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  1. Hmmm much better? Idk bout thatIt's my opinion on the matter. I can't really seem to enjoy FO3 half as much as NV.
  2. What are the useful rooms these days? I have 77 construction and every time I use my home, it makes me upset because it's quite empty.
  3. New Vegas is a good excuse to not be playing Runescape. Lots of people disagree with me, but its much better than FO3.
  4. Yeah, I know. I was just giving some methods I've used to troubleshoot such a problem. I always feel like it's a good idea to test your current hardware for trouble before going and purchasing new components in case it's something small like thermal paste or a faulty stick of RAM.
  5. I really enjoy combat too, but mostly slayer. I only train combat when I'm on slayer tasks. Besides that, I enjoy questing and farming.
  6. The Wolf of Wall Street was absolute crap. Never finished it. Bullet to the Head. Should have known it would be bad, but gave it a chance anyway. Never finished it either. Saw series. Mindless gore, not my thing. All I can think of right now. Not very picky when it comes to movies.
  7. I've been digging beer lately. Bud Light Apple or Richards. Besides that, Gin&Lemonade is quite good for the summer time :)
  8. QBD might be hard without a good range weapon to begin with, so a Chaotic crossbow might be the best goal gor now.
  9. Yeah but at the same time it could be full of dust or the thermal paste could need replacement which could cause the laptop to not work properly.
  10. A shame indeed. Would have been nice to have special rare drops for both dragons. I'm assuming they'll just be like mithril dragons except they'll drop adamant bars instead of mithril. Oh well, at least we're getting some new boots.
  11. Not very much information the the adamant dragon drops. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  12. I'm currently working on the requirements to finally get into Priff. Still have a couple of quests to do, but right now I'm working on mining (72/75) and agility (72/75), as those are the last skills I need to level. Unfortunately, those are in my top 5 least enjoyed skills.
  13. My room/key/gatestone management needs work.
  14. 8 minute larges? Man, I thought my 15-20 minute times were good xD
  15. Hey guys! I've been doing a lot of solo DG lately. I've been doing medium C6 floors, because logic is telling me that larger floors should give more xp per hour. Am I right? Or would doing C6 smalls be faster? Also, is it still good to C2 the lower floors when soloing, or should I just C6 all of the floors?
  16. That's all wonderful advice, thanks Draggle babe <3. I've been questing a lot lately while also doing fletching/smithing for money and trying to slowly get my combat skills up. Loving this Ironman account so far :)
  17. Most melees are under 20 right now. Just looking at options.
  18. So I've just started a new Ironman account. It's been so long since I've been this low leveled, and I'm kind of lost in all the new equipment choices for armour. What do you suggest for the different combat styles? I have imphide for magic right now, with Pathfinder for range and melee. Halp!
  19. Reading Blogs like these make me want to make an Ironman account. Well done.
  20. 1k points a day wouldn't take too long, but the event is kind of painful to do.
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