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  1. Random floor from today Wasn't really going for time or anything though so
  2. Fixed Either lowest settings on direct x (with anti aliasing on sometimes) or safe mode.
  3. @Suomi Do your irl friends know you're like the top player in runescape or do they themselves play?
  4. Red sallys with arctic bear, larupia camo. Bring 5 nets/ropes and use all 4 traps ~100k/hr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZXeFTG-bhs&feature=relmfu
  5. This is false. C6 small for furnished floors with even duoing (with a good partner) is comparable exp/hr to c6 large abnd2's. How much exp exactly? 400k+?
  6. So I want to know, assuming near/max exp rates (switching methods after leveling accordingly) how much time in hours can I expect for the following skills from my current levels (to 99): Hunter Thieving Agility Mining/Smith Fishing Wc (With Adze) Runecrafting I'm trying to do my unbuyables first, flipping while I do so Although I'm pretty new to it Am I looking at a 5% per day profit with minimal time spent at ge? How much could I realistically get if I paid more attention? Thank you :)
  7. I don't like gorger. Kalger is fun tho
  8. Make a new acc and try to play super efficiently. I'm personally gonna try to max out on a new acc with the lowest amount of days. Right after I max on this acc :/
  9. So I believe the fastest fm method in f2p is backwards firemaking at the GE. However, the GE update is coming and might mess this up. So are there any other places to backwards fm in f2p? I'm stuck without membs atm and I've come to like training like that.
  10. Idk if its the right section but is there a free program that lets you blur out specific parts of a video, like what they do to mask nudity and [cabbage]? If so, can you link me please.
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