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  1. if you liked the other dwarf quests, then yes- it's the dwarves finale iirc and resolves the entire story
  2. I'm not 100% sure but I think I did that challenge with celestial drags on task last week now that I think about it a little more
  3. mtk might be a good source for herbs and herb seeds(small amount) aberrant(sp?) spectres also drop a good amount of herb seeds edit: iirc there are quite a few lower level slayer monsters that also drop lower level herbs and seeds as well
  4. IIRC glacors are good Mage/def exp if you were still wanting to do that
  5. herb runs are good for money, do those while doing dung, personally I do farm runs, MTK(kingdom management at miscellania) and I bank things like infernal ashes/dbones/hides when I slay(not efficient at all if you ask meta-gamers but it's made me a lot of money and in my opinion the slower rates are worth the cash gain)
  6. don't forget the dung scroll for herblore, it is worth the points and comes in handy
  7. general slayer is a good way to get charms, waterfiends are a good way to farm crimson charms(most of your xp will come from these) as well as glacors for blue and crimson charms
  8. Edit:sorted. less than 57 mins on my second try, died to jad from lag on first try. thanks for the help
  9. I'm looking to attempt the fight kiln hopefully twice today for the Melee and Mage capes and was looking for advice on how to do it. I've read the guide on the main page here but it looks extremely outdated.. stats should be in my signature but they are as follows: 90+ atk 90+ str 95 magic 90+ def 95 pray 96 herb 88 summon gear: full obsidian bar shield drygore maces abbysal wand/orb zo ring for damage boost ardy cape 3(I'll be losing my only fire cape) penance aura/vamp aura was thinking 2 ovld flasks 1 pray renewal flask 1 super restore flask for summon points/pray 6 pray flasks 3 open spaces for invul/const/restore crystals 1 spare war tort pouch and rest rocktails with war tort full of rocktails
  10. iirc the constant changes to eoc made remaking the guides a pita due to constant updating every update
  11. I think yes, however main hand crossbow and offhand dl darts would probably be better than offhand chaotic edit: ninjad
  12. farm runs/mtk cut the expense of drygores a good bit if you take the time to do them
  13. when you have the levels curly roots in the jadinko lair would be worth looking at for wc xp as well as firemaking xp
  14. with dual drygores you can for the most part ignore the combat triangle for slayer except for a few exceptions like the ascension monsters(ranged) and polypore dungeon monsters(magic)
  15. T90 weapons are much better than T80 armor wise if you plan on using all three styles for slayer I would advise getting bandos/armadyl/subjugation armor and work towards a mighty slay helm(upgrade on the current slayer helm for more armor/lp and costs slay points) (edit): iirc t90 weapon upgrade is more dps than gwd armor->nex armor
  16. I dumped my c claws for tokens to get the charm imp.. I don't regret it at all
  17. explorer jack in lumby has an option to claim rewards for tasks that gives you the gp now
  18. I havent seen anything to say the Seren concepts were drawn up for FOTG, in fact everything simply seems to indicate they were drawn up in the WGS aftermath the same time as all the gods were (re)concepted graphically. Though as a theory I wouldn't say its necessarily all that crazy - after all what we know of FOTG is playing a deciding hand in restoring Zaros to a body of some sort. The mechanics of such a task could easily tie in to how Seren is to be restored. The link with Zaros seems almost inevitable though, his disembodied form has pretty much identical face to what Seren has got. Plus there are other linking factors. Zaros was always a god, Osbourne mentioned that Seren was always a god. Zaros is linked to shadows and silence and secrecy and might and Seren seems to be linked to all the polar opposites - light, sound and peace. Both have survived 'dying' (or at least we are led to believe Seren can be reformed) Both are Tier 2 gods. probably mentioned somewhere but seren/zaros could have been made as basically two halves of the same coin by the elder gods balancing each other out to protect/control the world
  19. if the armor loss rating isn't too much of an issue,you can substitute subjugation robes as they will offer a damage boost (edit: thanks sy)
  20. turm also comes with soul split.. it's definately worth it
  21. I didn't time myself, but range with a royal cbow seemed to be decent a few months ago
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