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  1. Thank you for the quick answer! Just one question: Why is it that the chakram is better than the chaotic cbow as off-hand? The dart is fair enough, as it's t85, but isn't the damage output of the cbow and chakram the same?
  2. Hey, I'm going to upgrade to ascension crossbows, but I only have the money for the mainhand atm. I assume it's better to use a combination of asc and offhand, but I'm asking just to be sure. Can i use Asc bolts when my offhand is chaotic, or would I be better off using dragonbane? If i recall correctly, dragonbane bolts are better than royal but worse than asc bolts at QBD. Hope you can help :)
  3. If this means people vote they'd rather see books removed from the game, and Jagex stops making books I'm going to be so sad - the books are fantastic, and in Skyrim I read every book I found, whatever theme they were in.
  4. According to the jagex wiki, its only use is to feed it to a pet troll...
  5. Uhhm... Granted, the cave goblins are hard to do right, but this just seems so... they remind me of the house elves in the filmatisations of Harry Potter
  6. I'm not sure if I'd want a pike to be the best solo weapon out there - but what if a pike would be the best co-op weapon? It would deal mediocre damage alone, but if you stood side by side with others it increased damage dramatically? - would fit the renaissance-esque setting of runescape well.
  7. So this new wisp colony is supposed to be the best for training all the way from 75 to 99. I'm not sure what I think about that. Something I liked about divination was that you changed training places so often. Now - if Jagex' claim that this is indeed the best place to train for those levels are right - four of the locations released not a year ago are rendered obsolete. Did Muspahs get their improved drop tables now, or did they only get this new summoning ingredient?
  8. [hide] [/hide] I heard that in the Voice of Marion from men in tights, and it became so much better.
  9. [hide=Mod balance multilogging] [/hide] May I ask what he's answering to here?
  10. My collection is one of each type of rune guardian - makes the house a bit more colourful.
  11. Those poor smugglers basically re-lived what the last dwarfs in Moria experienced - although it might be a bit more embarrassing to be killed by crab-squids than by orks. NVM: Crab-squids can apparantly one-hit-kill anyone they see instantly. Poor guys.
  12. I avoid that booth when I'm at GE precicely because there's always so many people there.
  13. What's first priority choosing between crew and ship upgrades? Or is it best to change some of the crew, then some a ship part, then more crew, so that you have as few untrained crew at the same time as possible?
  14. I just returned home from a trip to Wales. It was windy and contianed a lot of sheep, as expected, but tell me, how do you guys not go tired of daffodils? There's daffodils everywhere!

    1. Scherzo


      Hope you're okay btw :)

  15. That helm isn't awesome. (might just be that I don't fancy that kind of cosmetics though)
  16. They aren't locations in the world like the divination training areas, but are just a new type of what is called divine locations, like herb patches, divine rocks, trees, hunting boxes, etc.
  17. I can't for the love of God find the third memoriam. Anyone know where that one hides?
  18. I filled it up after finishing my memories, since it was pretty heavily hinted that it would be useful (and that you can fill it up after the mini-quest). I'm just praying that we don't have to fill it up several times during the quest à la the memory collection.
  19. What I'm not sure of is whether he still has this mindset or not. Either way, I'm more wary of his true intentions now, and I also can't believe Sliske would, for one second, not know that Azzanadra was pretending Zaros was talking to him. Except he started to believe his own lie. That's when you cross the line from normal to losing your shit.
  20. So apparently the Kharid desert isn't a true desert, but rather a nuclear wasteland. Do you think we can build the engrammeter into a geiger teller? About the memories: I was fine with charging the machine with 500 memories to start up the machine, but was actually surprised when I realised it needed to be recharged for each of the 15 memories. I want to (mini-)quest, not to train divination :(
  21. If you read between the lines in Osbourne's latest Q&A, you'll be able to figure out the reason why. I'm paraphrasing, but Osbourne said that OoK was a test to see if they could produce good quests faster and cheaper but still keeping the same quality of lore and gameplay. The reskins and asset recycling was obviously what he was getting at. To be honest I didn't mind it at all. There were still enough new areas and characters to make it feel authentic, and most reskins were fine. If that's the case (they're pushing for faster and cheaper quests), I'd say this far but not further. As others have said, the lore kept this quest afloat even though the graphics weren't stunning + reused a lot. The only place I thought about those were during the final battle, being in Guthix' chambre; though that could make some sense. (even though I'd like to have someone mentioning it in the quest why it was the same room). The nice thing about them cutting down on graphics for me is that runescape, even though it's a lot better than ten years ago, for me always have been about the lore and the story, not about the graphics - this quest is kind of keeping in that tradition. Better graphics would of course be better, but I'd rather cut back on them than on the lore and storytelling.
  22. I liked this quest a lot. Lovely to travel around in the "real" world again, instead of just being locked in a single instance throughout the whole quest. The story was nice as well, although the whole dr.mordaut part seemed a little sowed in, just as a way to be introduced to Hannibal to begin the "real" quest. I'm not sure there would be a better way to do so, but I think when he first was made a part of the quest, returning to him towards the end or something like that would make sense - The quest ends without answering his question starting the quest: Maybe there's still a dragon rider out there. My hopes are high for the next quest, as well as future quests after that. If they work with quests about the same way as they did this one. (instead of making stuff like the dwarf finale quest)
  23. I wonder if group 3 even makes a difference. If they are all going to flock around one god, then that god was already winning beforehand. The chance of having an event so balanced that the lead changes during the event is slim, I think. So all this group does, if my thinking's right, is make the difference between the losing and winning god bigger. It will be interesting to see future matchups though, Two "evil" or two "good" gods would make it a lot less predictable than the two we've had so far.
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