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  1. The equivalent cash/hour of Herb runs (Snapdragon+Juju potion) is about 3-4m. If you make more than that, the only reason you would do Herb runs would be for the relatively low XP. If you don't care about that small amount of XP, it might be better just to spend your time making money without doing any Herb runs.
  2. That's why you hate dungeoneering. Don't even step into a dungeon until at least 50 DG, because teams are the only reasonable way of training DG and below 50 DG nobody will be doing C6 large floors. Use Tears of guthix and Penguin points, as well as any XP lamps you come across until 50, then begin your dungeoneering experience. I trained the lower levels by doing C6 smalls with one friend, going to medium on my top two floors. The XP was not very good, but I wouldn't say to not step into a dungeon before level 50. Doing some floors also helps you understand/figure out how to Dungeoneer properly.
  3. There's seriously that much of a difference? I thought that Wine is no more than 2x faster than Swordfish, especially with Urns. (Assuming no burning or spoiling wine) Do you know the XP rates?
  4. I shouldn't respond to stupid posts with cutting sarcasm in my own threads but... *clapclap* What are you trying to say then? You haven't given a reason linking Bolt Rack prices with Claw prices.
  5. If you want to become a Zerker, it's probably better to start a new account and Quest for your defence level, since those stats are not high for P2p. Otherwise, just be a Main and do whatever, and level combat with Slayer.
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