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  1. The XP rate is really bad, but if you're gonna do it for Void anyway, why not?
  2. Why compare it with Fire Surge though? Fire surge is made completely obsolete by Polypore at anything except Glacors and Ice strykes.
  3. I did this previously but without titan and in the wrong spot (before the grapple part), and still managed to do it in 7 minutes. SoA + Overload = you can reach grave before it breaks pretty much every time.
  4. Crafting Agility Construction Thieving Cooking Firemaking Farming Fishing Fletching Woodcutting Herblore Hunter Smithing Mining Runecrafting Summoning
  5. This is definitely the easiest, and you can get up to 28 of these if you want. It used to be bankable before Jagex patched it.
  6. He specifically said CLS though, not maul. Even 1 tick seems to make it noticably easier to switch without wasting any hits/time.
  7. If you have low apm, you might as well use a slower weapon so as not to waste time by failing to switch quickly enough. Purely from a DPS standpoint though, rapier is much better.
  8. Some people have told me the XP is the same as for agility, others tell me that it's more xp... anyone have any data on this? (for example woodcutting for 10% and multiply by 10, or just comparing the xp for 1% on Agil compared to 1% on wc)
  9. You can actually kill more TDs than Glacors per hour. Also, based on the drops I logged (~1.8k kills), I earned ~2.5m/h with a 50 glacor/h killrate. It may be bad luck, but I know a lot of people that have bad luck with boot drops at Glacors.
  10. To be honest they are at least 5 years outdated now. If you must have one though, I'd probably say Zammy. Or just collect all 3 staves for completion's sake.
  11. Edit: this post is on pg5 of the FAQ thread Too bad she didn't address my question: Will players paying by membership card that are currently subscribed/subscribed for over 1 year already be given a appropriate discount?
  12. Too bad she didn't address my question: Will players paying by membership card that are currently subscribed/subscribed for over 1 year already be given a appropriate discount?
  13. I'm pretty sure that WC maxes at 100kxp/h and requires a lot of clicking (urns/dropping/splitting pines) to achieve that. I guess it depends on whether the boots give the same amount of bonus XP to both skills, or more to woodcutting.
  14. Currently 82 woodcutting, 87 agility. Neither of them really have any incentive left to train further, since I can do all Fletching and Agility effigies already by boosting stats, and have Agile top already. Getting woodcutting up for effigies might be a good idea though since it's more efficient to put XP into WC than fletch. Also, Agility XP can be doubled by penance horn, which doesn't stack with the boots. So meh, I don't know. I have no idea whether the boots give more bonus XP to woodcutting than agility, or not.
  15. 1. Yes 2. As far as I know it's legal as long as it's 1 action = 1 result. For example you can remap "Z" to become "A" but you cannot remap "Z" to become "ABC". Anyway this belongs on H&A.
  16. Leaf


    So Void would be better than Bandos or Ahrims? Would a void mage helm switch help much?
  17. Leaf

    Dominion tower

    About 40 seconds between fights when journal hunting (i.e. collecting from chest after every fight) if you skip the boss select wheels when you can. Up to 50 seconds if you don't.Still more than 30 seconds between fights if you don't loot chest after every fight. I've done 1011 boss kills as of time of writing, so basically spent 11 hours watching cutscenes... Here's a suggestion thread I made on RSOF, though half the suggestion is about allowing dominion weapons outside tower. 277-278-404-63483667
  18. What about Eucalyptus? Huh? Were they ever broken?
  19. That might apply to AHK but definitely not Mousekeys. @OP, I'm pretty sure I know what your problem is: you have to check the option that says "press control to speed up/shift to slow down" (it's not phrased exactly like that but you get the point).
  20. Well, I'm glad I did 92 FM during the last BXP. Visage at barrows = wtf. Hati and Skoll should be separated. (Hati in winter Skoll in summer) Hati is supposed to be a male.
  21. If you've already seen all the bosses at least once, I highly recommend doing Endurance, and collect from the chest after EVERY boss. Skip annoying bosses like Dag mother, desert treasure, the Illusive, etc. by using the exit stairs. That's the fastest way to get journal pages, and trust me you don't want to have to go back to the tower after 500 kills just to hunt for journal pages. Climber is a LOT slower, and the tiny bit of XP from books is simply not worth it. If you don't want journal pages, do Endurance and keep going until an annoying boss, then restart.
  22. I lost my red dragon too. the reason is mostly likely the dragon getting hungry while you were afk, or on a tab other than "game" or "all" and thus missed the message. This is especially the case in combat where messages about hungry pets are easily missed. ANYWAY.... I got my first red dragon egg in about 350 kills. The second took a bit over 100.
  23. rofl, im totally doing that next time i get jad task just for the sheer lulz. (well, meleeing up to him but still.) I tried that, but Jad hit a hell of a lot of damage on me. Edit: I had 88def, 99 mage (jad at 10:10-end, the maging part ends at 12:00) Jad's Magic Hits: (I forgot to bring a shield, that probably would have helped a bit) 383 D155 351 D128 456 D217 358 D133 465 D224 0 0 (not sure if because of prayer) 428 D193 460 D221 375 D149 0 protected protected SoA was also less effective than rapier in hitting Jad after the healers came - Jad healed to full HP when I used SoA but I managed to kill him without attacking the healers with melee. Anyway, at the OP, I'd recommend that you melee the whole caves including Jad. It should be a lot faster than range considering your stats.
  24. Pretty sure 300-380 per hour is really low for chins. 90kxp/h is quite a bit lower than what people claim it is.
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