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  1. ...started to answer this post but
  2. Turnpike, there is no way I'm going for 99 runecrafting next. I should have been in there with you, so training the skill would not be so dull. Runespan is desolate these days, and the few other 'spanners that pass by me say nothing. Here's a summary of what I've done since my last post: - I spread 123 jellies for my slayer task. Wearing full Guthan's and quaffing super strength potions resulted in my hardly ever having to pray protect vs. melee. I earned 38 charms and a rune helm. The drops on these things are pitiful. I was assigned 130 bloodvelds for my next task, but I didn't start it. - On my way out of the Slayer Tower I took a diversion to the ghouls in Canifis, and slaughtered enough of them to reach level 74 in attack. That places me at combat level 99.975, so I will be able to reach level 100 before that means absolutely nothing with the implementation of Evolution of Combat. - On a SoF spin I earned a Tears of Guthix ticket, which I used for 7,300 hunter experience. - I used the JoT aura bonus tome on summoning, leveling to 66. - I trained all 2,700 possible resources in the clan citadel on the loom, which garnered me level 87 in crafting: [spoiler=If You're Crafty and You Know It, Clap Your Hands] - I charged my clan ring at the furnace, giving me bonus firemaking experience (57K) that I earned chopping and burning curly roots amongst the Jadinkos. This place is growing on me; I'm thinking of setting down roots there. All punning aside, I reached level 90: [spoiler=In A Smoke-Filled Room] I think it's about time to try some solo dungeoneering and give my thoughts on the update. Total levels = 1,842
  3. I hit 1,000 total hours played - that's 41 days and 16 hours spent on Runescape. That's 797 hours since I began this blog last August 31st; just under 60 hours average played per month. 1,838 levels in the first thousand hours, and now I wonder how many more it will take to get the final 162. I'm thinking somewhere around 500. 2,000 levels in 62 1/2 game days (1,500 hours) sounds to me like a decent accomplishment. Depending on the release date of the new skill, and the type of skill it is, I could reach this mark even more quickly. With 55,788,000 total experience, that means I have averaged ... hang on, carry the one, move the decimal, there we go: 55,788 experience per hour. On one hand, that means I've been fairly good at actually doing things when I'm logged in, and not spending much time standing around chatting. On the other hand, that rate is due in large part to the high experience-rate skills I've spent the most time training - fletching, woodcutting, cooking and firemaking. Not many of those hours were from the last five days. The only thing I have really done is spend time in Runespan, where I leveled runecrafting twice (79, 80): [spoiler=I Have Been Feeling Span-ish Lately] I also visited the newly-updated Tears of Guthix, where I earned 6,300 dungeoneering experience (it should have been better but I got distracted while collecting tears), and received a medium dungeoneering lamp on SoF, which got me a level (63). Total levels = 1,838
  4. I like reading about the exploits of players who have made it to the end game and still have goals to accomplish. Would you be open to describing a bit about your Runescape history? Best of success to you!
