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  1. Don't usually listen to french music, but this is good.
  2. The OcUK GPU? Yeah' I'm sure it's terrible compared to the MSI.
  3. Just re-watched Law Abiding Citizen. Damn good movie.
  4. But the i7-2600k's hyperthreading is better for video and photo editing, which is what he's looking for too.
  5. 1- Get a z68 motherboard 2- I would recommend a Intel i7-2600k processor. That things supposed to be beast for photo editing/video rendering and can be overclocked to insane speeds. 3- Cooler Master HAF 912 or 922 would be better choices for cases. Very nicely designed cases with plenty of room for cable management and after-market CPU cooling. Other than that, decent build. The MSI GTX560ti is a great choice. That's what I have in my system and I've never seen it hit temperatures higher than 50C, even when it was 30C in my room.
  6. Looks like sand to me.
  7. Great for PC temps :D
  8. Sounds like you may be missing some drivers.
  9. Yeah, Blood Barrage would be an option. Thanks.
  10. Well I just got a Jad task (yay!). I'm just a bit worried about my healing situation when in the caves. I'm nowhere near being able to use a EE or afford a SGS.
  11. Planning on doing this Monday when I have time off from work. What would be the ideal equipment and inventory for me to use? Moneys not really an issue, but I would rather not spend more than 2m for supplies. Stats in sig.
  12. Wow, thanks Quyneax. Much appreciated.
  13. I've been thinking about the future of my account, and I can't really decide where to start. Here's things that I would like: - Turmoil - Overloads - Yak The thing is, I'm not sure which to start with. Once the overload stash that I make on the way to 99 herb runs out, I'll have to spend a lot of money to make more, while Turmoil would be a one-time cost. Yaks are something that I would love, so I can "camp" monsters for longer lengths of time, but the only way I get charms is with slayer, so I can't really get this tomorrow. I currently have: 70 herblore 70 prayer 70 summoning (about level 76-77 banked in charms) Also, my current slayer equipment is as follows (for most tasks): Should I get rid of the Torags and buy Bandos? I'm wondering if the defense bonus difference will make me get hit a lot more often. Edit: Forgot to mention that I only have about 20m cash right now.
  14. Barrows is not a very good money maker at all.
  15. True, unless you have a glass case. I don't think that motherboard would be too good for a large aftermarket CPU heatsink, since the motherboard heatsinks are wrapping the CPU socket almost completely. The only open spot around the CPU will be covered by your RAM lol.
  16. I bet it's going to make the Asus Maximus IV Extreme look cheap.
  17. Don't you just love how the heatsinks look like a Deagle?
  18. http://en.expreview.com/2011/12/31/intel-z77-motherboard-sneaks-peek/19972.html HHNNNGGGGGG
  19. Slayer isn't exactly what I would consider a "combat skill". For me, a combat skill is something that helps you while in combat. Slayer is just a level that determines what slayer monsters you can kill.
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