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  1. Verbal Kint: "And like that...he's gone."
  2. Phew! With 584K experience today and 1.67 million for the week, I hit the magical level number 99 in fletching (if you look closely at the picture, you can see that I caught one of the fireworks just as it was launching from the ground - cool!): [spoiler=Makes Me Want To Dance!] I don't like the way the cape looks as much as I like the woodcutting one, especially now that it's been trimmed: [spoiler=Trim-ber!] Looks like the additional 99 increased the defensive bonus of the skill capes by one, to +9. That makes me wonder if it increases by one with each additional 99 earned. During the run to 99 fletching I hit the 50 million total experience milestone: [spoiler=Fiddy Mill] Since my last post I also earned two more levels. Using the clan ring I charged at the cooking plot, I threw some lobsters on the barbie bonfire and reached level 87: [spoiler=Now We're Cookin'] Taking a break from all of the skilling, I took advantage of a clanmate's request to join him and two others in Daemonheim for some group dungeoneering. This was my first-ever foray into the dungeons with companionship. I felt pretty much like a leech, although I did help out with some boss battles and finding a couple of keys. For the most part, I took advantage of their skills to earn some very significant experience, and leveled to 62. In all, we cleared four medium floors (28-31) and then, since I couldn't go any deeper than 31, we went back and cleared two small floors (20 and 21). I died six times in all and earned 50,500 experience in about 90 minutes. That would have taken me five hours on my own. The biggest badass boss was the level 300 Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan at the end of Floor 31. Basically, I stood whimpering in the corner while the rest of the team took care of business. I'm not too proud to let others have all the glory. Total levels = 1,813
  3. I've had a couple of slow days. I spent a short session Monday fletching, and am less than a million experience away from 99. For the first time, I went to the site of a shooting star that fell to the ground. It was brought to my attention in clan chat, and I picked away at it alongside a handful of clan mates and some other folks who apparently chase the stars that drop in world 99. I received around 50 pieces of star dust, resulting in about 8K worth of rewards. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my rune pickaxe so my dust collection rate was significantly slower than it should have been. I'm not going to be all that eager to try this activity again. Tuesday found me where it always finds me, training in the clan citadel. I mined until reaching level 71 and then switched to the kiln and furnace area. I produced charcoal sufficient to smith enough bars to level (67), and then spent the rest of my time making more charcoal so that other clan members could smith. So considerate, I am. After I maxed for the week, I charged my clan ring at the cooking plot, but I had no more time to play for the day. Total levels = 1,810
  4. I'm almost positive you'll get 99 before me haha. I just can't do it. ADHD is a killer! I think you're right. :wink: I don't think I'll get 80 prayer before you do, though.
  5. If they didn't allow double posting in Blogscape, most of the blogs would die. 8-) There are times when you end up posting eight consecutive times in your own thread. Good luck on getting 99 fishing - are there any other 'bucket list' items related to Runescape?
  6. An early lead, but will it hold up? That is the big question. Go Sydan!
  7. I'm interested to find out how many charms you end up receiving.
  8. I've been typing a lot lately. Not in this update. Two levels over the weekend. [spoiler=Fletching Level 98] I pulled in 445K fletching experience today, which is my third-highest single day total in a skill. Down to the final 1.227 million experience. I have no doubt that I'll knock that out before month-end. [spoiler=Firemaking Level 86] During the bonfire-sitting at the Grand Exchange, I got to hear extremely juvenile conversation (what else is new?), but I did receive 79 charms, which was nice. That's it for now. Total levels = 1,808
  9. Glad to see you back. Your research work is very interesting to me. Awesome tool you get to use!
  10. Nice job hitting the one-year anniversary of your blog! Yours is one that I've read fairly regularly throughout the past year, so figured it was past time to comment. That double exp weekend sure is coming at a great time for you.