  5. I had a very busy last couple of days. Here's what's up: - I slashed curly roots and burned them in the Jadinko lair, to the tune of 220K firemaking experience. - I finished off my aberrant spectre slayer task. For the final 95, I received 198K worth of loot and 29 charms. This was my 40th consecutive task, earning me a nice 50 point bonus and putting me just five Chaeldar tasks away from 400 slayer points, a most magical number. In a nice coincidence, I had a daily challenge to kill 39 high level mobs at the same time as this task, so I earned an additional 12,318 experience points from Rampage Mk X (huh?) which I applied to defense. That increased my defense level (71), and my overall combat level (99). - My next task found me in the slayer dungeon, where my magic mirror and I vanquished 169 basilisks. Along with leveling strength (72) and slayer (64), I collected 85K worth of loot, 58 charms and a basilisk head. Yeah, so apparently I can put that in my player-owned home at some point. For now, it will rot in my bank. - I had another daily challenge to complete, this time cooking 184 shark. Because this week is a cooking competition in my clan, I decided to tackle this challenge, which netted me 74,533 bonus experience in addition to that gained by actually cooking the sharks. I cooked a bunch of swordfish (moved up from lobsters) after that. - For the day I earned 623K total experience, my fourth-highest (at the time - ooh, foreshadowing) daily total. - Yesterday found me skilling in the clan citadel. I spent the entire time at the BBQ plot training cooking. I earned 405K experience and leveled to 89: [spoiler=It's Not 90, But It's Still Good] - Continuing with the crazy cooking theme, I charged my ring at that plot and grilled up a ton of swordfish at a bonfire, reaching level 90: [spoiler=It's 90, And It's Good] - After talking with a clan mate at length about how good gauntlets would be, as they would enable me to step up to shark cooking with minimal burning, I decided to take on the Family Crest quest. I found this to be interesting, and easy, and within an hour I had some new gauntlets. I will use these for cooking for awhile, but plan to switch them to smithing at some point: [spoiler=I Got 99 Quest Points But The Bit...Uh, Never Mind] - I tried out the gauntlets on a few hundred shark, and this brought an end to an record-setting day for me: 839K cooking experience, blowing away my previous single-skill daily total of 584K in fletching, and 850K total experience. Had I not been busy last night, I could have easily notched my first million-point day. That will come. Total levels = 1,835
  6. You are on fire! Great job on 99 runecrafting; wish I could have been there.
  7. Icedre - thank you so much for your post. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed reading my blog, and you're right, this has been a fun virtual adventure for me. It's awesome that my blog provided you with the motivation to play Runescape again after a long hiatus. You've helped validate my reasons for keeping this blog updated, and I sincerely appreciate your comments. As for looking forward to my next post, well this is it, and it is nothing too exciting. I traveled to Canifis to work some more on my aberrant spectre slayer task, using up an attack pendant on which I still had 11K of bonus experience to earn. Shortly after that was depleted, I decided to leave the Slayer Tower and work on my ranged skill. I just cannot seem to stick around the spectres for very long; it's probably their stench, even with the nosepeg. It's not like the ghouls and the citizenry (werewolves) of Canifis smell much better, but they certainly are easier to defeat. I spent long enough on the ghouls to reach level 64 ranged. Bored with combat, I teleported back to Herblore Habitat and walked over to the Jadinko Lair for some firemaking training. I earned enough favour to give me 2,000 points, which I turned in for seeds and bags. What a lousy reward! The loot is worth about 7K. I wonder if that's the average for turning in 2K favour points, or whether I was simply unlucky. Chopping the roots and then burning them in the firepit resulted in level 89 firemaking: [spoiler=Burning the Root of the Problem] Total levels = 1,830
  8. I spent yesterday's session training firemaking. First, I leveled to 88 burning maples at a bonfire: [spoiler=Getting Fired Up] Next, I took the advice of a friend and went exploring. Teleporting to Herblore Habitat, I skipped over a few rocks to the north and talked to a couple crazy-looking guys near a large hole. They spoke of Jadinkos and roots and seeds, and I must say, it intrigued me. Down the hole I went. I spent the better part of two hours cutting curly roots, collecting them, and burning them in a fire pit. I stayed in the lair long enough to earn 1,450 favour points, which I'm told can be turned in for seeds. I will definitely be returning, as it makes for a more interesting experience than simply tossing logs into a bonfire amidst usually very inane commentary. The one thing I need some practice with is avoiding clicking on the jadinkos themselves accidentally. Three times I inadvertently attacked one, and had to switch worlds to avoid being killed. In total I earned 416K firemaking experience on the day, which is my highest daily total in any skill other than fletching. Three other quick comments: 1. Before logging off I used the Jack of Trades bonus tome on herblore, resulting in level 66. 2. I am very excited about the upcoming boost to solo dungeoneering experience. 3. Forgot to mention in my prior post that I earned more than 8 1/2 million experience in October, by far my highest single-month total. Total levels = 1,828
  9. October was a very productive month, starting with the Promissory Note bonus leveling and throwing double experience at us near the end of the month. To wrap things up, I leveled three times in my last session. First, I spent some time in the thieving guild and reached level 68. Next, I spent a couple hours in the clan citadel, focusing on smithing because there was a ton of charcoal available. I leveled that skill to 68, and then capped at the loom. I charged the clan ring at the BBQ plot, which gave me 93K bonus cooking experience to use. I cooked lobsters at a bonfire in the Grand Exchange, using up the ring's charges and leveling cooking to 88: [spoiler=Lobster for All!] I earned more than 300K experience in cooking, and about 475K overall for the session. My top 25 daily high scores includes just five totals under 400K, which is certainly a far cry from six months ago. On the SoF I received a pendant of attack, which I'll remember (hopefully) to use on my next trip to the Slayer Tower to finish off the aberrant spectre task. Total levels = 1,826
  10. Nice job on your first 98.9! It's a very cool idea to get all 90+ with no cape, and the fact that you stuck to this goal since beginning the blog is definitely impressive.
