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  1. if you liked the other dwarf quests, then yes- it's the dwarves finale iirc and resolves the entire story
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. I'm not 100% sure but I think I did that challenge with celestial drags on task last week now that I think about it a little more
  4. mtk might be a good source for herbs and herb seeds(small amount) aberrant(sp?) spectres also drop a good amount of herb seeds edit: iirc there are quite a few lower level slayer monsters that also drop lower level herbs and seeds as well
  5. IIRC glacors are good Mage/def exp if you were still wanting to do that
  6. herb runs are good for money, do those while doing dung, personally I do farm runs, MTK(kingdom management at miscellania) and I bank things like infernal ashes/dbones/hides when I slay(not efficient at all if you ask meta-gamers but it's made me a lot of money and in my opinion the slower rates are worth the cash gain)
  7. don't forget the dung scroll for herblore, it is worth the points and comes in handy
  8. general slayer is a good way to get charms, waterfiends are a good way to farm crimson charms(most of your xp will come from these) as well as glacors for blue and crimson charms
  9. Edit:sorted. less than 57 mins on my second try, died to jad from lag on first try. thanks for the help
  10. I'm looking to attempt the fight kiln hopefully twice today for the Melee and Mage capes and was looking for advice on how to do it. I've read the guide on the main page here but it looks extremely outdated.. stats should be in my signature but they are as follows: 90+ atk 90+ str 95 magic 90+ def 95 pray 96 herb 88 summon gear: full obsidian bar shield drygore maces abbysal wand/orb zo ring for damage boost ardy cape 3(I'll be losing my only fire cape) penance aura/vamp aura was thinking 2 ovld flasks 1 pray renewal flask 1 super restore flask for summon points/pray 6 pray flasks 3 open spaces for invul/const/restore crystals 1 spare war tort pouch and rest rocktails with war tort full of rocktails
  11. iirc the constant changes to eoc made remaking the guides a pita due to constant updating every update
  12. I think yes, however main hand crossbow and offhand dl darts would probably be better than offhand chaotic edit: ninjad
  13. farm runs/mtk cut the expense of drygores a good bit if you take the time to do them
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