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  1. Wait, you're telling me there's other people from Quebec in this thread? Three-way date anyone? :P
  2. This. Almost every relationship that I've been in since like, 2010, has started on Facebook (meet in person, add her on Facebook, talk online and eventually set up an actual date). However, I'm noticing that this isn't really a good thing. The last two chicks that I dated ended up being total b****** that pretty much used me for my truck/money (*AHEM* RPG ;) ). This is because we mostly chatted on Facebook before actually really meeting in person. So I guess it has it's Pros and Cons. I can accept this. You can't really help who you fall for, and once your heart is set on someone it's hard to change it's path . However, I need to ask you something. Before you met this girl, were you into drugs? Were you the the type of guy who drives his girl wherever she wants to go? Don't let her change you too much.
  3. See I think so too, to an extent. But if I can keep my head on straight, I can minimize the personal damage. I lost ~$350 in 4 days to her. She's an expensive habit. Plus I drove her left side of everywhere. And yet, I feel she wouldn't cheat on me. Just using me. But that's just a theory. Trying to screw my head on straight, not merc it with paranoia. As I've mentioned before, I've been in a similar situation, although the girl I was seeing wasn't quite so hardcore. Trust me, just forget about her. She's the kind of girl that will slowly destroy you and once you're nothing but a crater she'll move on to someone fresh. I think you're getting attached to her because you're afraid that you won't be able to find anyone else but trust me man, it's not worth the effort on your part. Do yourself a favour and get over her.
  4. In the long run you would save money with Bandos, with the repair cost of Barrows armour.
  5. I've been rejected about 13 times until I finally hooked up. You just gotta keep going. This this this this! Not every woman is your type, so it's dumb to assume that you are that one guy that every woman should be attracted to. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not targeting anyone in particular here. I'm just saying that not everyone finds "the one" on the first attempt. Just don't let it bring you down and continue trying.
  6. Do you always see these kind of women? Seems a little too much on the wild side, even by my standards. I've tried dating someone like this before. She was my ex's best friend and I kinda decided to see her to make my ex jealous (ex told me explicitly to not date her, hehehe). I ended up spending a weekend with her (nothing happened except kissing) and I started to develop feelings for her. I was just intending on sleeping with her a few times and moving on, but she was such an awesome person. She was sarcastic and funny and just so energetic that I started to crave being with her. Anyways, it ended up blowing up in my face. An easy way to describe what happened is by doing this: Saturday - Went to her parent's house, chatted with her mom, looked at baby pictures. Went to see a movie that night (Identity Thief). Went home afterwards Sunday - Went to see another movie. Made out in the parking lot in my car before bringing her home. Monday - She texts me something like: "I miss you, can't wait to see you again". Tuesday Morning - She texts me: "If I want to make you mine this weekend, would you accept?". We had agreed to take it slow and see what happens. I saw this as a sign that she wanted to make things more serious. Wednesday - Went to her place. Bought her a pack of cigs (she had no money, didn't smoke since monday), bought her McDonalds. Get home, she tells me we can't date, that she isn't attracted to me but "we can be friends". I basically tell her to [bleep] off, and leave. Saturday - I text her saying sorry for Wednesday night. She replies with "Whatever. By the way I slept with a guy Tuesday night. He was so much sexier than you ;)" Anyways, all that to say that things are not always how they seem. Have fun with her but just be prepared for anything. Look out for yourself :P. They weren't when I was 17...or maybe I just wasn't hanging out with the right girls. :P You weren't hanging out with the right girls. I've dated two 17 year olds so far this year (I'm 20) and both were quite...naughty ;).
  7. Just don't let yourself get too attached man, caus she probably won't feel the same about you. Have fun though :P. There won't be any mingling.
  8. It's not that I want to screw everything on two feet. I have standards. But we're young and now is the time to have fun and experiment a little with this kind of stuff. No point in being shy or whatever. It's the time to get out there and show people who Prets is :P. It's nice to have female friends, however. They have different point-of-views on certain affairs and who knows, they may have hot single friends.
  9. Are you looking to get laid or to find a life partner? Who cares if she's dumb or not lol. So anyways, went to a dance last night and saw my ex. I haven't seen her in like, 2-3 months and I've been working out pretty hardcore these past months. The expression on her face was priceless when she saw me, she knows what she's missing :P. It was a country dance so basically the dance floor is surrounded by tables. So every time I danced with someone, she was forced to watch. So yeah, that was a crapload of fun haha.
  10. If she would approach you when you're sober and asked you to sleep with her, would you?
  11. If google images isn't doing the job, no other search engine will.
  12. If she mentioned Prom to you it was most likely a hint, depending on how she brought it up. If she still doesn't have a date, ask her! If you meet someone at a party that you are interested in or had fun with, you should try to contact them a day or two after the event, while the memory of you is still fresh in her mind. If it's been longer than that, don't worry, it's not too late. But try to get in contact with her ASAP. Personally, what I do, is that I contact them on the same night that I met them. Not always, but I do this often. Ask for their number before they leave and then call them 15-20 minutes after they leave and ask them something silly like "Hey, it's Anthony from the bar. I was wondering what colour shirt I should wear on our first date? I want to make sure I look good.". All the times I've done this, I've gotten at least a first date. It takes a lot of balls to do but it works like a charm because nobody calls anyone anymore. Calling a girl shows them that you are really into them and it shows that you have confidence. Women love confidence ;).
  13. If you're interested in that particular girl, you should totally take action. I don't know if you see her at all at school/work because you didn't make that clear. If you do, you should just talk to her. If you don't know how to spark the conversation, just bring up stuff that you talked about that night or just try to get to know her more by asking her various questions. In my experience, women love to talk about themselves so just work with that. If you don't see her in person, chat with her on Facebook the next time you see she's online. Try to not ask too many questions online because you'll use up any conversation starters for when you actually meet up again in person. Try and see if she would be interested in hanging out some time. I'm not saying to go on Facebook and write something like "Hey, wanna hang out some time?". Just chat a little and ask her when you think the time is right. I normally just chat once or twice during a 7 day period and then on the third day I'll ask her out but it really varies on how much you've known her before and how interested she looks. Don't take too long though because someone could come around and snatch her from ya :P.
  14. Just try to get on the subject of relationships and mention that for the time being, you aren't looking to date anyone. As simple as that.
  15. Why aren't you interested in her, in the first place? Also, be honest. Sure, she may not like it but just talk to her and tell her that you're not interested in her like that, and that you wish to just be friends.
  16. Not to sound cocky or anything but I've been with three different people since New Years. I think I know how to approach girls ;). Don't get me wrong, who know what could happen in this situation. I'm just saying that I would personally not bother her.
  17. I would personally keep walking and not talk to her because I feel like I would be bothering her. Besides, she has horrible taste in shoes.
  18. She would probably just tell you to screw off if you approached her anyways.
  19. She looks busy, I wouldn't approach her. She would probably just tell me to screw off or something. Also, tentacles aren't a turn on for me ;)
  20. Of course every woman is going to have different tastes in men, and they won't always be honest about it. I personally think that more women prefer tall men, but that's not always the case. I say, don't worry about it buddy, height isn't the only factor that's going to make you attractive to someone.
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