  11. Great job getting 99s in prayer and summoning! Keep getting those drops, guys.
  12. Two thumbs up for the use of spreadsheets. Nice start to the blog and grats on your second 99. I'll be following along.
  13. Bonus weekend was nowhere close to what I had planned. Real-life obligations kept me to just a handful of hours on Saturday, and without any playing time the following day or evening. I was able to accomplish a few things, though: - I completed the Troll Stronghold quest, which was enjoyable and simple: [spoiler=Trolling For Exp Lamps] I applied both 10K experience lamps to summoning. I got a kick out of the two guards' names - Twig and Berry. - The 155 troll slayer task was extremely easy, using the Guthan's set. The spear regenerated life points so I didn't need prayer protection or food. Drops for trolls are lousy, although I did get 30 exp burying each set of big bones given the bonus for the weekend. Thanks to double experience, I also was able to level slayer (63) and constitution (73). - I earned a total of 313K crafting experience while capping in the citadel, leveling to 86: [spoiler=No Gloom at the Loom] - I decided to continue training combat skills to take advantage of double experience, so I visited Chaeldar who assigned 167 aberrant spectres for my next slayer task. With nose peg firmly attached, I traveled to the slayer tower and trained attack, leveling that skill (73). I quit after 55 of them, receiving 93K in drops (mostly herbs) and 16 charms. I'll finish this task up another time. - I finished late Saturday evening in the thieving guild, where I gained a quick level (67), and then spent a little time throwing maple logs into a bonfire at the Grand Exchange. In total, I earned 778K experience on Saturday (a new single-day high) and five levels. Total levels = 1,823
  14. You're not the only one. I posted something very similar a few pages back.
  15. Remember that if you decide to go dungeoneering, you will not receive double tokens along with the double experience.
  16. My sessions since last post have revolved around a few more slayer tasks. I'm just over 100 slayer points away from a slayer helmet and I'd like to get that soon. I did take part in one Daily Challenge - cooking 184 sharks. I burned a fair amount of them, so I ended up losing some money, but the reward of 73K bonus experience was decent. After zipping back to Chaeldar, she gave me a special challenge, which was to use a spray she wanted to test on ten zygomites. Sometimes the spray killed the zygomite instantly, other times it healed it, and still other times it threw the creature into a rage. This challenge resulted in 10K bonus slayer experience and 25 bonus slayer points. Chaeldar then assigned my next task: 149 banshees. I fought them in the desert slayer dungeon beneath Pollnivneach, wearing masked earmuffs (of course) and dragonhide pieces. I have to admit that I enjoyed this task very much. I leveled slayer (62) and received about 190K worth of loot, significantly more than the amount I spent on the prayer and super strength potions I used during the task. Most of the loot was in the form of herbs, but I also received 760 pure essence and some mystic gloves, along with 36 (mostly green) charms. I will consider training combat skills on these guys. Upon completion of the task I purchased the set of Guthan's armor and spear for 1.225 million and 100 prayer potions for 590K. I sold my granite body, dragon helm and dragon platelegs for about 360K (that's substantially less than I remember paying for that gear, but I don't feel like going back to check). With Guthan's gear draped on my frame, I went after Chaeldar's next slayer task, which was 151 lesser demons. I was all alone in the Karmaja volcano dungeon, and found these creatures to be extremely simple, as I barely was hit. They had terrible drops, however. So bad, I apparently didn't feel the need to write down anything on my notepad regarding loot. For my next slayer task, I was assigned 155 trolls...and it was time to slam on the brakes. To get to the best place to kill trolls, I would need to complete (or at least start) the Troll Stronghold quest. To do that, I needed to complete (finally!) Death Plateau. And so I did: [spoiler=Three 100-xp Reward Lamps! OMG!] Alas, it was time to depart. Until next time, fair readers, when our hero will (probably) attempt to assail the mighty Troll Stronghold. Total levels = 1,818
  17. I've heard this argument made before in the above, edited context. Do the circumstances given as reasons for the activity make the activity acceptable? If people are making money off my product/service without my consent, through theft or other means, I'm going to be upset about it, no matter how they try to justify it.
