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  1. The max I have ever done is 20 hours.
  2. Runespan (Yay for more afk skills) PoP EoC
  3. Mainly 50gp and couple of lamp prizes.
  4. Summoning. Last 99 for Max cape. :grin:
  5. Owned 2 Yellows awhile back, but later sold them to level up my skills.
  6. Range, thanks to Hati paws. Gained over 1M exp in just under 2 hours with it. :P
  7. My first 99 is Woodcutting and I achieved it in 2006. Good ol' days when it use to be somewhat "respected". <_<
  8. Few of my friends got theirs at 300~ wins and I got mine at 400~.
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