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  1. Don't know why this makes me laugh so much... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IY8v_JK5uc
  2. Dat drunken lazy eye :o Baby face. Tried to grow a different beard from the usual and it didn't turn out. Anyways, all dressed up and fancy lookin'.
  3. Hey guys, new to this thread. I've been looking over the past few pages of posts and I've got to say, I'm enjoying the discussions you guys have here. I was in the same situation as a few of you before. I was a pretty big loner in High School. I went from a French Primary School to an English High School so I started off with 0 friends. Made a few but it turns out they were just letting me hang out with them as a bit of a comedy relief I guess. Used to just have me do stupid things all the time, which I did because it made me feel accepted. Anyways, all this to say that my social life in High School was pretty non-existent. Used to spend all my recess time in the library either 'Scaping or reading. Didn't attend my prom because I was too chicken to ask anyone to go with me. I was also 225lbs and 5'11" by my senior year so that didn't help the confidence. So I graduated and did nothing for a year. I literally would get up in the morning, Scape all day and go to bed at night. Every day I would hit that auto-logout feature that Runescape had (not sure if it's still there) where the game would log you out after like, 8 hours or so on consecutive play time. It would happen twice some times during the day. My mom eventually got fed up with that and forced me to get a job at the grocery store where she works. It was life changing. Lost weight (165lbs now, work out 4 days a week), and my social skills improved so much. I started noticing that girls my age would talk to me for no reason, just making small talk and stuff like that. That made my confidence shoot through the roof. So yeah, that's basically my story. Lately I've had bad luck in the girl department. The last two women I've tried having relationships were just using me for various reasons and were doing things with other men behind my back. I guess I must be attracted to that type of woman or something.
  4. How could that possibly become a skill? It's going to be a mini-game, much like the Duel Arena.
  5. Just used this setup for a steel dragon task. Should get a staff for tasks like these where I don't take damage, but I'm very satisfied with the damage I was dealing. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply! I'll check out that gear now and see how I like it.
  7. I haven't really been following combat-related news since the release (or since the announcement, rather) of the EoC update. I'm trying to decide on a setup for mage slaying. My problem, first off, is that I have only about 10m to play with. The second problem is that healing seems to be a big issue for me. I don't have access to high level prayers or summoning creatures, and so far I've been getting owned by everything I fight. I need something a little more defence oriented. Basically I need a cheap but defence oriented magic setup. If that's possible :o.
  8. Basically I'm looking for a weapon what will be the most effective for your average slayer task. Is the rapier still the best option or had EoC changed that?
  9. Yeah, I was thinking the same. I was just curious to see what his plan was.
  10. A single fan won't draw more than 10 watts, if it even nears that. You're fine. How are you planning on setting this up anyways?
  11. Granted, but that town is Atlantis and you're all going to drown in minutes. I wish I didn't have to go to work in 10 minutes.
  12. Barrows armour has the same stats as Bandos though.
  13. I have no idea how to prepare because I haven't really been following the news. Now I wish I had!
  14. This comment couldn't be more wrong. First you say they are all the same, and then you go an contradict yourself by specifying what resolution and refresh rate he should be looking at. You made a good choice, Mist_Assassin, go with that monitor.
  15. I would like these two images indexed, obviously removing the one I already have. Both of these pictures were taken at my mom's wedding a few weeks ago.
  16. Good plan. The price for SSDs have been dropping over the months so in a year or so they should be very affordable.
  17. - You want the SSD to be your primary drive. The primary drive is what will contain your OS + Programs. You use the secondary drive (in this case your 500GB HDD) for extra storage. - 4 GB of DDR3 RAM is more than enough for gaming these days. You will only see a few frames difference, if that, with 8GB of DDR3. - Some games require a lot of video RAM to play smoothly. Right now, I can't think of an example, but I'll tell you this. My graphics card has 1GB of VRAM and I run pretty much every recent game at 60 frames, with high settings. That being said, laptop graphics are not as good as desktop graphics, and I don't have enough experience with them to give you a valid opinion on them. - Your motherboard takes care of the sound, not the graphics.
  18. I don't mean to push my opinion on you, but from what I've seen, Alienware is overpriced and breaks very easily, and a lot of them also have overheating issues. I've seen it for myself. I know it's a very small sample, but out of the ~15 people I've seen with Alienware laptops, 10 of them had issues in the first 3 months of owning their laptops. 3 of them due to overheating, and the rest due to breaking parts (such as the screen dying, keyboard falling in pieces, laptop not powering on). My opinion is that Asus stuff is the "god tier" stuff like you called it here, simply because of their quality and durability (which only excludes their republic of gamers laptops). That's another reason why I would go with Sager instead. Even if they do break, they have great customer service anyways. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/916373-pc/63527002
  19. Intel 310 series is an older SSD. The Intel 520 series is the newest from Intel. Both of these use a custom-built Intel controller, so reliability is terribly awesome. However, the 310 is an additional $120, where the 520 is $100 for a 120GB drive. If you want a SSD, get the 120! You should also get a secondary, high-capacity hard drive.
  20. - SSDs will make your computer very responsive and snappy. I have one and my PC turns on in no more than 15-20 seconds. When I click a program, it comes up instantly. However, a 40GB SSD will only be for your OS, so I would drop it completely since the only benefit you will get is a faster boot/reboot time. You need at least a 60GB SSD for it to be of any use (OS + Programs). My 120GB Crucial M4 has 20GB left, with only my OS and most-used programs. - 16GB of RAM is overkill unless you plan on editing video or doing graphic/3D work. If you want to be doing these things, you should be getting a desktop. - I don't know why you keep mentioning bottlenecks. A bottleneck will almost never occur when buying prebuilt. Only worry about bottlenecking if you're upgrading components, which you most likely will not be doing with a laptop anyway. Here's my opinion on laptops. God-tier laptops are made by Alienware. Alienware computers a horribly overpriced, but their laptops are pretty fairly priced. However, Sager gives you the same options a Alienware laptop would give you, only cheaper and not as flashy (no blue laptop with a green backlit keyboard). Personally, if I were buying a laptop, I would get a Sager. They have a large price range to fit your needs, and the build quality is fantastic. Sorry if this post is all over the place, it's getting pretty late.
  21. I came here to recommend Sager. They make great laptops, for great prices.
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