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  1. If the 'friend' gets membership via bonds, does that count to activate the 10% xp boost?
  2. Seriously no one has any other info? I'm sure that there are at least some people on this forum that have used refer a friend...
  3. What does it stack with? Gilded altar? Urns? Clan ring? BA horn? 2.5% xp boost clothing?
  4. Way to completely ruin a decent update via another catastrophe involving the squeal of rwt.
  5. Spellcasters are good for Glacors if you soa/poly the glacytes rather than meleeing them.
  6. You mean it degrades to dust, or do you just go back to the QBD and re-forge it?
  7. I expect this is similar to how suomi has multiple spaces in his name.
  8. Gano says hi. Someone in gano completely destroys someone in virt, whether they're using rapier or soa. I don't like how the drop system is going to be "The winner of each fight will gain ALL the drops from their opponent" like wildy is. The only reason I liked bh worlds was because of the somewhat random loot (though the EP system sucked). This way, there's still no sink to remove combat equipment from the game, so stuff like nex armour will continue to crash as an endless stream of new items come into the game from pvm.
  9. Not sure if you were going for funny or witty, but you failed. Sorry. Neither, I was attempting to criticize Jagex/IVP with a parody of their post. Whether or not it is amusing is just a side-effect.
  10. Its been two months since we released the Squeal World Trading, and we finally decided to get off our lazy asses and write some bs to hopefully reduce the amount of rants on the forums which are scaring off potential paying customers, affirm some conceptions about the motivations behind the update and importantly outline why its also here to stay. First of all I want to say **** you to everyone who has spammed the recent updates forum about the no-longer recent Squeal of Fortune updates - since apparently people would not stop ranting even after SqWT has been released long enough to be no longer considered recent, we felt the need to pretend we actually care about player feedback. We designed the Squeal of RWT from the outset to be a profitable feature to our company, giving players an extremely annoying onscreen icon that reappears every day they log into RuneScape. As with many of our updates, our members always receive ten times as many extra benefits to encourage F2p to pay, and we have evolved it since launch providing all of our players numerous additional incentives to pay for Squeal spins. As with all content we add to RuneScape, we didn't consider reactions from the community at all, and really don't give a fudge if the Squeal of Fortune does not enhance the playing experience without undermining what makes the game truly special for a few thousand players and millions of bots every day; we truly believe we have succeeded in making the game much more profitable for our investors, and blatantly lie to the players, claiming that this update has benefitted the gameplay. We assume that some in the community have mixed feelings about the Squeal of Fortune and, whilst we spend a great deal of time and effort creating game experiences that resonate with the majority of other MMOs (if they're popular, they must be doing something right, so why not take their ideas?), the reality is due to the epic size of our community, we simply cbf to even take a glance at what our players want, and are satisfied as long as we can please at least 1% of our players without actually trying. Therefore our philosophy has since IVP took over Jagex, been to do what is right for the short term profit for our investors, without giving half a **** for the long term health of the game, a fact that many of the long standing players have quit for. The not so distant (yes, it's been delayed for over a month already, but that is not a long time in our eyes) Bot nuke is a great example of a well-overdue update that we have no choice to release because having a player base consisting of over 70% bots might deter potential paying customers from playing RS long enough to get addicted. I can confidently say that we have always been rewarded for whevener we do the right thing for the long run and the reason I am able to say that is because we have never done anything with long term considerations and zero is considered positive by default. That said, all the feedback we receive for our updates and how the community engage with it is still extremely important to us, for the same aforementioned reason: We don't look at any feedback, and zero is considered positive by default. We have not been reading your posts on the forums and don't give a crap about your concerns. As a result of some feedback fabricated by players that we have created overnight and added to the official forums make it seem that players that support Squeal World Trading actually exist, we implemented some changes to the way Squeal of Fortune works, such as adding new ways to receive