignorance' and 'deniance' it is a sign you accept this is bad yet continue on.
  9. Well I'm at the point where I face Nomad, my last quest before I can wear my cape again and was wondering if anyone had any tips? I'm thinking of hiding behind the pillar and doing a hit and run strategy, I've seen some videos on how to do it. I have no idea what my inventory setup is going to be and some people suggested Spirit Kyatt instead of Terrorbird... Equipment: Skills:
  10. As I said not attacking anyone, you speak about being effiecent and making the most out of your time, I was wondering what you was doing here, speaking it like it wasn't a bad thing.
  11. Your logic is this: I'm a higher level, I don't need to wait, I spent so many hours afk AZs! I spent my time training, now I want that time back by getting an empty world, where you have to spend 3 hours hopping just to get one kill, then someone else hops and takes your world. In reality, if you're not a high level, you're stuck. And yes if they were there first, then I believe it is common curteosy to hop. You don't know how long they've been searching for a world, you spent 5 minutes? And effeciency? If you want to be effecient stop posting on the forums and go no life more. The general rule for effiency = More effienct = Less fun.You play a game for fun, not to ruin the hopes of other people, they may not want to afk AZs all day and actually play the game how they want, however there's an obstacle, you. It is like cutting in a queue because it's more effecient and cut the moral posturing, it doesn't make it right, you may be able to, but remember the consequences, that 17mil drop you stole although nice for you 1billion worth bank, could of helped someone else actually get a decent amount of money. All you're really proving is that although you have access to more areas to get your money you choose to harass other players, I'm sure you can solo Armadyl with your stats, it's empty, it's however a little too much for some level 110s, but perfect for you 'elite' level 138s. And the turn theory, the 110s get 3 kills you come along, scram them off, why can't they go to another world and say they had their turn getting 20 kills, they want a drop? Just my thoughts, not flaming or trying to troll, or personally attacking anyone, I don't boss hunt, because of crashing, I choose the lower money makers, due to higher levels making it hell for the medium players, you said it yourself you would hate to be crashed. Put yourself in their position, then we talk.
  12. ^ Ummm, what's wrong with them ;_;, they don't seem that bad to me I just keep spending my money on my house instead of skills at the moment but backing away from combat to get my total up some more.
  13. I've been gone for about a year now, thinking of coming back, just looking for a small rating, last thing I remember doing was that I had just enough for 80-86 construction since I love my house so much, and remember soloing KBD many times for his heads ;_;. Seems I've also got some quests to do to get my quest cape back. Thanks ^^, 103 combat without summoning and I think 110 with.
  14. Hmm is the crossbow any good and whats in the throne room o_O?
  15. Support, construction is my favorite skill yet Jagex seems to be avoiding it... it's been out since 07 yet it's only had 2 major updates and thats costume room and room update, although fixing the bugs could be counted a major update. It's about due for something new.
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