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  1. Sadly, between the Wiki and Reddit there isn't much reason to be here anymore.
  2. Ah, good to know! I sold the Drygores today and got myself a lance. Only have 12m left over so I'll be farming and slaying this weekend to get some more gear. I have been grinding quests since I still don't have access to Prifddinas. Getting closer however, just 2 quests left!
  3. I believe I already have one, but it's not pictured. At least, I remember owning one. May have sold it.
  4. Oh hey, a fellew Quebecois! Thanks for the replies. Someone in HYT chat told me about the Dragon Rider Lance yesterday, so I'll definitely be selling my Drygores for that. I think, if they sell for market prices, I'll get a good 6-7m back from the switch. I've also amassed about 12m in the few hours that I've played so far, so I'll look into your suggestions.
  5. Yeah, mostly Slayer. I do have interest in bossing, but that won't be for a little while. I'm sorry, the GWD2 armors are news to me. Would that be the Anima set or something else? Also, I'll edit this here to not make another topic. I'm looking to maximize DPS for my different Slayer ability bars. Is the Runescape Wikia a good source for info on the subject still? Fairly certain that's where I copied my bars from before.
  6. My stat sig broke apparently. Here they are:
  7. The last I played, I finally got Overloads and Turmoil. Once again, I'm pretty overwhelmed by all of the new items that have been released since I last played. I still don't have access to Prifddinas, so that's a top priority right now. However, once I get that done, what kind of gear should I be shooting for? I will mostly be doing Slayer since I have never bossed and am horrible at it. Also, if anyone wants to help me out financially, shoot me a PM. Prayer and Herblore emptied my bank apparently, I have what's in this gear tab plus 4m right now.
  8. I have drygore maces, virtus wand and book and a royal crossbow. Should I bother with chaotic weaponry? Already got rid of my chaotic rapiers.
  9. 91 Slayer, 94 Constitution and I'll be hitting 89 range in a few minutes. Not a bad day so far.
  10. Thanks! Got 94 prayer today. Will get 95 later tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait to get back to slayer.
  11. Ishamael's Blog Hey guys! I am a 23 year old who's been playing RS on and off (mostly off lately) since 2006. I've decided to start a blog to track my progress and give me extra motivation. Goals: Gain access to Elf City Complete all quests All skills 80+ Complete Achievement Diaries. Skills Goals: Recent Achievements:
  12. So I got this earlier this week: Now I'm just working towards 95 pray. Have it banked, just need to grind it out.
  13. I have ovls, and I have 95 prayer banked. Just need to grind it out. I have mediocre gear (drygore maces, bandos melee, gano mage with chaotic staff, arma+royal xbow for range. Don't have access to Elf City.
  14. That's only possible if you have an operating system disk/flash drive. Boot it up and you can clear the harddrives and re-install your operating system on it. You could also take out the HDD and format it from another computer, but that is not the easiest option, and will require an operating system at the end anyways.
  15. Can you just get over the fact that you have an unpopular opinion about gear in Runescape? I honestly believe that you're just prying for attention at this point, with all the false drama you're trying to cause with these topics. Nobody cares what you use in this game, be as efficient/inefficient as you want.
  16. The problem is getting to 89 mining.
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