extra spins as rewards for buying large and expensive bundles on our cash shop, and also introducing additional payment protection for all in game purchases as soon as we realized that parents of players were suing us for taking money from their credit cards that they didn't intend to pay for. Naturally the team and I are saddened that a vast amount of players are quitting over the ability to also purchase additional spins and costing us revenue in membership purchases, however, the reality is 90% of our members are clicking the Squeal of Fortune on a daily basis and discarding 90% of the rewards, in order to get the annoying icon out of the way of their game screen. The majority of our players also continue to take advantage of the many free ways to earn extra spins, because they do not realize how low the droprates of good rewards actually are. The stated concerns from players regarding RWT'ing, gambling or using the Squeal of Fortune to buy their way to success are simply true and encouraged by the way we designed the system, but we like to pretend that the accusations are false and hope that people are gullible enough to believe us. Whilst we have seen most players take advantage of the new rewards and many choosing to purchase extra spins, we have not witnessed any abuse of the system because we put many times more effort into bugtesting an update when it involves real money rather than just pixels. Looking forward, RuneScape continues to fall into decline as we milk it for every last penny. With the launch of a major graphical performance upgrade yesterday (which solved a framerate issue that we couldn't be bothered fixing for 6 months), it should be evident that we just gearing up for our most exciting and biggest content year ever........... including a complete cash shop where you can directly buy overpowered items and millions of XP later this summer! Youll naturally all hear a lot more about our strategies to milk more cash out of this game, so don't worry about watching this space since we'll be shoving the updates in your face, like we do with the SqWT and Mad May banners. Thanks for reading ... and remember to keep paying us, Cheers, Daniel Clough The true Jagex CEO
  11. This update was kind of a cross between livid farm (mediocre rewards that take way too long to get) and flash powder factory (major nerf almost immediately after release). I really wish that Jagex would simply lower the XP rates but keep the high amount of node spawns... honestly, think how boring it is to click the same soul wraith for over 100 hours?
  12. If you've done monkey madness, go to the dungeon where there are those skeleton monkeys that keep respawning (the same ones that you chin for range), and melee them while wearing salve amulet (e). Dharoks will also work since you can easily lower hp with the nearby spike traps. Just make sure to bring antipoisons.
  13. Where I buy cards (7/11, in Canada) the store charges tax for the cards, though I know some places do not. That could be a fairly significant increase to the price.
  14. Dhide, super sets, and food are probably worth the risk. A main weapon like rapier/whip would probably be a much better idea than claws. It takes way to long to run back to the elemental, so you wouldn't want to die multiple times per trip.
  15. What exactly did Mod Raven say would be done about the bolts? Imagine the bolts with a hexhunter effect...
  16. if Rspan turns out to be as bad as flash powder factory, well......
  17. If you take the rules literally, it's not allowed at all. Jagex did make a special case for Mousekeys though, I forgot where it was but they confirmed that Mousekeys can be used, including the double click. Would someone please find a quote where Jagex says other software that moves the mouse is allowed as long as it is 1 input 1 output? Also, I consider clicking the mouse at a certain location to be 1 action rather than 2 (move/click), though I'm sure people will disagree with me.
  18. I would wait until after the Morytania Tasks update to level them, because the BTS says that Temple Trekking will give more rewards after doing the tasks or something.
  19. 15-16-931-63569233 (Mod Mat's official statements) Seriously wtf. THEY'VE ALREADY EFFIGY'D TO MAX SKILLS, of course they don't care if effigies get removed.
  20. Screw the Fight Kiln, THIS is the most significant update of the month. No one expected Jagex to nerf mummies by doing something like this, huh? Then again, they're Jagex. If it's not broken, fix it until it breaks.
  21. I made this video mainly as a reply to the original to cover some fallacies, especially the one that there are only 4 spots per world.
  22. Never thought of using foreign world for revs. U sir are a genious. Actually, I've tried it on all the foreign worlds, and on each world there was at least one other person killing the revs, and the occasional PKer. That was before bot nuke though - don't know if it's any more/less crowded now.
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