  18. I was just playing with that tracker today. Not with a 50M target, of course. That is one crazy week you have going on.
  19. Nice diet soda conversation! Grats on the levels. Are you going to be saving 99 dung for last?
  20. I gained three levels yesterday: 1. I used Chaeldar for my slayer task. I have graduated from the Edgeville dungeon slayer master - it is time for more points per task, and some more difficult monsters. She assigned 143 bloodveld. I used my Master Reverence Aura for the first time, along with protection prayers against melee, super strength potions, and dragonhide gear, all of which made this a very good task. The bloodveld are not aggressive, giving me time to turn prayer off between battles. They dropped 57 charms (46 green) along with three rune helms and a good portion of big bones. Not the best money-making task, but better than many of the recent ones I've had. I trained defense, and leveled to 70: [spoiler=A Good Defense Is The Best Offense] I'm happy about reaching level 70 defense, as I can now get barrows armor. I'm leaning towards Guthans, based on clan suggestions. 2. I spent some time at the Grand Exchange, burning maple logs at a bonfire. It was a long enough visit to level firemaking to 87 (I forgot to grab a screenshot of this extremely momentous occasion). 3. My two SoF spins for the evening resulted in two medium lamps. Using both on prayer leveled that skill to 66, and increased my overall combat level to 98. Almost 100 and not really even trying! Total levels = 1,817
  21. Thanks for the grats, Sydan! I don't think there's any risk of me catching up to you any time soon. There are no new 99s in sight for me. In fact, I doubt that I will achieve another 99 before hitting 2K total levels. Cooking and firemaking will likely be the next two, but I need more than nine million experience in each, and the thought of sitting around grinding nine million experience in either skill is terrifying. I have hit all of my year-end goals already (1,800 total levels, 99 in fletching, 50 million total experience, 60 in each skill), aside from getting 125 quest points. I am thinking about focusing on quests during the month of November and completing that goal. I'm still not sure what I will focus on during bonus experience weekend, or even how much time I will have to play. Right now I am leaning towards combat skills, because that is what I do the least, although I am also considering thieving, fishing, mining, summoning and construction. I will delay capping in the clan citadel until the weekend, to get double crafting experience. Aside from the 584K fletching experience the other day, I also high-alched 900 unfinished maple longbows, reaching level 74. I ended the day with my best one-day experience total - 756K. My top 25 scores are all more than 350K, which was unthinkable a year ago. Total levels = 1,814
  22. All charitable organizations have missions. Donations to an organization are used to support the mission. Suomi's "mission" was to reach five billion experience. All contributions to Suomi were given to help him on the journey, and not for the five billionth experience point itself. Each donation was used for its intended purpose. Charitable organizations go out of business often. That doesn't mean that every donation made to that organization wasn't used to support its mission. People who donate to a charity that later goes out of business shouldn't feel as though they were ripped off, and really shouldn't complain about it, unless their donations were used for purposes other than intended.
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