  11. Another day, another blog post. Today's Runescape drama is brought to you by Double Experience Weekend. Wait...didn't they say 'no more bonus exp weekends'? No, they said they were rethinking the concept and as a result, players should not have expectations of one occurring any time soon. Big difference. I will take full advantage of the bonus, if that weekend is not packed with 'real-life' activities. What that probably means is: I'll get about three hours of playing squeezed into Saturday or Sunday evening. I'm not going to adjust my schedule just to fit in some more bonus time. I might, however, sell the frost dragon bones I received, if they go up significantly in price. And maybe those red chinchompas I overpaid for a little while back will increase as well. Here's a summary of what I accomplished since my last post: - Using the clan ring that I charged at the firemaking plot, I burned maples at a G.E. bonfire. I rescued just a few fire spirits, so my charms haul was only 16. - I high-alched some maple longbows, as a respite from fletching. - "And I fletch. Oh my God, do I fletch. I fletch all the ti...ime, for revolution." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itvJybdcYbI And I say "hey ey ey ey", I got a new daily high in fletching experience, with 468K. - I even performed a fletch assist for the first time: [spoiler=May I Assist You?] - Hearing about good prayer bonus experience offered by the Festival of the Dead holiday celebration, I traveled south of the Lumbridge cemetary and spoke with a weird masked dude. Because I'm such a quest slacker, I was able to select from only the cultist or Void Knight options. I went with the Void Knights, and visited the Outpost for the first time. I found a Void Knight seal on the ground and brought it back. After decorating the coffin and taking part in a short dance-off, I got the 5K bonus exp. - Two levels were earned among all of this activity. I leveled hunter to 63 with the Jack of Trades bonus tome, and now I can join the bots in the Hunt For Red Oct..er, Chinchompas. I also took a trip down memory lane and fished north of Seers' Village, leveling to 69. Hello, Mr. Highwayman, I've missed you. Total levels = 1,806
  12. My goals have a deadline of August 31, 2013, which will be the second anniversary of my blog: 2000 total levels - this goal will be adjusted based on the introduction of a new skill prior to that date Level 70+ in every skill 100 million total experience
  13. [spoiler=Two More To Go] Level 97 fletching is now in the books. It felt like I was taking a break from the skill, training it for only a bit over an hour yesterday. I don't think I have the drive to stay focused on training fletching only for the last 2+ million experience, so it may be a month or more before I can trim my woodcutting cape. Before moving to the citadel for my weekly training, I used up the remaining bonus (13K) on last week's clan ring, which I had charged at the cooking plot. Between the ring, a 3% equipment bonus from SoF wins, and a 6% avatar bonus I received 204 experience per lobster. Once the ring crumbled into dust I spent two hours capping in the citadel. I focused on crafting and leveled (85): [spoiler=Weaving Is My Craft] I'd have to go back through my blog to confirm this, but I think that my last 42 or 43 crafting levels have been earned at the loom in the citadel. It's nice to get the skill to level 85 without spending a gold coin on it. I made a note to research whether there is some slower method of earning crafting experience that's actually profitable at this level. I spent some time at the mining plot, and then charged my ring at the firemaking plot, which will give me a 55K bonus. Because I need more than five million experience in both cooking and firemaking to reach my goal of level 95 in each before completing The Second Thousand, I figured I would switch off clan ring charges between the two skills for the foreseeable future. Total levels = 1,804
  14. So much fletching. Oh, the humanity! In the past three sessions I've totaled a shade over a million experience fletching magic logs and stringing the longbows. In the past two sessions, it's been 739K experience, and yesterday alone I booked a single-day personal record of 455K fletching experience. That all has left me about an hour's worth away from level 97. My total experience of 527K for the day is my fifth-highest total. I had to mix in some other training, so I spent a little time high alching unfinished maple longbows that I purchased from a clan mate at a discount. I also had a Runespan Daily Challenge (siphon 190 death, law or nature nodes), which I completed, receiving 25,237 of bonus experience. The highlight of my day was receiving a completely unexpected gift of 500 frost dragon bones from my friend Sydan. That was extremely generous and I'm very appreciative. To add to the moment, he joined my clan. My next post will contain news of at least one level. Total levels = 1,802
  15. I'm moving, I'm moving! Not very quickly, but I'm moving. [spoiler=Level 96 Fletching] 295K experience today is my highest one-day total in fletching, and fourth-highest in any skill (three better totals in woodcutting). I sold a couple thousand strung magic longbows and purchased a few thousand more logs. The only other thing of note was my SoF spins yesterday - I received a Prized Pendant of Prayer (the tremendous Triple P!) and a Botanist's Mask. Because I have no plans to train herblore over the next 30 days other than through the Jack of Trades bonus tome, I converted it to 100K coins. Total levels = 1,802
