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  1. Friends list, Friends chat, Forums, Adv logs, Hiscores... everything's down.
  2. I sincerely doubt that they can run and keep records on what's dropped by whom, and who picks it up. For a company that barely runs server maintenance, that kind of hardware strain seems odd. They must do the recent rolling back bots and linked account shows clear reports of WEALTH on the bot and on mains the wealth was traded too being removed along side the xp rollbacks. Also how do you know they "barely run server maintenance"? I fail to see any proof of this. There's your maintenance. People are investing in resources right now, expecting a rise once bots are gone. That's the reason for the sudden price spike. They're probably selling rares in order to buy raw materials.
  3. SoA speeds up your glacor kills. If the money from the extra glacors you kill with SoA compared to melee is more than the value of the runes you use, then you should use SoA. that is how you decide. It usually saves ~5 seconds per Glacor for me, at a cost of ~4 arma runes. Considering the rarity of boots, it doesn't seem worth it to me, especially since I use just as much time to pick up charms and stuff each kill. So there are absolutely no scenarios where Storm is worth using (except PKing) without an extremely high value of time? Is there anything better than Glacors that I could do for money then? :unsure:
  4. Lots of people are going to miss the Slayer day because of timezones. I've been trying to get Jagex's attention about this on the forums to no success.
  5. I didn't put myself in any scenarios, I was just replying to a statement that seemed completely wrong. 1/350 drop rate still doesn't seem that spectacular... and by my luck I get like 1/700 :angry: ... Are there any legitimate ways to earn that much money then? I'm pretty sure it's not efficient to use Storm at Glacors at all if you need 5-9m/h to do so - since if you're killing Glacors it's probably for the money. Are you saying that if Glacors are your source of income, Storm will never be worth using?
  6. Wait what. I value my time at 2-3m/h BECAUSE I do Glacors. Just a very rough estimate, ~20m per boot, 45 kills/hr @ 1 boot drop per 500 kills. That's less than 2m/h - add some profit from shards and subract cost of runes, ppots, and ovls, and it should be about 2-3m/h. No idea how you get 5-9m/h, unless my luck is just THAT terrible.
  7. Assuming time value at 2m-3m or so. With the Staff of course. Oh, and don't just say something like "bossing". Be specific about which ones plz.
  8. Wait, from Game update to midnight BST? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I'm going to miss that entirely due to school.
  9. In what order of effectiveness is Storm, Melee, and Dragonbane bolts? That is, if Dragonbane bolts now work on Metal dragons.
  10. That would be the PM update. You can now do 255 characters + text can wrap.
  11. I don't know the droprates at DKs... how much cash per hour can you expect to earn, and is it better than Glacors?
  12. Considering your stats, you need little to no armour. Prot melee and Turm the whole time, and you should be able to heal all damage with the table unless a pesky Poorly Cooked Karambwan goes into the tunnel. Borrow/buy claws, then spec & restore at table for epic pwnage.
  13. You could try killing the Frost dragons yourself. Though I believe the new update makes them harder and not afk-able.
  14. I might PK in the future. It's either the first build or the other. Nothing in between. 80 def would have been preferable, but I got 81 by Corping, so might as well go the whole way to 84. Which of these should I get: Visible combat: 118+13 (Exact combat: 118.925+12.25) 90 att 99 str 84 def 99 hp 95 pray 99 mage 99 range 99 sum Visible combat: 116+13 (Exact combat: 116.9+12.25) 83 att 99 str 85 def 99 hp 95 pray 99 mage 99 range 99 sum Green being "better" Red being "worse" Yellow is the same
  15. I'm pretty sure void range multiplies your range level by 1.1 twice, rounding down to an integer each time. Then your Max hit is 5 + (modified level) * (1 + rangedstr/64)
  16. 1. Make 20k wines 2. wear Cooking brawlers 3. Tele to Ice plateau or use any other wildy teleport 4. ??? 5. profit. (I haven't tried it personally though, since I don't have any brawlers, due to not having PKed before Feb 2011)
  17. Bots will probably overcome this within a month... Even if they don't, Frosts are nowhere near as profitable as it was before.
  18. All I can say is, RS is a whole different world now. Treat it like a new/different game, I guess? And make sure to skim through the newsposts for interesting things.
  19. Compared to before, RS is arguably worse. The economy is dead and buried with dicers (a form of illegitimate moneymaking that some consider as scamming) holding most of the cash, bots holding resources and causing prices to crash, and legit players trying to hang on to a bumpy ride. Personally I believe much of the fun has gone out of the game, but it's your decision.
  20. Ouch, that does seem pretty terrible. At least I'm not the only one with crappy luck. So far in the thread the average is about 1/386 (figures rounded to the nearest hundred). I'm currently at 1/772 :angry: Exactly twice the calculated average... wtf
  21. That's exactly the problem. The game Isn't the same as it used to be. At least half of Jagex has been replaced with foreign investors, who don't give a cabbage about the game, only about profit.
  22. Agreed. I wouldn't miss a beat at buying some of the things that have been showcased here, if they were available on the Jagex store. :P The only problem is that stuff at the Jagex store have to be mass-producible But damn that looks realistic, excellent work.
  23. Would bush seeds for Carrion&igneous or herb seeds for Draconic&Common be better to choose as Jadinko lair rewards, assuming you only care about Hunt xp?
  24. And if i read correctly it only applies to poison inflicted after it is activated. So realistically you're gonna get more like 15 minutes once you're poisoned Don't you see? That's PERFECT. It only lasts 20 minutes (The time the poison is great healing in one trip to K'ril), but it recharges every hour. So you can use it for an epic boss trip, once it runs out, start using more supplies and eventually end the boss trip. By the time you've regeared and got everything ready, you won't have to wait long before you can start all over again (For example, you can use that time to get the zamorak killcount again to save time later) Alternatively. Fight k'ril for 20 minutes, deactivate it and logout after a kill when it's about to run out, go do something else IRL or on another account, log back in an hour later and continue your awesome trip. It seems very pointless to use for anything other than Zammy boss, considering the time limit. The thing someone said about using it at Nex - it's simply not worth the time & effort.
  25. I thought this thread already died. Whatever I don't mind whether it stays open or closed.
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