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  1. It's not very good. The opinions on it are pretty much a 50/50 split, people either love it or hate it. But start with one of the all around loved ones, FF6 or FF7.
  2. That would be FF8, except I don't know where you got the teacher with laser eyes, that didnt happen.
  3. Sprint

    MBTI Thread

    First one gave me INFP, second one gave me ISTP. Both the types I always flip-flopped between when this thread came up before. Good to know I havent changed.
  4. You need MCPatcher or optifine for any HD texture pack (32x or above) or the textures wont display properly. I recommend optifine because it's an FPS booster too and gives you the zoom, which is nice to have.
  5. I assume low switched it to creative because he always changed his gamemode to creative and just built.
  6. Really first they buffed creepers, then they buffed skeletons, and then they buffed zombies. They're slowly making the game harder. I just wish instead of making it harder to start, they made the end game harder. Once you have full diamond armor, enchanted or not, nothing really poses a threat to you anymore.
  7. Minecraft has always been poorly coded. I have problems running minecraft at a stable FPS while I can run way more resource heavy games perfectly fine.
  8. Wow it's been a long time. I'm always a fan of survival servers over creative myself.
  9. well shipwrecked was in oblivion, i'm not sure if it's in skyrim, I havent started yet.
  10. there wernt race options for starting, just different starts. Starting out in the warrior's guild, mage's guild, thief's guild, or dark brotherhood. Shipwrecked off the coast, starting off as a bandit, stuff like that. Also oblivion had it going for it that you wernt a chosen warrior, which I dont really like in games.
  11. Oh I forgot a mod, alternative start, which gives you a few options for a backstory besides the original starting sequence. I had the oblivion version of it.
  12. There is nothing wrong with that. Society tries to tell us what should be for boys, and what should be for girls. You enjoy what you enjoy.
  13. I've been unemployed for 6 months, gotta do something... I've actually just finished downloading all the mods I had picked out. A bunch of immersion mods. Sounds of skyrim, run for your lives, and realistic needs, which makes it so diseases get worse if they're not treated, and you need to have food and water. HD textures for the environment and armors, and then the unofficial patches for vanilla, dawnguard, and hearthfire. I don't have dragonborn.
  14. So i've decided i'ma get into skyrim again, redownloaded it and downloading tons of mods.
  15. I'm surprised at how many people don't turn off their phones in the theater. They either don't turn it on silent, so their loud ringtone/text message noises completely snaps me out of the movie trance, or they mute their phone but think that the giant glowing screen isn't noticeable in a dark audience. When I saw The Hobbit, a guy received three phone calls, and started talking while in his seat before slowly walking out of the theater! And then whenever he'd walk back into the theater, he'd be playing on his phone. :wall: Thankfully I haven't encountered someone's ringer going off in years but I still get the occasional person checking a text as if their bright screen is only visible to them. That's why I usually wait a week or so when I go see a movie, almost all the seats are empty and I usually never see anyone on their phones during the movie. Last movie I went to see where something like that happened was paranormal activity. It was a few weeks after it came out, it was just me and two girls who wouldn't shut up during the movie, in the theater. It was rather annoying but paranormal activity was a bad movie anyway so it's not like I was missing anything.
  16. You cant just rush the customers that are talking to you out the door either, because then you're not paying attention to them. You cant win in that situation.
  17. I agree with this. I could also go for an embedded interface that allows me to set my body clock. Had another of those people who forget where their car is while trying to make a turn, this time going left. She wasn't really paying attention to our side of the road, or she might have really noticed that everyone was moving halfway into the left lane to get around the nose of her car that was occupying a nice 2 feet of the right lane we were trying to use. Insect life in general. I could go for the blue rinse bombs from Artemis fowl, or at least materials that houses could be built out of that would kill rodents and insects but not harm humans. The building version of the special paints used on boats that are toxic to prevent things like muscles from growing on them, or for the hippies (and law abiding citizens), ablative paint that flakes off when stuff grows on it. thats why you dont kill spiders around your house, they eat all those bugs. Also ants wont cross a line of white chalk, since it's summer; and the season that knowing that would be useful.
  18. Have fun with goron dancing. I am also doing this very thing. I never had Ages as a kid though so I'm eager to continue on to that, though I've heard it isn't as good as Seasons. I've got BioShock Infinite waiting for me to have time to play it . . . A lot of people say ages is better. I personally disagree and think seasons is better. I've played both and the goron dancing minigame in ages is infinitely harder than the seasons counterpart, and is required as well.
  19. Every place does that. Because nobody really knows how science works. It's not like we're studied this and know how these diseases spread. I just assumed it was because nobody wants to be covered in someone else's blood, safe or not. Nope, they don't want you to catch a disease.
  20. Every place does that. Because nobody really knows how science works. It's not like we're studied this and know how these diseases spread.
  21. Yeah sometimes mods are annoying. You have to make sure they're loaded in the proper order and if the game doesnt work correctly you have to figure it out; and then I lost my save because a mod caused it to corrupt and I had to start over. It's a shame, I liked the mod that was the problem.
  22. I actually started a modded new vegas myself. I could never get into the game as vanilla for some reason. So I just started with it heavily modded.
  23. So I played two rounds of Dwarves versus Zombies last night. I did terrible but it was fun. I guess that also means I could spoil future videos of it.
  24. I've kind of got out of the big minecraft mood I was in. Also all the servers I play on seem to shut down so I usually play single player.
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