  16. My last session was a huge one, followed by three days of inactivity and lack of time to play or post. So I'm minding my own business, fletching some yew longbows at the Varrock Bank, when Turnpikes asks me to calculate how much coin I would lose if I switched to fletching/stringing magic logs instead. Here's a guy who is more anxious than I am to see my woodcutting cape get trimmed. He very generously staked my calculated loss with two million coins. In return, I have to focus on getting to level 99. That's become a short-term goal that I estimate will take just a bit over 30 hours to achieve. I had enough in the bank to buy an initial batch of 5,000 magic logs (6,829,000 total/1,366 each) and 10,000 bow strings (1,480,000). I fletched for a while, earning 172K experience. I also spent time maxing in the citadel, obviously, focusing on crafting and smithing. For I think just the second time ever, I did not level in the citadel during a week. I charged my clan ring at the cooking plot and put on the cooking garb I won on the SoF (hat, jacket and shoes). With that bonus and 3% extra from the clan avatar, I earned 200 exp per lobster on a bonfire at the Grand Exchange. In total I managed more than 250K cooking experience and leveled to 86. I set a one-day personal best for experience with 620K. I'm not counting the 700K I received in 10 minutes the day before with the Promissory Note). As I mentioned last post, I spent time figuring out how I'd get these last 200 levels to reach the end of The Second Thousand. My overall goal is to have at least level 70 in each skill. Here is my tentative plan: Combat - 52 of the levels will be through fighting mobs. That will take me to level 80 in attack, strength, defense, and constitution, as well as 70 in ranged and 70 in slayer. This part of the goal is really up in the air, as a lot depends on when EoC is released, and whether I like it. Most of this training will be through slayer tasks, although I might pick a certain mob (e.g., fire giants or ogres for ranged) and stay there for awhile. This should take about 20% of the total hours I am projecting to need. Prayer - 10 levels (would get me to level 75). Burying bones at a gilded altar, as I can afford to do so. I'll also be putting JoT and some lamp experience to this skill. Magic - 7 (80). High alching, probably. Some on slayer tasks if required. Dungeoneering - 9 (70). I like soloing, but it's slow going. I'm going to have to look into grouping up. If dunging in a group turns out to be to my liking, I might fly past this level goal. If not, it will be a real struggle. Fletching - 4 (99). See above. Cooking and Firemaking - 10 each (95). It would be nice to get one or both of these to 99 as well by the time I have 2K total, but I don't think I will have the patience, and I need to spend those hours in other skills. I'll be spending a lot of time around bonfires, regardless, just to get these both to 95. Crafting - 8 (92). Citadel skilling will focus on this each week. Mining and Smithing - 10 (80), and 9 (75). Will train these in the citadel when I can (i.e., when I get sick of the loom). I'll probably spend time mining coal at the Mining Guild or the coal trucks near Seers' Village, and for smthing I'll look into smelting steel bars at Port Phasmatys. Fishing - 7 (75). Boring. Fly-fishing at Shilo Village (gotta get that quest done!) or monkfish at Piscatoris (gotta get Swan Song done!). Agility - 6 (83). Nothing magical about that level, other than it helps me get to exactly 2K total. I will probably be training at Ape Atoll, but I have a few quests to complete first. Hmmm...looks like questing will need to be a significant part of my training. I've only been saying that for a year. Thieving - 14 (80). I plan to do Pyramid Plunder, and (after The Feud) hit up the menaphite thugs in Pollnivneach. I also need to get the Ardougne cloak from the task (achievement) system. Runecrafting - 7 (85). Runespan. This, by the way, is probably a conservative number. I could easily get 90 or higher if I don't want to gouge out my eyes after siphoning from a node for 30+ hours. Construction - 12 (75). Oak larders, I guess. This will be based on cashflow. I would like to make my house look nicer, though, so I'll probably spend some time/resources on that. Hunter - 10 (72). Staring with level 63, I'm planning to go after carnivorous chinchompas in Feldip Hills. That phrase sounds ridiculous, frankly. 'Chin Chompers', indeed. I might switch a few of these levels with agility levels, or vice versa, depending on which I like more. Summoning, Herblore, Farming - 5 each (70). These are wildcards. JoT and other bonus experience will be going to these skills, along with prayer. Maybe, just maybe, I'll take a liking to farming and I'll start planting watermelons, papaya trees and snapdragons like a man possessed. Perhaps I'll use those snapdragons to make super restore potions to blast through herblore levels. Probably not. Woodcutting - haha. Back-of-envelope (in actuality, Excel spreadsheet) estimate for all of this is approximately 700 hours of game play and about 34.5 million experience. To reach my goal by the second anniversary of my blog (August 31, 2013), that would require an average of about two hours per day. Whether I'll have the free time or the inclination to do so is up in the air. As of today, it certainly seems reasonable. By the way, all of this is out the window if Jagex introduces a new skill within the next nine months. That will make my trek to The Second Thousand a lot more simple. Onward we go! Total levels = 1,801
  17. Holy skull that's a large tattoo! I hear ya re: woodcutting rank. I would like to be in the top 100K as well, just so I can say I'm in that bracket in more than one skill (crafting is currently my only one).
