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  1. I'm surprised that the last one got no votes at all.
  2. When i meet a girl/woman i get along with well and have things in common, and then she talks about spending time with her boyfriend. It might be something many people encounter, but it's still annoys me. Forever alone.
  3. It was almost a tie between Vonn and Dimples, but in the end, i have to go with the latter.
  4. The new assassins creed. Its pretty decent so far. Im on seq 3.
  5. Poltergeist, 1975 version. It's pretty good for a 70s movie.
  6. purpieman2


    I didnt do anything productive. But that's just another saturday.
  7. purpieman2


    Sounds that way.It's the same for me. U turns illegal except for very specific conditions like no vehicles a certain hundred yards away.
  8. Lol. Only saw a little king of the hill, but this makes sense to me.
  9. purpieman2


    Good about that first bit, interesting about the second bit of news. How'd you figure it out? Were you told? ;)
  10. purpieman2


    Today... is the last day for my RS membership for my bond. Ill use another when the time is right.
  11. My prediction is that EOC will still have an advantage overall, but maybe jagex will tweak things around for PVP.
  12. It's out already? Is it exactly the same as Korasi's?
  13. I'd say no to the topic. Runescape was already slipping before EOC came out, but we see that more and ore players quit when it came out, and more did when RS3 came out. Legacy mode is a nice addition, but won't be enough to bring back the number of players there once was.
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