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  1. 1 Boots 772 kills :thumbdown: Edit: RoW used for every kill
  2. I know there probably isn't too much data out there about it right now, but does anyone have an idea of the drop rate of boots? Any sample size above 100 kills is fine, and counting by shards is fine. I do hope the droprate is higher than the 1/650 I'm getting right now :wall: :wall: :wall:
  3. Wat. You said 6 man team... so divide it by 6? Probably Bandos, it's easier to kill, less supplies needed, and faster kills.
  4. I'm assuming Dominion tower will be pushed back to after Runefest (aka november).
  5. Yay. Hope this doesn't happen to sals as well...
  6. ^title. I'm too tired to do the calculations properly :mellow: Assuming 2k bows per hour, Magic longs is 183kxp/h. Broad bolts are slightly slower xp. What about Broad arrows? How many can be made with each "make-x" click? What's the GP/XP? Assuming Magic longs are 0 loss/profit, how much would I have to value time at to make Broad arrows more efficient? Ugh I hate how Jagex ruined fletching by adding make-x to bolts :wall:
  7. Sigh I remember when you could fletch 30 bolts inbetween each log. Make-X really screwed that method over, and I don't think this would be worth the effort unless you really care about 200m everything.
  8. I would recommend duo or trio with friends until 50 DG and your second bind. That way they can teach you how to do puzzles and stuff, unlike 117 where people will just ragequit because of you not knowing what to do.
  9. Cavefish are definitely not the fastest. At 80-89, is C2 or Barb fishing better XP? C2s tend to be annoyingly unstable in XP rates, you might have 7 fishing spots one floor and none the next.
  10. How many bush seeds would you get if you attracted an Igneous jadinko or something? Would the carrion/igneous hunting method be better or worse than common/draconic, if getting seeds through the firemaking method?
  11. Maybe if you're sub 50 cb or never Slay.
  12. Does Nex count as part of GWD for the purposes of the Stone?
  13. I've had the effect wear off in the middle of a CWars game, so I don't the the notification tells you whether it is in effect or not, only whether the 4 hours is up. Either that, or the effect works everywhere in RS. Dunno if teleporting out of the area automatically cancels it.
  14. Exactly what effect does it have, where is that effect active, and what stops its effects?
  15. Does the Juju hunter potion need to be in effect to attract draconics for this? Does it increase chances if you have multiple types of herb-seed dropping jadinkos attracted?
  16. 1. Is there a way to check charges left while wielded? 2. Is there a way to remove runes put into it? 3. Can it be charged with Storm of Arma (I'm guessing no on this one) 4. How effective is the special at Glacors? I'm considering buying one just for Glacors. Too bad I lost 216k tokens due to losing CR, so it's gonna take a fair bit of time :(
  17. Why on earth not? It's the most difficult useful skill to train. Only don't use effigies on summoning if you care about things like agility, slayer and runecrafting and want to max. I agree. I used over 20 effigies on Summoning, plus every quest lamp I could get my hands on. Glacors are definitely the best Blue charm droppers right now. Too bad you need to already have 99 Summon for Steel Titan to kill them at maximum speed.
  18. Leaf


    So there's no way to beat the gravecreeper quickly without suiciding until the glitch is fixed?
  19. It isn't RS wiki. The wiki simply took the info from the forum that must not be named. I don't why we can't say its name though.
  20. Don't use Jenni's ring I like to use wealth, though it probably has no effect on the drops, because it acts like a glory in that you can tele from up to 30 wild instead of 20, and still wear a Salve ammy.
  21. Any way to overcome the lag when it does the purple blob special? At least until Jagex fixes it. It never used to be a problem, but due to some update it gets my FPS to 1 or 2 every time now.
  22. Is the bonus a percent modifier to all damage, or a constant increase to max hit, per Magic level of the target? Basically, is there a large gap between the max hit of a Novite arrow, compared to a Fractite arrow, and compared to a Saggitarian arrow?
  23. The RoW update didn't make any items exclusive to RoW - instead, it added more items to the rare drop table, and as far as I can tell, the RoW itself has not been changed in how it makes Rare Drop Table items more common.
  24. I find that I can kill the 3 Glacytes (Unstable last) before the Unstable regenerates health after its first explosion, about half the time, depending on luck with hits. I use Cr, Ddef, Steel titan, Barrows gloves, Ahrims, and Neit helm, praying Turm and using Ovl. My Attack is not 99, so I believe that killing the Glacytes before the Unstable regenerates might be easier/faster with 99. Also, melee probably would be even more effective if bringing Dragon Claws, which I did not. However I find that more often than not, the cause of not killing the Unstable before it regenerates is my Titan missing with its scrolls on the Sapping - something that unfortunately cannot be influenced by equipment/stats. I've heard that Storm of Arma works very well in killing the Glacytes quickly. However, I am unsure whether it would be worth using, considering its relatively high price (~3k per rune at this time). I bought 100 runes and tried using it instead of Cr for the Glacytes, and didn't get noticably better results. Although, maybe it was simply because I'm not used to it. How much GP/hr would it take to make SoA more cost effective than Cr, and does the current GP/hr at Glacors already exceed that number?
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