  18. Nice use of the Promissory Note. Glad you didn't use it just to save five hours of Runespan grind.
  19. Turnpike, 'soon' is defined as 'by the end of the year, hopefully'. I spent an hour in the Thieves' Guild using the Five-Fingered Discount aura and earned about 45K experience, which brought me to level 66 in thieving. On my next log-in, I received a shiny note and some cards in my inventory. Gotta love that Promissory Note. I planned things out to gain the maximum number of levels possible for me. Here's how I spent it: Prayer - 138K experience, levels 62-65 Farming - 135K, levels 62-65 Herblore - 121K, levels 62-65 Summoning - 115K, levels 63-65 Construction - 100K, levels 61-63 Hunter - 75K, levels 61, 62 Slayer - 16K, level 61 Pics of the level 65s (not sure why the farming pic is so much smaller than the others): All that planning resulted in one desired outcome: So, I'm now 200 levels away from completing The Second Thousand. I've spent a little bit of time plotting out how I'm going to reach that total, and in a future post I'll describe things in more detail. Now, though, it's off to the citadel for some skilling. Total levels = 1,800
  20. Great job! Why, you're 80% of the way to maxed (just think of it in terms of levels, not experience or time needed). I might get 99 fletching before you do.
  21. I've been playing some over the past few days, and I have a few things to report. Here's a summary: Fletching - For the second time, I received a Daily Challenge to fletch 336 magic longbows. I purchased them at the Grand Exchange for 430K (having plenty of bowstrings already), and received 60K bonus experience plus 228 raw rocktails, which sold for 479K. I spent a couple of additional hours fletching, and need around 500K to reach level 96. Combat - I traveled via the fairy rings to Canifis and spent awhile attacking ghouls with a whip and dragon defender. I leveled attack (72), strength (71), defense (69) and constitution (72), which increased my total combat level to 96. Ranged - I decided to extend my visit to the lovely town of Canifis and kill the citizenry. Hey, they're werewolves. I trained using knives and a Pendant of Ranging that I won off the SoF, and leveled the skill (63). Daily Challenge - I had a challenge to bury five dagannoth bones. What a ridiculous waste of gold. I guess I should have thought about this a bit more before buying the bones for 37K, in which case I would have concluded (correctly) that I would not receive a goody bag in return. So, I paid that much money for a whopping 1,188 bonus prayer experience. Lesson learned. I'm looking forward to receiving the 700K bonus experience for members, and have a plan laid out for how to use all that experience. Total levels = 1,778
  22. I had so much fun with the dungeoneering challenge that I decided to do a couple more Daily Challenges. One of my five was to slay 45 monsters, so I picked up my next task which was 83 basilisks. Basilisks are an excellent slayer mob - easy to defeat without taking much damage at all, and good loot. I received about 100K worth of drops along with 20 charms, and after my trip to Burthorpe I received 5,172 slayer experience for completing the challenge. For the second challenge, I strung 336 magic longbows. I already had plenty of bowstrings, so after purchasing the logs for about 435K I went to work. This was a very simple challenge, and I received a 60,250 experience bonus upon completion, along with 46 runite ore which sold for 474K, so counting for the cost of the bowstrings I about broke even. I suppose that's the point of these challenges, although I've heard that some are money-losers. The first level of my session was in summoning (62), thanks to a medium lamp from SoF. I spent time in the clan citadel yesterday, maxing almost entirely on crafting, which got me a level in that skill (84). For variety, I did a bit of mining as well. I charged my clan ring at the cooking plot (89K bonus experience is nothing to be upset about) and took off for the Grand Exchange. I cooked lobsters on a bonfire until I reached level 85: [spoiler=What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?] It's evident that I'll be reaching 1,800 total levels well in advance of my December 31 goal. I plan to get a number of levels with the 700K member bonus experience we'll be receiving after month's end. Ideally, this extra time would result in me spending many of those found hours knocking off quests that I prioritized months ago. I may also take a little break. I'll be spending some more time thinking about my plans. In 27 levels, that is. Total levels = 1,773
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